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25 Stunning Bob Haircuts For Women Over 50 - 2023

Ana Campbell

Updated At  31 Dec 22


Looking for inspiration for the best bob haircuts for women over 50? If yes, we have got you covered.

Many women, as they climb the age ladder, often wish to achieve that youthful and lively look through their hair. Thus, many older women are often recommended to try bob haircuts. Different types of bob cuts are tried by people of different ages to achieve that modern and sleek look, however bob hairstyles for women over 50 can be intimidating as its tricky to get the right hairstyle. To help you choose better, we cover the top bob hairstyles for women over 50 which can help you achieve that youthful and elegant look.


25 Best Bob Haircuts For Women Over 50




1. Classic Bob Cut 

This gorgeous haircut is an amazing one if you are looking for hairstyles to look young.  A comparatively low maintenance haircut, this one is easy to style and goes well with all occasions. One of the best bob haircuts for women, this suits all occasions and can be a game changer.




2. Blonde Bob Haircut 

If you are looking for a very stylish bob style, then this side parted blonde bob can be a game changer. This goes perfectly well with all the attires. You can also go for a straight bob cut to amplify this further.




3. Straight Bob Haircut For Women Over 50

One of the best bob haircuts for older women is the straight bob which adds the required glam to your look. This looks gorgeous on all women and you can color your hair as well as per your personal preferences. Easy to maintain, this bob haircut is a trendsetter.

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4. Halle Berry Signature Bob

This new bob haircut is a perfect inspiration for anyone looking for trending and stylish hairstyles. You can go for a side parted bob or even make it a wavy bob to add more glam to your look.  




5. Pixie Bob Cut

Pixie bob cut is currently one of the most preferred haircut choices amongst the young crows, but, its easy-to-manage nature and cute fairy-like look has captivated even the older (women) audience. This modern cut has slowly started garnering more momentum in the best bob haircuts for women over 50 category.

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6. Jennifer Aniston Signature Bob

This stunning bob hairstyle from Jennifer Aniston is the perfect hairstyle if you are looking for hair inspiration. This is apt for all occasions and will certainly make you look young. One of the top layered bob hairstyles for over 50, Jennifer Aniston aces this hairstyle like no one.




7. Curly Bob Hairstyles For Over 50

One of the trendiest bob haircuts in the market, an ear-length curly bob haircut is one of the best bob haircuts for women over 50 as it provides their hair with the youthful and bouncy look that they desire. Curly bob hairstyles for over 50 is a hairstyle category that is most recommended to older women who naturally have curly hair.

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8. Short Bob

This center parted new bob haistyle is perfect for all the big occasions. It gives you ample space to put all the focus on your face and accessories. Additionally, your makeup and dress gets sufficient attention as well. If you are looking for a trending bob cut which would not takeaway focus from your makeup look, then this can be an amazing option.




9. Silver Bob Haircut

When the classic bob haircut is combined with a classy silver hair color, it can give any woman the confidence she needs. This is one of the coolest options in bob haircuts for women over 50 as it will not only glam up their look, but also give them the confidence of stepping out of their comfort zone. Pair this with the right accessories and makeup, and your look will become even more glamorous. One of the top short bob haircuts for women, silver bob hairstyle can work for any occasions.





10. Yolanda Foster Bob Hairstyle

A short-length bob, structured with a sharp A-line, provides the face with an elegant and strong look as showcased by this hairstyle from Yolanda foster. One of the top bob hairstyles for over 50, this short bob certainly makes the look glamorous.




11. Layered Bob for Fine Hair Over 50

A layered bob cut, when combined with a stylish hair color like blonde or red, is bound to give healthier and more stylish look to a head of fine hair, a problem many older women face. If you are looking for layered bob hairstyles for over 50 for inspiration, then this can be an amazing option.




12. Blonde Bob Haircut

A shoulder-length, blonde, bob cut is one of the most preferred bob haircuts for women over 50. Older women can style this haircut with waves, which will grace their hair with that bouncy, beach-ready look.




