Tattoos : As punk culture and its maintenence.

Paulabi Dutta

Punk culture has abundantly  dawned its adversities on us. TATTOS is inr of them in the bucket list.

TATTOs are initially considered to be sign of FREEDOM and AUTONOMY..

In the Indian context it has ascribed alot other than the initial notion and now signify many thigs. (I have a lion tatoo, implying ROYALTY and AUTHORITY. 

Now coming to the knack of caring it. None of us would want to leave the tattoo which we have done  with so much pain and hardwrok. It has to be maintained. 

To start from we need to start from the day you are inked. 

1. The day you are inked :  After completing the tattoo your tattoo artist will cover your tatoo with a celophane paper. In order to protect it from dust and pollution. 

2. THAT THE STRUGGLE IS REAL:IT starts from day 2 the tattoed area will be bruised and there will be a tendency to. Itch. DO RESIST THAT. It will  be a waste of all sheer work if you itch. In Oder to combat the sensation you may TAP on the tattoo, which will give some relief to the inked area.

3. While taking a shower apply a thin coat of Vaseline. In enough quantities to surburb the entire tatoo area. 

4. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! Having anything sour. As the tattooed area has been pertaining to needles, it is safe to be away from the sour. Otherwise INFLOW OF PUS can hamper the tattoo.

5. A FORTNIGHT later wen the tattoo is healed enough get back to.the sour and savouries of your heart s content. ( Its a struggle for a girl to resist FUCHKA, ASK ME, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.) 

6 Lastly, get you tattoo retouched every one yer, if you see loss or fading of colour.

7 Flaunt your TATTOO ❤