Seven Steps To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Aneri Thakker

The secret to setting your lipstick isn't really a rocket science. It's simply a combination of prep, application and product choices. By taking the time to do few of these extra steps, You'll save all the frustration of redoing and reapplying your lipstick all day long !

Exfoliation is the key - The first rule to lipstick is to have smooth lips. And that can be achieved with the help of lip scrubs or if you are someone who prefers DIY and home remedies, you can take an unused toothbrush and a mixture of coconut oil with brown sugar and exfoliate your lips to remove flaky dry spots and smoothen them.

Hydrating your Lips - Look for lip balms with moisturizing and soothing ingredients like vitamin E and natural oils that hydrates them. Right after the exfoliation, make sure to cover your lips with a lip balm. You can apply it before bed and also 15 minutes prior to your makeup routine.

Prep them - Use a lip primer or a concealer to prep your lips. This helps make your lipstick stay in place and also give you the exact color pigmentation that you expect.

Line it out with a Lip liner - By lining and filling your lips with the same color lipliner, the chances of your lipstick rubbing off decreases and its like a backup to your lipstick. Use delicate strokes while making sure you stay close to your natural lip line.

The application - Apply your lipstick with a finger, the natural heat of the skin makes it easy for the lipstick to melt more seamlessly and evenly into your lips. You can also use a lipstick brush, grab a stiff - bristled lip brush that is perfect for creamier formulas and brighter shades for its precision.

Final Touch - you can use Blotting papers to set the lipstick and they just work great to set the lipstick. Other than that, Grab a tissue and place it onto the lips. Dab some translucent powder with the help of powder brush on the lips covered with the tissue and that's all you got to do to mattify your lipstick and make it stay put for a longer time !

The after care - Just when you end your day with a long-lasting lipstick, Use a Lipstick remover (specifically) to take off your lipstick. Even those brightest and stubborn colors can easily be taken off with the help of lip remover and it also keeps your lips in better shape for the next application.

Things To Keep In Mind:

• Always pick a lipstick from a Brand that assures its longevity.

• There is no such thing as long-lasting lip gloss. If you want a glossy look you will have to reapply your gloss throughout the day.

• Matte lipsticks do stay long and are generally non transferable but they give you a drying effect which is why you need to do the prep steps (mentioned above).

• Using a lip liner will definitely make your lipstick stay longer. Fill it entirely and evenly.