Nail art.

Paulabi Dutta

Nail art has always been a crucial part of  makeup. Furnishing your face, lips and completely avoiding nail can be a little of injustice.

So here is presented a simple yet eye-catching piece of nail art. 

Things required:

1.Red nail colour (I have here used ele 18 red nail colour) 

2. Golden sparkle. ( here I have used golden dust from the brand REVLON ) 

3. cellotape. 


Place the cellotape on the starting point and paint the part red where the nails are growing as shown in the picture. 

Repeat on all the 10 fingers

NOW CAREFULLY paint the rest with golden colour.

Allow to dry. 

Put a top coat. Its completely optional. 

This ia inspired by the classic FRENCH MANICURE STYLE with a twist in the tale. 

Can be worn on any occasion.

Ideal for parties.