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Nayanthara’s Diet Plan, Skin Care And Workout Routine - 2022


Updated At  22 Sep 22


Nayanthara is a strong and beautiful south Indian actress who has proved that the contribution of a female to the film industry is more than just beauty. She is a talented actress and she knows how to manage her beauty with her work. You wouldn’t love to skip the secrets of her fit personality and glowing skin. So, come along with us to know all you want.



Nayanthara's Daily Workout Routine

Well, you may be amazed to know that this classic icon of beauty does not include special treatment to keep herself fit and toned. Although she does workout yet she loves yoga more. Her personal fitness trainer helps her to make schedules for her fitness yet she emphasizes on yoga more. As per her daily routine, Nayanthata does not ever forget to do yoga. Besides yoga and workout, Nayanthara does not make any kind of compromise with her sleeping hours.

She takes a proper sleep of eight hours and this is the minimum time she takes by hook or crook.






No doubt, Nayan has a beautiful curvy figure but this figure is the result of yoga more than the workout. Nayantara is very conscious for her fitness and she never wants to skip any session of her workout. You can get verification of this statement from her Malaysia trip when she booked such hotel that contained a gym. Nayanthara believes that yoga is a favorite manner to keep her body fit and fine. Although she does a workout with her personal trainer yet she prefers yoga. As per Nayanthara‘s perception, yoga not only gives a fit body but also it guarantees to provide a good mental state through which she is able to put herself calm and balanced.





Nayanthara's Diet plan

Nayanthara does yoga and eats proper but less diet. Actually what is the exact diet plan of Nayanthara is not yet known because Nayan does not share everything on social media so it’s not revealed yet that what kind of diet she takes in her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The contents or ingredients which Nayanthara‘s diet contains is not exactly known but there is a golden rule as “eat less and work more” which is followed by Nayan in order to stay fine. 

Nayanthara eats a mix of all vegetables, meat, eggs, fish and fruits. She likes to drink plenty of coconut water and prefers to eat wholesome foods.

She says,


I think my beauty is a God-given gift. I don’t follow any special routine of diet or exercise. I do not stay away from food for the sake of maintaining my figure. Even during shoots, I eat whatever is provided to other unit members.


Well, she doesn’t make it special plans for her a diet but something else has revealed here is that she likes to live as a normal being.


Nayanthara Weight Loss Tips

Nayanthara has a personal trainer to get proper aid in keeping herself maintain and balanced. To get away from the extra calories of her body, Nayanthara hits the gym and does a proper workout under the guidelines of her personal trainer.

She includes yoga in her daily routine and eats less as per her golden rule. In the initial time of her career, she used to have some weight on her body but she reduced that extra amount of fat with the help of workout done under her personal trainer.




Nayanthara's Skincare Tips

What a beautiful and smooth skin Nayanthara has! Yes, absolutely she has a glowing skin but behind that, there are efforts which she makes every day.

She is a celebrity but it doesn’t mean that she does not have to work under the sun. During shoots, sometimes she has to work under the strong sun. Now, she cannot turn away from her work so she finds alternatives to escape from the bad effect of the sunlight. She uses sunscreen and other skin masks which protect her skin.

She takes an ample amount of water to keep her body hydrated and her skin moisturized. She includes fruit juices in her daily drinks for good hydration. Neutrogena and clinch are the products which Nayanthara loves to use for her skin. She also uses moisturizers and performs CTM (cleanse, tone, moisturize)  routine everyday. 


Nayanthara's Makeup Tips

Nayanthara does not apply any makeup unless she has a beautiful and matching base on her skin.

Proper eye makeup is much liked by Nayanthara. She applies mascara to her eyelashes after using an eyelash curler. Nayanthara is obsessed with the thickness and volume of her eyebrows and that’s why she takes care of her eyebrows in her daily routine.

Although she loves to live like a normal girl yet when it comes to choosing a lipstick shade, her choice becomes much different from the other girls. She likes glossy brown shade of lipstick instead of a bright beautiful red one. Besides her favorite shade, she makes sure that the shade is matching with her skin tone.




Nayanthara's Beauty Secrets

Well, Nayanthara is no doubt a natural beauty who represents the classic touch of Indian beauty. In fact, even if you see her without makeup, you will not able to control yourself to get away from her attraction.

Besides her skin tone, her hair is also very beautiful. She does proper care to keep her hair shiny and strong.

She says that she does oiling to her hair on a regular basis. An ample amount of water is not only the secret of her glowing skin but also one of the main reasons for her beautiful pink nails.

Nayanthara tries to stay away from chemical rich cosmetic products and instead prefers to use Ayurvedic products so that she could maintain her continuous glow.