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61 Spectacular Layered Hairstyles For Long Hair - 2024

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  26 Apr 24


Long hair and layers go hand in hand. And before you think about how layers can get boring, allow us to remind you about everything good about long layered haircuts.

These hairstyles are in great demand and for good reasons. Want to give some movement to your hair or boost its volume? Add layers. Looking for a hairstyle that is effortless, versatile, and easy to style? A long layered haircut is your best bet! This is a hairstyle that will let you show off your beautiful long tresses in the best way possible.

But before you prepare for your next salon visit, here are some spectacular layered hairstyles for long hair. Keep reading and get all the hair inspiration that you need!


61 Stunning Layered Hairstyles For Long Hair




1. Razored Long Layered Hairstyles

Layers look great on long hair but razored long layers are even better. Such a style lets you keep the length while adding some gorgeous bouncy movement to your hair. The movement that you can get by cutting the ends with a razor is unparalleled. This will prevent the bottom of your hairstyle from turning stringy.



2. Long Layered Hair With Bangs

Long layered hairstyles with bangs are one of the most popular choices this year. And here we have a beautiful inspiration for you. The soft layers look amazing on the long jet black hair. The S-shaped waves enhance them. Blunt bangs that end just above the eyebrows provide some effortless glam.



3. Layered And Feathered

Switch up that straight haircut for long hair with some layers. The wispy feathered layers add both body and movement to the hair. It removes quite some bulk without compromising the length. The feathered ends look dramatically beautiful and make a flaunt-worthy statement.



4. Long Layered Hairstyles With V-Cut

You will find a huge variety when it comes to long layered hairstyles. This one, for instance, is a long layered haircut with V-cut layers. This is a trendy style that adds body and dimension to hair. The V-shape makes for one of the best haircuts for long thin hair.



5. Long Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair

Bring out the modern and more feminine side with this long layered haircut. It uses short layers to create a feathering look. This is an effortlessly stylish haircut whose best part is the fuller body thanks to the feathered layers. It lightens the bulkiness of thick hair while being a perfect fit for round face shapes.



6. Layered Waves

Long layered hairstyles with waves such as this one are perfect if you are looking for something sleek, polished, and stylish. It makes use of a mixture of layers that have different lengths. The short layers at the top frame the face while the medium-length ones add body to the hair to boost volume. It is especially good for thin hair.



7. Dual Toned Long Layered Hairstyles

Ciara and her hairstyles always become the talk of the town. So, when we needed to share some hair inspiration, with her we went. Her layered look pictured here is modern and edgy. The beauty of the layers is enhanced by the soft ombre. It gives the hairstyle more definition. The subtle texture gives it a refined edginess. 



8. Long Layered Hairstyles With Curtain Bangs

Long layered hair with bangs is always a hit. And as per the latest trends, curtain bangs are a favorite this year. They took over the world of hair by storm in 2020 and refuse to go out of style. You can get them cut at a length as per your comfort level. They blend well with the layered haircut. Get a balayage to add more dimension.



9. Layered With Deep V-Cut

This strawberry blonde long layered haircut comes with a deep V-cut. It is a style that can be labeled as something perfect for women with thick and long hair. It adds movement and depth to the hair while also taking off the weight. If you have thin hair, you can opt for a different style of feathered cut, something that won’t remove as much bulk of hair.



10. Blonde Ombre With Layers

This is a dark-rooted blonde ombre hairstyle. It also has some gorgeous V-shaped layers. It is a classic style that is popular owing to its versatility. The short layers meet the longer layers and cascade beautifully. You can also get yourself long layered hair with side-swept bangs in this same feathered cut if that’s more of your style.



11. Side Parted Wavy Layers

Long layered hairstyles look more prominent on lighter hair colors but they also exude a unique charm on dark hair. Here we have a beautiful black layered hairstyle that comes with some messy loose curls. The layers look extra good with the waves and the swoopy side part adds to the beauty of it all.



12. Messy Long Layered Hairstyles

If a messy bedhead hair look is what you like, then this one is for you. There are long layered hair front waves that look polished but the back takes the cake with its messy tousled style. It brings a messy and beachy twist to an otherwise simple hairstyle.



13. Swoopy Layers

This is one of the most gorgeous long layered haircuts for thick hair. the layers help in taking off the bulk while adding more movement to the hair. The swoopy layers give a new dimension while the caramel brown ombre takes the style quotient up a notch.



14. Long Layered Hairstyles With Bangs

Long layered hair with bangs is always a good idea. It is a classic and timeless hairstyle that will never go out of trend. From wispy to curtain, you can opt for a style of bangs that best suits your face shape, hair texture, and daily routine.