13. Choppy Straight Bob

This feather cut bob hairsyle is perfect for anyone looking to get a short and trending hairstyle. This adds volume to your hair and the shape of the hairstyle makes it look stunning. Perfect for any occasion, this can be a gamechanger.




14. Graduated Bob Haircut

This is yet another popular bob haircut for women over 50. A graduated bob haircut can be understood as a bob cut that is shorter in length than a classic bob which goes till the neck. A lot of older women in the west are seen donning this haircut, combined with trendy hair colors like icy blonde.




15. Blunt Bob Haircut

A neck-length, middle parted blunt bob is a preferrable choice for any older woman as it is bound to give their naturally mature face an even more mature and elegant look.




16. Wavy Bob

Similar in length to a graduated bob, a short bob haircut is best suited for women with naturally wavy hair. If you are an older woman who is looking switch up her long wavy hair, this haircut is the perfect choice for you as it will not only suffice that much needed change, but also give your appearance a cute angle.




17. Inverted Bob Haircut

One of the most popular bob haircuts in the market, the inverted bob haircut is a preferred haircut for many older women. This cut gives their hair a clean, organized look. Older women across popular media are often seen donning on this look.




18. Balayage Bob With Layers

A Balayage bob is a more modern types of hair cut in the market. When this haircut is combined with layers, gives you that new-dimensional modern look. By adding highlights, this haircut will provide more volume and shine to the otherwise thin and dull-looking hair that majority of older women experience.




19. Feathered Layer Bob

This haircut is one of the most versatile haircuts for women over 50. A classic bob cut, combined with square, feather-like layers will not only give your face the modern, sleek look, but it will can be easily styled by combing and blow-drying, which makes it much more efficient for older women. 




20. Minimal Bob

For older women who wish to feel that change in their hair without wanting a drastic change in their appearance, this haircut is the perfect recommendation for them. This classic minimal bob haircut, combined with straight hair locks will give a matured face that organized, sleek and classy look. This hair cut is a good choice for women with naturally straight hair but women with a bob cut can also rock this by straightening their hair.




21. Stacked Bob

Another very famous bob cuts for women over 50, a stacked bob is shorter in length in comparison to a traditional bob. Small, gradual layers are what gives this cut its uniqueness. This is a great choice for women with fine, thin hair, who wish to add more volume to their hair, in addition to achieving a chic look.




22. Off Centre Bob

Older women are often insecure of their salt and pepper hair, but with this cut, they can flaunt it like never before. Salt and pepper colored straight hair locks, combined with an off centre bob will give your face the vogue look you desire. An off centre can be understood as a classic bob length hairstyle that is styles by pushing more hair to one side of your face, giving your face a more angular look.





23. Classic Bob Hairstyle

The classic bob haircut is a short-length, trendy cut which can be donned on any hair type and length. Older women of different preferences and ages can get this haircut and style it as they wish. Straight, curly, wavy or any other form of style can go really well with this bob.




24. Stylish Bob

One of the most popular current choices for best bob haircuts for women over 50, the circular, voluminous look of this haircut is bound to give your face that much desired youthful look. This hair cut was also very popularly followed and represented in the older days of Hollywood.



25. Short Wavy Bob

Older woman who naturally have wavy and thin hair are often recommended this haircut. Their natural wavy hair, when cut into a bob and given a trendy color of their choice, can give an older woman’s thin hair the volume they crave. This haircut is also considered one of the best bob haircuts for women over 50.



The haircuts mentioned in this article are some of the best bob haircuts for women over 50, however, women of any age range can try these. These haircuts are not only trendy, but, are also fashionably admired irrespective of the season. Some specific haircuts like layered bob for fine hair over 50 and graduated bob haircut are considered better bob hairstyles for women over 50 professionally, but, at the end of the day, any of these are available for the older generation to try and flaunt!