Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles

55 Stunning Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  14 Apr 24


Is your daughter’s wedding day near and you have not decided what to do with your hair? Are you looking for some beautiful and elegant wedding hairstyles for her big day? Then, keep scrolling.


55 Most Popular Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles




1. Mother Of The Bride Hairstyle With A Barrette

This is one of the most elegant and beautiful mother of the bride hairstyles. This hairstyle is an answer to your confusion about whether to go for an updo or an open style. You can take the middle path with this hairdo. Curl and style your bob. Add a pretty bejeweled barrette to tuck a few strands of hair on one side. This creates a simple, clean yet attractive look.

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2. Mother Of The Bride Hairstyle For Short Hair

Have short hair? Don’t worry. You can still rock plenty of hairdos. But if choosing one style particularly is leaving you overwhelmed, then you can always find solace in a hairstyle like this one. Let your short hair do the talking. Follow the natural shape and bends of your hair while styling to come up with this look. If you are looking for hairstyles for mother of the bride over 50, then this one can be an excellent option.




3. Chic Chignon

Here is one of the best examples of the mother of the bride updos. You can never go wrong with a sweet little chignon and this hairstyle proves that. Volume at the crown with a soft low bun that sits on the nape is quite a sophisticated way to go about your mother of bride hair.

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4. Mother Of The Bride Hair With Twists

This is one of the best wedding hairstyles for mother of the bride. It is easy to create and looks wonderfully pretty. This is a half up half down hairstyle with curls. The hair form both the sides are twisted and fixed at the back of the crown. The cascading curls look extremely beautiful. This hairstyle can work for any length of hair.




5. Tousled Wedding Hairstyles For Mother Of The Bride

Make a statement with your hair with this particular style of wedding hair for mother of the bride. The curls are divided into multiple sections and then rolled and twisted to form an updo which has both volume and texture. It is a soft romantic updo that will add the needed drama to your whole look.




6. Wedding Hair For Mother Of The Bride With Milkmaid Braids

Mother of the bride hairstyles with braids are common and there is a reason for that. Braids add definition, softness and feminine touch to the hairstyle. The case in point is this hairstyle with milkmaid braids. The braids end with a twisted low bun. With some texture, this hairstyle is a perfect combination of polished and messy looks where both are well balanced.




7. Side Swept Wedding Hairstyles For Moms

Here is another one of the wedding hairstyles for moms which can be your go-to style for the special day. Get inspired by this Eva Longoria style and let your hair do the talking. Style your long wavy hair towards the side for a beautiful and elegant look.




8. Romantic Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles

This is another one of the stunning wedding hairdos for mother of the bride. This is a soft and romantic updo with a voluminous crown and long sweeping bangs on the side. It paints such a pretty picture that we fell in love with this one as soon as we saw it.




9. Mother Of The Bride Updos With Bangs

Wedding hairdos with bangs are another amazing option for mother of the bride. This one has a low bun on the back and wispy bangs on the front. It is soft pretty and makes for an effortlessly chic hairstyle that looks glamorous at the same time. If you  are looking for mother of bride hairstyles for short hair, then hairdos with bangs can be an amazing option.




10. Simple Twist

This is one of the simply stunning mother of the bride half updos. Hair from the front is twisted and tied at the back of the crown with some volume overhead. The soft curls and bends at the ends add a soft, feminine touch to the hairstyle.




11. Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles For Short Hair With Accessories

Here is yet another one of the mother of the bride hairstyles for short hair. This one is a long bob that has been styled with a state of stacked curls at the bottom. The bejeweled hairpins are used to neatly tuck hair on one side. This forms to be a polished and sophisticated look.




12. Hair With Side Bangs

This is another classic example of mother of the bride updos. It has just the right amount of volume and texture. The thick portions of hair in the front add a softening touch the whole look. This hairstyle is classy, elegant and perfect to show off your pretty earrings.




13. Textured Glory

If you are not the updo kind of woman then this mother of bride hairstyle is the one for you. This is a soft textured style to fully flaunt your lengthy mane. The texture also adds a certain volume which works wonders for the whole look. This is more of an edgy feminine style for the modern mother of the bride.




14. Wedding Hairstyles for Mother Of The Bride With Curls And A Bouffant

Here is another version of the half up half down hairstyle that you can go for. It is one of the stunning mother of the bride half updos. This way you can keep some hair on the face while keeping the rest tied up. With the addition of floral accessories, the beauty of this hairdo only increases.




