Photos Of Rihanna Without Makeup

21 Stunning Photos Of Rihanna Without Makeup

Sheena Shah

Updated At  24 Nov 23

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, or as we all know her, Rihanna, is the queen of the music scene. She isn't just a singer but a global sensation, turning heads with her radiant look and style.  Apart from music, she has her own brand, Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna is a fashion icon, and she isn't afraid to go makeup free. She is all about embracing natural beauty. With her flawless skin, she can turn heads even with a bare face. Let's look at the 21 best shots of Rihanna without makeup. Keep scrolling to see the makeup free side of Rihanna.



21 Best Photos of Rihanna Without Makeup


Rihanna 1


1. Rihanna No Makeup Selfie

In a world where heavily edited selfies are the trend, Rihanna breaks the mould. This picture is a statement of self-confidence in itself. Here, we can see just bold, unapologetic Rihanna. Rihanna no makeup selfie shows she clearly doesn't hide behind filters and flaunts her natural beauty.

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Rihanna 2


2. Rihanna: A Fashion Icon Without Makeup

Rihanna doesn't need makeup to be a fashion icon. Her style is always on point, makeup or not. She is a trendsetter and her confidence makes her shine brighter. Her impact on the fashion world is beyond cosmetics. 

Rihanna 13


3. Rihanna No Makeup Effortless Look

Rihanna's "No Makeup Effortless Look" highlights her simplicity and natural beauty. When she opts for the no cosmetics vibe, she lets her true self shine through effortlessly. This pic of Rihanna without makeup is a reminder that true beauty needs no effort at all.

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Rihanna 4


4. Rihanna No Makeup: Gym Shots

Rihanna is one of those no makeup celebrities who is fit and fabulous. She is comfortable in her own skin when she goes working out in a gym. Her dedication to a healthy lifestyle is inspiring and so is her confidence in these gym pictures.

Rihanna 5


5. Rihanna Natural Face in Sunlight

This picture is proof that when Rihanna's bare face meets sunlight, we get a stunning sight. This rare shot has captured the essence of her radiant beauty. It's a celebration of her glowing and flawless skin. Further, this shows Rihanna doesn't need any makeup to look perfect. 

Rihanna 6


6. Rihanna Without Makeup on Social Media

On social media, Rihanna is a refreshing break from the polished images we often see. She likes sharing her everyday moments with a makeup free look. If you scroll through her feed on Instagram, you can find many pics of this beauty with no makeup.

Rihanna 7


7. Rihanna Without Makeup Music Videos

In one of her music videos, Stay, Rihanna goes completely make up free. She sits in a tub of water, showing her natural beauty. Her makeup free brilliance goes beyond her fantastic musical notes.

Rihanna 8


8. Rihanna Natural Face

Rihanna stands not just for her music hits but also for her natural beauty. Rihanna confidently reveals her bare face, which is free from the layers of makeup often associated with superstars. She is one of those no makeup celebrities who challenges conventional beauty standards.

Rihenna 9


9. Rihanna No Makeup Casual Look

This picture is a casual slay. This is Rihanna without makeup, looking lovely with her dyed hair. Her charm is reflected in simple moments. Her down-to-earth aura makes her a special celebrity.

rihanna 10


10. Rihanna Looking Cute Without Makeup

In this photo, Rihanna looks cute without makeup and it is a sight to behold. She has a playful smile which enhances her features. She is giving off those effortless vibes which makes her personality utterly charming.

Rihanna 11


11. Young Rihanna With No Makeup

This young picture of Rihanna shows her timeless beauty. It is true that she has aged like a fine wine. She exudes a natural beauty in this shot and carries a glowing aura around herself.

Rihanna 12


12. Rihanna No Makeup Simple Look

Rihanna keeps it simple without makeup, whether she's out and about or having a chill day. It's shows that you don't need a lot to look good. Rihanna no makeup simple look is a lesson in the beauty of simplicity. It really proves less is indeed more.   

Rihanna 3


13. Rihanna Fenty No Makeup Glow

Rihanna is the mastermind behind Fenty Beauty. She has often set up makeup trends. Not only that, she upholds the glow game when she goes bare-faced. In this shot, Rihanna’s natural face shows that the Fenty Glow is much more than skin-deep; it's a lifestyle of sorts.

Rihanna 14


14. Rihanna Going Bare-faced in Her Beauty Routine

Rihanna has given many skin care tutorials online for her fans. She has completely gone bare faced in her tutorials. Her motto is not just about looking good but also feeling good. She has earned the healthy and radiant glow that she carries on her face.

Rihanna 15


15. Rihanna Natural Look on Beach 

Rihanna no makeup look on her beach vacation captures her natural radiance. With the beach vibes in the air, she is like a sun-kissed beauty enjoying her holidays.

Rihanna 16


16. Rihanna With Her Baby

Rihanna with her baby is heartwarming. No makeup, just true motherly love. She's a proud and loving mom, and it's beautiful to witness in this pic. Rihanna seems to be in her most natural state and she is carrying that natural mama glow.

Rihanna 17


17. Rihanna With Glossy Lips

Rihanna's glossy lips without makeup add a touch of glam to her all natural look. It perfectly complements her natural beauty and makes her look stunning. This subtle detail brings to her face a simple yet striking effect.



18. Rihanna Pose Without Makeup  

This picture captures a striking pose of Rihanna without any makeup or extra filters. She shows that it's all about confidence and looking fabulous without any extra layers. Her natural beauty shines in every pose.

Rihanna 19


19. Rihanna Post Workout Glow

After a workout, Rihanna's glow is on another level. No makeup, just that healthy post-workout radiance. It's a reminder that fitness and natural beauty go hand in hand.

Rihanna 20


20. Rihanna With Family

This shot of Rihanna going all bare-faced on camera and sharing the screen with her boyfriend and kid is adorable. She has a carefree look and enjoys having some well-deserved family time. She showcases the beauty of relaxation and the glow that comes when you are with your loved ones.

Rihenna 21

21. Rihanna Everyday No Makeup Radiance

Rihanna looks stunning without makeup in her day-to-day moments. She is the epitome of cool and downright funny. She knows how to keep it real and have a good time. In this no make up pose of her acting silly, the laid-back vibe she carries is infectious. She's not afraid to let loose and show her playful side.

These stunning shots of Rihanna without makeup reveal the side of this superstar that goes unnoticed behind the glamour of the spotlight. Through her everyday moments, vacations, family snapshots, and candid photos, Rihanna shines like a natural beauty with or without a layer of makeup.