Top 5 Face Primers For Oily Skin

Anwesha Paul

      Today I will be talking about Importance of Makeup Primer. Who doesn’t love a flawless appearance? And makeup is our main weapon to achieve that flawless look. We use so many various types of concealers, foundations, CC cream, BB cream etc for the perfect and flawless appearance. But makeup primer is something that can actually help us to give a shine free, smooth and long lasting makeup.

    You must have seen primer being applied before painting a house. The idea is same while using makeup primer. The main objective behind using a makeup primer is to cover all kinds of bumps, spots, uneven skin tone etc, so that whatever you put on next gets a smooth surface. Makeup primer works as a base for foundation. And we all know that foundation is really important for long lasting, flawless look. And makeup primer creates a great base for foundation. It actually smooths out skin’s surface, controls oil and helps us to look perfect for a long time. Let’s check out the Importance of Makeup Primer in detail.

 Importance of Makeup Primer- 1. Makeup primer seals our pores and thus it is a must have for ladies with large pores. While foundations are not able to cover your large pores totally, makeup primers seals the pores and covers them beautifully.
2. No, don’t get afraid. Makeup primers are mostly non-comedogenic. They won’t clog your pores and irritate your skin. What these primers actually do is that they create a blanket like cover over the pores, so that they become almost non-visible.
3. Makeup primers are generally quite lightweight. They give a soft, velvety look to the skin and you won’t even feel that you have actually put anything on the skin.
4. Makeup primers softens the skin and gives it a smooth appearance. It helps your makeup to stay on place for longer by decreasing sweating through the pores, which is a major reason of makeup melting down.

5. Makeup primers give us a more youthful look by reducing the appearance og fine lines and wrinkles.
6. If you are suffering from sudden breakouts and have a party to attend, makeup primers can be your best friend. Gone are the days when you have to give the parties and movies a miss, just because you are suffering from acne. No, makeup primers don’t heal acne, but they can actually conceal it better than any concealer.
7. And now comes the best part! Makeup primers work with all skin type and all skin tone. You don’t have to worry about shades and all, so selecting a primer is super, super easy.
8. Some makeup primers do come with light reflecting properties. So if your skin is looking dull, such primers can actually make it radiant and beautiful in just a few seconds!
 Types of makeup primer- There are so many types of makeup primers are available at the moment. We all know about foundation and eye shadow primer. You can also have lip, brow, mascara and nail primer. Basically, anywhere you can put makeup on, there is a primer for it.

Makeup primers are either water based or silicone based. If you want to fill in all your pores, scars and lines, go for silicone based primers, whereas water based primers are best for those who wants their makeup to stay put for an entire day.

 How to apply Makeup Primer- Apply it before you apply your base makeup. After washing, put your moisturizer and sunscreen on. Now its time to apply makeup primer. A pea sized amount would be good enough for the face. Don’t forget to apply it on the eyelids and lips. Wait for a couple of minutes. Once your face do not feel sticky or wet, start doing your makeup as usual.

    So girls, that was the Importance of Makeup Primer from my side. Makeup primer is basically your key to look flawless all day. And once you start using it, it would be hard to go without using one! And yes, if you love that fresh no makeup look, but a bit polished, then makeup primer is your answer. Yes, it can be worn on its own too  

Every girl who loves makeup has only one dream and that is looking flawless and also staying your makeup all day long.And the start of it is from a primer.

     Usually women with oily skin dread applying makeup because it makes their face look even more oily. But thanks to primer that works as the perfect base for One of the best summer makeup tips for oily skin is to use primer before foundation and eyeshadow.

    Just like an artist, you need to prepare your canvas, and that’s where primer comes in. It helps your makeup to last longer – don’t forget to apply a little to your eyelids as well, so that your eye makeup will last longer.It helps to minimize your pores and smooth out your skin.So you need to invest some money for your face also because primer makes a sheild between foundation and your face also.

     There are many types of primer in the market,so you should pick mattifying primer and pore minimizing primer.Today I am sharing my top 5 favourite primer for oily skin,as I have also oily skin.

  • Loreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer- Priced at Rs.1025 for 15ml product.It is like made for oily skin people mostly according to me.You need very less amount of product,it gives smooth surface erased pores.It absorbs sebum thats why it mattifying skin to reduce shine.It is my favourite one gives long lasting,perfect makeup.
  • LOreal-Base-Magique-Transforming-Smoothing-Primer-Review-Swatches-MBF-922x692


  • PAC Pore Primer- Priced at Rs.795 for 25gm product.It also minimize pores,help makeup stay put.Gives silky texture,its translucent so no one know you are wearing anything.It is like dupe of highend primer.

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  • Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer- Priced at Rs.1699 for 27ml product.It also mattifying smooth skin.Soften skin and reduce appearance of pores.Very light weight,minimize fine lines also.Also it is even out your skin. 
  • Revlon-Photoready-Primer-Review


  • NYX Professional Makeup Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer-Oil Free/Sans Huile- Priced at Rs.1200 for 30ml product.As the name after using this primer you will feel like it has been touched by an angel.It is skin perfecting primer that ensures flawless makeup application.Super silky light and fresh formula.Minimize shine.  

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  • Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer,0.67 Fluid Ounce- Priced at Rs.864 for ml product.It gives you baby like smooth skin.It takes 1 sec to smooth,poreless skin.It is like eaxact dupe of famous benefit pore primer in drugstore version.
  • Maybelline_Baby_Skin_Instant_Pore_Eraser_Primer_Review

     This is my small tips.Hope it will help you.And also love yourself and your skin.