15. Layered Haircut For Thick Hair With Feathering

Feathered layers work well for thick and long hair. They look picture perfect while cleverly taking off the bulk. With such long layered hairstyles, no sacrifices are made when it comes to the hair length. Add some side swooping bangs to enhance the look



16. Sun-Kissed Layers

Shay Mitchell is beach-ready with her textured wavy layers. But are you? This is one of the best haircuts for long thin hair. The layers add body and movement. The caramel balayage adds definition and gives a sun-kissed look which is completed by a tousled texture. 



17. Beautiful Long Layered Hairstyles

Here is another one of the long layered haircuts for thick hair. The swoopy layers add a dramatic flair to the whole hairstyle. The flipped ends speak for themselves. It is a beautiful feminine look. With the long layered hair front pieces framing the face so well, what else do you need?



18. Long Layered Haircut With Bangs

Are you on the lookout for trendy and glam haircuts for long thin hair? Then, your search stops here. Long layered hair with bangs such as the one pictured here is your best bet. The subtle and hidden long layers add body and movement that looks especially well with this blonde hair color. Full forehead covering bangs and textured hair add an edgy glam to the whole look.



19. Long Layered Hairstyles With U-Cut

Take some hair inspiration from Kim Kardashian’s pretty as a picture long layered haircut. Her hairstyle is simple yet super attractive. The U-cut with swoopy layers works well for thick hair as it emphasizes the thickness of the hair. Beautiful long layers give a sleek and polished look while the short layers add body to the cut.



20. Colored And Layered

What makes layers look better? A light and contrasting color. The mix of short, medium, and long layers gives ample body and volume to this haircut. But, it is the hair color that is the star of this hair look. The under color works well for thin hair as it adds dimension to the look. It is one of the latest hair trends that is here to stay. You can try a balayage for a more natural sun-kissed look or try something to create a contrast against your natural hair color.



21. Blonde Long Layered Hairstyles

Here is a gorgeous blonde long layered hairstyle with some serious glam. With this style of long layered hair front pieces look especially lovely. That is the magic created by mixing layers. The different lengths of thin layers create a beautiful feathered look while adding some texture. The longer layers, on the other hand, add body and movement making it one of the best long layered haircuts for thick hair.



22. Layered Haircuts For Long Thin Hair

You should make layers your best friend if you have long and thin hair. The goal with thin hair is to create an illusion of volume and add some body to prevent them from falling flat. That’s exactly what layers will help you achieve. This straight haircut for long hair is a timeless classic style. The middle part with face-framing layers creates some body and movement for the thin hair. It is a popular style and works well for almost all face shapes.



23. Gorgeous Bouncy Layers

Here is yet another one of the long layered hairstyles that use a mix of layers of different lengths. The loose curls don’t let the difference look apparent. They boost the volume and create a soft glam look.



24. Layered Beachy Waves

Long hair with layers and beachy waves is the ultimate combination. It is an effortless style and if you have naturally wavy hair, it gets even more fuss-free. The length of the layers gradually increases as they cascade down and seamlessly blend into each other. The chocolate brown hair color adds dimension.



25. Long Layered Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Do you have super straight hair that cannot hold a curl or wave easily? Then, you should try this platinum blonde style with dark roots. This straight haircut for long hair will make you forget all about the curly and wavy styles. The razored layers create a nice choppy look that enhances the movement and body of the hair while adding some natural texture. Spritz some texturizing spray to switch things up and create a messy tousled look.



26. Subtle Long Layered Haircut

While full front bangs are a popular style option that works well with long layered hairstyles. But, that’s not your only option. If the idea of having hair constantly sit on your forehead gives you styling nightmares, then we have something just for you. This long layered hair with side swept bangs is easy to style and manage. The choppy layers blend into the rest of the hair seamlessly to create a subtle and beautiful style. It is especially good for women trying to grow out their bangs.



27. Layered Like JLo

Nobody does hair like Jennifer Lopez and here is the proof. This hairstyle shows what some extensions and a beautiful balayage can do for you. Tons of layers mixed with some good old texture make this hairstyle a good fit for thin hair. the balayage adds to the beauty and gives a perfect sun-kissed beach-ready look that oozes glam.



28. Wavy Layers With Bangs

Long layered hair with bangs is a huge hit this year. The wispy forehead baring bangs work well with long layered hairstyles. The layers in this hairstyle begin from the shoulders and grow longer as they gradually cascade down. This creates a beautiful and bouncy movement. The glossy hair color adds dimension and enhances the overall beauty. It is one of the most glam long layered haircuts for thick hair.



29. Long Hairstyles With Angled Layers

Here is to some more long layered hairstyles. Straight hair can fall flat and look limp. Add some layers and watch as everything changes for the better. Long angled layers can make a huge difference to how your straight hair looks with the difference in their lengths. These layers add more movement and body to the hair while the light brown balayage adds dimension.