15. A Braided Affair

This is one of the best mother of the bride hairstyles. It uses some defined twists and turns to form an elegant updo. There is a little volume at the crown which together with the bun adds dimension to the whole look.




16. Pretty Mother Of The Bride Half Updos

This is a beautiful looking mother of the bride hair style with half-tied envious curls. This half updo involves multiple twists layered together and is ideal for an outdoor wedding. This is a gorgeous style that can be recreated with medium length and longer hair with ease.




17. The Braided Bun

This side-swept braided bun is one of the perfect wedding hairdos for mother of the bride. It is soft, elegant and effortless. This is a classic style with romantic vibes. The braid is balanced with a bit of volume at the crown which adds definition to the style.




18. A French Twist

This is one of those wedding hairstyles for moms which let you channel your inner queen. This is a French twist hairstyle which is ideal for formal settings. It is simple, elegant and graceful. It brings some of those royally elegant vibes too.




19. Mother Of The Bride With Bouffant And Bangs

This style of wedding hair for mother of the bride is simple, elegant and sophisticated. It is a classic look with a slight raise at the crown to bring in the bouffant effect. A clean and polished style, the side bangs add a soft feminine touch to it which makes it even more beautiful.




20. Braided Wedding Hairstyles For Moms

This is one of the most versatile wedding hairstyles for mother of the bride. It is an effortlessly chic look that works perfectly with almost every kind of attire. The slight texture adds beauty to this hairstyle. From polished to boho, with this hairstyle, you can aim for any kind of look.




21. Mother Of The Bride Half Updos

This mother of the bride hair look is extremely gorgeous and glam. It is soft, simple and adds some of the romantic and feminine vies to it. The soft curls are twisted to create texture and volume. It is a tousled style but still polished.




22. Mother Of The Bride Hair With Roll-Ups

This is one of the best mother of the bride hairstyles for short hair. An updo can be created even with your short chin-length bob. There are soft and defined curls where each curl is carefully rolled and pinned to create an updo. It adds volume and texture which takes the beauty of this style up a notch.




23. Wedding Hairdos For Mother Of The Bride

This is yet another one of the most stunning mother of the bride hairstyles. It is one of those polished and sophisticated looks. The micro braid around the bun adds dimension to it and makes for an elegant style. Plus, the natural curls add a new dimension of beauty.




24. Knotted Wedding Hairdos For Mother Of The Bride

Yes, you can go for an elegant and elaborate updo even with short hair and this is one of the many such mother of the bride hairstyles for short hair. The hair is tied into a knot and accessorized with a beautiful oval-shaped pin. The knotted bun is complimented with side bangs.




25. Side Swept Bun

Side-swept styles are versatile and universally flattering. They are perfect for formal events including weddings. This side-swept bun is one of the best wedding hairdos for mother of the bride. It is a classic romantic updo. It is simple, soft, and easy and yet creates a glamorous effect.  




26. Layered Bob

Give shape and movement to the short bob hair by asking the stylist for short layers. Make it a chic mother of the bride hairstyle by rocking a beautiful flowered crown.




27. Wavy Haircut

The waves look fabulous, and the blonde shade make the look standout. Use a straightening iron to build the waves. Pair it with the right makeup and this hairstyle will work its magic on the mother of the bride.




28. Blonde Medium Hair

A shoulder length mother of the bride hairstyle like this will get a lot of attention, especially if one pairs it with an oversized hat with a big flower on top. Give the hair volume and tousle it if one has thin strands. 




29. Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

One of those moms who loves simple, relaxed looks even for weddings, a natural hairstyle for the mother of the bride is all one needs. Opt for a bob haircut, toss the bangs on one side, and it will look ravishing.




30. Sleek French Twist

The sleek French hairstyle in which the hair looks like they are wrapped in layers is another stunning hairstyle option for the bride’s mother.




31. Short Voluminous Hairstyle

For the ones with short hair, this mothers bride hairstyle is one of the best options. This looks elegant and adds volume to the hair. Pair it with the right accessories and makeup and you are are all set for the big occasion!




32. Shoulder Length Waves

The curls hanging from both sides of the neck over the shoulders is another gorgeous hairstyle that the mother of the bride can opt for. This give ample space for your face and makes you look younger.




33. Pulled Out Hairstyle

This hairstyle gives romantic vibes to the entire look. It is slightly pulled with a messy look to create a stunning options for mother of the bride. Pair it up with the perfect accessories and sparkle at the wedding.




34. Fancy And Puffed Ponytail

If one has medium length and thick hair then you can definitely opt for this hairstyle. The ponytail along with the curls at the back helps add volume to the hair.




