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Megan Markle’s Facialist Nichola Joss Reveals The Secrets To Get Glowing Skin!

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  25 Sep 22

Meghan Markle, a name revolving around the globe for its newly found royalty, has taken every social media platform with its frequent trends!

The famous American Actress, popular for her role in the series The Suits is all set to marry Prince Harry and be a part of the British Royal Family, hence her every action is set to make a headline!


meghan markle 1


The gorgeous actress has all the attributes to make a perfect Royalty; be it the sense of style or her ravishing beauty!

Which brings us to dig in and know the secrets behind her flawless and glowing skin!

Meghan Markle’s facialist is here to help us with that!

Nichola Joss, a famous skincare specialist tells about the signature style of face sculpting which involves facial massages from the inside of the mouth to the contours of the cheeks!


meghan markle 2


Her main aim is to achieve beautiful skin without going under the knife!

Here are a few tips from the skincare expert Nichola Joss to get Glowing Skin.


1. Double Cleansing

Double Cleansing is a two-step face cleansing technique that involves the use of micellar water to remove makeup in the first step and a final wash in the second step of cleanse!


2. Self Tanning Precautions

Joss tells that how frequent tanning and other makeup trends can badly clog pores!

To prevent the same, she suggests regular exfoliation and daily cleansing to keep the skin pores clean!


meghan markle skin supplements


3. Skin Supplements are important

Skin supplements help to improve skin and hair’s health! It leads to better rejuvenation of skin and gives significant results! Nicholas takes Lumity as her supplements!


4. Facials are crucial

Nichola says,


Ideally, before a big event or your wedding, start having facials a good few months in advance to get the skin in its best condition. It also helps to release stress and tension from the face.


Surprisingly, our facials – especially the Bespoke Inner Facial – do not have any downtime, so you can actually have one the morning of your special event.”


5. Skin aging should be accepted gracefully!

Nichola Joss says,


My best anti-aging tip is to have a good daily practice for your skin by taking supplements including probiotics such as Symprove, eating a clean healthy organic diet, using quality topical skincare and having a good facial massage technique!


Well, now you know what keeps the future Royalty’s skin glowing !It’s time to take notes from the best to get flawless skin! Apart from Meghan markle, princess kate middleton has also got a beautiful skin. Kate middleton diet has been one of the key reasons behind her glowing skin.


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