30. Angled Layers For Thick Hair

Angled layers work especially well for long thick hair as they manage to take off the bulk without having to sacrifice the long locks. This long layered hair with side swept bangs makes good use of angled layers. The balayage highlights add a new dimension that will look especially good with a blowout.



31. V-Cut With Soft Layers

Thick, long, and straight hair are bound to feel heavy. The solution? It is easy. Try out some long layered hairstyles. This one here comes with layers cut in a V-shape. These layers not only take off the weight of the thick hair but also shapes them pretty well. You get to see more movement and body. Curl the ends to create a stunning look.



32. Long And Subtle Waves

Long black and straight hair with layers are a signature Naomi Campbell style. She constantly shows just how much you can change your long hair look by adding some layers and waves. This long layered haircut is easy to style and manage. It works especially well for thin hair. you can get extra layers to make your thick hair manageable.



33. Long Layers With Money Piece

Long layered hairstyles such as this one scream low maintenance and we are here for it. Here is a beautiful blonde balayage that enhances the long layers. This hairstyle can look even more gorgeous when styled with some beachy waves and tousled texture.



34. Long Feathered Layers

Curtain bangs but with long layered hair front pieces are taking the world by storm. They are everywhere. They do a good job of framing the face and accentuating the facial features. These bangs are easier to maintain and go well with long feathered layers. A golden brown or a honey blonde shade will add a beautiful and much softer touch to the whole look.



35. Dramatic Feathered Layers

If you want a statement-making sure to stun long layered haircut, then this one would serve as a good hair inspo for you. Look at that beautiful bounce and the amazing body! This hairstyle uses a mix of layers with a feathered style that looks gorgeous as they cascade. It is a classy style with curled and flipped ends that brings all the drama. Try having some fun with colors such as ash blonde, caramel, or honey brown.



36. Layered Straight Haircut For Long Hair

Long layered hairstyles come in a lot of different styles. The one that has stood the test of time and trends is this one pictured here with face-framing layers that curve inwards. This is a versatile look that can suit almost everybody but will look especially stunning on straight hair. you can curl the ends for a more dramatic look.



37. Straight And Layered

Here is yet another one of the long layered haircuts for thick hair. This straight haircut for long hair has U-cut layers with tons of hidden layers that take the weight off. This is an easy-to-manage style that will work well for women who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair. Just let your hair air dry for some of that natural texture and off you go.



38. Textured Long Layers With Bangs

Spice up your hair game with something as stunning as this modern shag haircut with layers. The warm color and the tousled texture add a new dimension. With this style of long layered hair front pieces are short layers that grow long as they gradually cascade. The tons of layers give a boost to volume and are a good choice for wavy and curly hair types.



39. Layered Balayage

Create a more natural everyday glam look without going over the board with long layered hairstyles like this one. The long layers boost volume and the loose waves enhance the cut. The brown balayage on the other hand gives a natural sun-kissed look that is sleek and sophisticated.



40. Long Wavy Layers

Long layers and waves are a classic combination. With long hair, layers not only take off the bulk but also help the curl and waves to take hold. This is a fun and feminine style that lets you flaunt your long locks while keeping things manageable.



41. Choppy And Layered

Long layered hair with bangs is a popular look this year due to its easy glam and versatile style. The long choppy layers with a wavy texture are complemented by wispy bangs. The soft balayage adds brightness to the long layers and the face-framing layers bring the focus to the cheekbones. A perfect hairstyle!



42. Big Bouncy Layers

It is impossible to talk about long layered hairstyles and not think of Beyonce. Queen Bey is forever giving us hair goals. Here she is doing it again with her big, bouncy, and glossy curls. The loose curls make the layers look even more prominent. You can get some highlights to add more dimension to your look. Or opt for a balayage for a more natural look.



43. Face Framing Layers

Face-framing layers form one of the most flattering long layered hairstyles. They go with all the different hair colors and textures. This straight haircut for long hair has subtle and soft overall layers that seamlessly blend with them the face-framing front pieces. The cascading feathered effect surely looks stunning.



44. Modern Long Layered Hairstyles

 A straight haircut for long hair with U-cut layers or V-cut layers is a simple effortless way to switch things up. Which cut will suit you best depends upon your hair texture and volume. But rest assured as these layers can work their beautiful magic for different hair in their unique ways. Enhance the dimension by getting a lighter color that begins from the mid-shaft and reaches the ends.



45. Voluminous Layers

Layers are the best choice when it comes to haircuts for long thin hair. Take some beautiful inspiration from this hairstyle pictured here. It comes with tons of layers in different layers that create an illusion of volume. The curled ends enhance the fuller look. This hairstyle is true to the ongoing trend with its swoopy face-framing curtain bangs.