35. Bun With Subtle Curls

This mother of the bride hairstyle for long hair features beautiful curls that are gathered into a bun over the nape of the neck with the help of pins. It works well for short and long hair to provide a flawless look.




36. Weaved Basket Bun

This unique hairdo looks classy and super stylish. It needs an artist with perfection who can create plaits neatly. The artistic pattern over the crown of the head looks dramatic and gives stunning vibes to the mother of the bride's hairstyle.




37. Low Textured Bob

This sophisticated updo looks effortless and chic. This bob hairstyle with the amazing accessories definitely makes the look of mothers bride a lot more glamorous.




38. Curly Half Updo

This half up half down hairstyle is a classic solution that never becomes outdated. It is perfect for the brides mother as it looks glamorous and attracts attention. The curls amp up the hairstyle even more. Suitable for all anyone with mid length to long hair, this is an ideal choice for the special occasion like wedding.




39. Sleek And Curly Updo

This two-piece curly bun is a great easy-to-do updo perfect for women with medium-length hair. Women with shoulder-length hair will love this mother of the bride hairstyle.




40. Short Mother Of The Bride Hairstyle

For short hair, a simple wavy bob hairstyle with flowers is an elegant hairstyle for the mother of the bride. This stunning and cute hairstyle goes well for all important occasions.




41. Woven Updo

Updo hairstyles are amongst the most elegant hair choices for a wedding. Even shorter hair can be slightly curled and pinned to get an intricate looking yet easy-to-put-together updo.




42. Twisted Soft Waves

Wearing hairstyle down is a good idea when one wants to feel comfortable with an off-the-shoulder outfit, the more so that one needs to curl the locks into soft waves and complete them with a loose twist on the side.




43. Wavy Hairstyle

Mother of the bride hairstyles and bride's hairstyles deserve equal creativity which can be inspired by this intricately twisted and sharply defined downstyle. Ideal for medium to long hair, the curls are the defining feature of this hairstyle.




44. Loose Curls

Keep curls chunky and loose, holding them in place with minimal hair pins and a quality holding spray. This hairstyle will be sweet and lovely for the entire duration of the wedding and reception.




45. Large Bun With Messy Curls

The large bun with messy curls doesn’t require very long hair. The trick is to boost volume at the roots through backcombing before curling the entire head. The messy curls and the bun are the main highlights of this hairstyle and makes it unique.




46. Half Updo

The simple half updo is one of the easiest bride’s mom hairstyles that one can make without assistance, whether one has short or long hair. Merely develop a slight bouffant by teasing the top section of hair and then pin it loosely into place with sparkly pins. 




47. Twisted Half Updo

Hairstyles for the mother of the bride can sometimes look too complicated, however, one can keep it simple as well. Go for some soft curls with hair pulled half up to create this stunning haircut. Ideal for the brides mother with long and dense hair, this haircut showcases the voluminous hair perfectly.




48. Curly Blonde Updo

This curly blonde updo for the mother of the bride is particularly effective when done on thick, luscious locks. It’s all about utilizing the hair’s natural volume to produce a feminine, romantic ensemble with movement.




49. Pompadour Bun

Feel like a pop star with this youthful style that works great for a mother of the bride with medium length and longer hair. Thicker the hair, the chunkier the twists will be.




50. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are all over social media and they are truly beautiful – however, they can also be a bit difficult. Instead of agonizing over a complicated hairstyle, go with this simplified version, that's so lovely.




51. Curly Twisted And Tucked Hairstyle

Hairstyles for the mother of the bride can be very diverse in appearance – this is another example of a fancy updo that looks great at any age. The side twists slim down the face and softens the look of the pulled-back hair.




52. Sophisticated Hairstyle For The Mother Of The Bride

A formal evening wedding calls for a more serious, sophisticated hairstyle. Look no further than this updo finished off with a jewel encrusted pin. 




53. French Braid

This bride's mother hairstyle looks stunning in this french braid. Styled with cute rhinestones, the combination of the braids and curls on the side makes this haircut gorgeous.




54. Twisted Side Updo

A mother-of-the-bride hairstyle just doesn’t have to be complex. This hairstyle involves some backcombing for a perfect bouffant and a couple of tight twists wrapped together and pinned to the side.




55. Messy Bun 

Shoulder-length hair can sometimes look short and thin when pulled into tight low buns. Braided accents also add texture to thin strands. The result is a breathtaking, dramatic hairstyle with an enhanced look.