46. Brunette Shag

A long layered shag with loose curls looks more fun and flattering than the good old regular shag hairstyle. This modern take is more manageable while looking way edgier than the traditional one. The long tousled curls add that extra bounce of volume. This can also be your go-to style of long layered hair with side swept bangs.



47. Long Layered Haircut For Curly Hair

Here is some more of that stunning long layered hairstyles for curly hair inspiration for you. Do you know that layers and curls are like besties? Well, no you know! With long hair curls and layers are a combo that will never disappoint you. They will enhance your whole hair look. The long layers hold the curls pretty well and for long. Throw in some wispy bangs to create a soft feminine look like Camilla Cabello.



48. Mixed Layers

A straight haircut for long hair can be tricky but you can always spice up your look with a mix of layers of different lengths. When the length of the layers grows as they gradually go down, it creates a hair look that is voluminous and full of movement. Such a mix of layers looks very attractive on long hair. You can start real short and get some side-swooping bangs. The rest of the layers will follow from there.



49. Beautiful Center Parted Feathered Cut

Here is another straight haircut for long hair that looks stunning with its feathered layers. The sheer volume of this hairstyle is super attractive. This center-parted feathered cut is heavily layered. It will make your long locks look sexy and stunning.



50. Layered And Straight

If you want to keep things on the down-low, try out something like this long layered haircut. Such long layered hairstyles look chic and polished. The sleek straight hair looks glorious with cascading layers with curled ends. The feathered effect is the show stopper here.



51. Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair

Long layers look gorgeous and we have just the right style for you here. This long layered haircut with a multi-toned blonde color is a picture-perfect look. This is a fantastic way to switch things with your long tresses and breathe a new life in them. It is a sleek style that will surely stun everyone.



52. Layers With Babylights

A straight long cut with layers is a good way to show off your beautiful facial features. And long layered hairstyles look a lot more charming with a hint of color. So, here we have a hairstyle with long layers and babylights that will look perfect with a blowout as well as beachy waves.



53. Layers For Long Straight Hair

Layers can spice things for long straight hair. Here we have some beautifully layered long locks with a center part. The layers are face-framing with perfectly feathered ends. It creates a soft and swoopy look.



54. Edgy Haircuts For Long Thin Hair

Long layered hairstyles can get edgier. Layers are like a best friend to thin hair, always uplifting. They make long and thin hair look fabulous. Throw in a mixture of different layers and you will get an edgy work of art just like the one pictured here. With the layers of different lengths, thin hair gets more body and movement. They are also easier to style.



55. Wavy Layers for Fine Hair

More from the beachy wave fam! Loose wavy layers work well for fine hair. They add more body and movement to the straight and thin hair. Long layers with a wavy texture create an illusion of volume. You can add more texture or not depending on the look you want to go for.



56. Layers For Long And Thick Hair

Whatever be the trend, long voluminous hair is always going to be in. Nothing can beat the charm of big and bouncy curls with some irresistible bangs. That’s why here we are with some long layered hair with bangs. It shows you just how to do feathered bangs with a mix of layers.



57. Layered And Textured

There are long layered hairstyles for everyone irrespective of their hair texture. After wavy and straight haircuts, here we have an attractive curly hairstyle with layers. This one comes with soft layers and a messy undone texture to give the optimum beachy vibes. The choppy layers make it one of the best long layered haircuts for thick hair. Go flaunt your voluminous mane!




58. Long Layered Shag Haircuts

With many trends from the 80s and 90s making a comeback this year, it is no surprise that a modern shag is among the popular choices for long layered hairstyles. It is a gorgeous long layered haircut with long shaggy layers that give a good movement to the hair. The face-framing curtain bangs match the longer layers and are long enough to not get into your eyes.



59. U-Cut Layers For Thick Hair

Thick and long hair look beautiful but managing them can prove to be a menace. This is why many women prefer long layered haircuts for thick hair. This straight haircut for long hair has been cut in some choppy U-shaped layers. It is a sleek, stylish, and polished hairstyle perfect for those who want to keep things simple yet fabulous.



60. Swoopy Layers

Here is a long layered haircut with swoopy layers and loose curls. Usually with the long layered hair front pieces are styled to be face-framing. It is an effortlessly stylish haircut that fits the need and routine of a modern woman perfectly.



61. Grey Layers

Long layered hairstyles are known for their versatility and look good at all ages. This hairstyle pictured here is a perfect example. There are short layers to frame the face which ultimately blend with the long layers. The subtle waves and the natural texture of the hair give it a beautifully unique look. This layered hairstyle lets you embrace aging with stylish elegance.