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21 Best Barbie Inspired Hairstyles


Updated At  24 Apr 24

Barbie, the iconic doll, has inspired generations of young girls, not only with fashion and style, but also with her stunning hairstyles. From chic ponytails to elegant braids, Barbie's hairstyles have been an inspiration to many. Whether you have short, long, or medium hair, there's a Barbie hairstyle that's perfect for you. Let's discover 21 of the best Barbie hairstyles that are perfect for every occasion, from casual outings to glamorous weddings.


21 Best Barbie Inspired Hairstyles




1. Long Waves

Wear your hair in long, flowing loose waves or straight for a glamorous Barbie look, perfect for a red carpet event or a romantic dinner date.



2. Effortless Elegance

Barbie-style hairstyles are easy to recreate, whether it's a simple side braid, a messy low ponytail, or relaxed beach waves for an effortless elegance.



3. Timeless Simple Elegance

Barbie-style hairstyles are easy to recreate, whether it's a simple side braid, a messy low ponytail, or relaxed beach waves for an effortless elegance.


4. Princess Ponytail

Feel like a queen with a princess-like ponytail inspired by the royal elegance of Barbie dolls with cascading curls, or a stylish high ponytail adorned with a tiara or jewelry hair accessory.



5. Sleek and Smooth

Experience Barbie's elegant and sophisticated look, with perfectly styled straight hair that exudes confidence and elegance.




6. Barbie-Style Bangs

Inspired by Barbie's iconic look, frame your face with stylish bangs, whether they're flat, side-swept or thin.




7. Timeless Simple Elegence

An experienced stylist Tonya shared her thoughts on this topic. She is completely sure that such light hairstyles highlight the Barbie style very well. Embody Barbie's timeless elegance with a simple yet sophisticated hairstyle, like a low bun or a stylish side part, perfect for any event or outing.


8. Barbie-Style Updo

Inspired by Barbie's sophisticated style, create a chic updo that will elevate your look, whether it's an elegant ballet bun, a classic updo or a cute and romantic twist.




9. Barbie Hairstyles for Wedding

WeddingGuide, a creative personality and a good stylist said that these hairstyles are suitable for cute girls and belong to the Barbie style. Make a statement on your big day with Barbie-inspired wedding hairstyles, such as chic floral updo or a glamorous updo.



10. Mid Length Magic

Rock Barbie's versatile mid length hairstyle with effortless curls, messy waves or a chic bun, perfect for both casual and formal occasions.



11. Cute and Playful

Experience Barbie’s playful spirit with adorable hairstyles like space buns, braids or topknots to add a fun touch to your everyday look.



12. Beautiful Braids

Add a touch of whimsy to your hairstyle with Barbie-style braids, whether it's a fishtail braid, a Dutch braid or a classic French braid.



13. Chic Half Up, Half Down

A chic half up, half down hairstyle with voluminous curls or smooth strands that fall down the back for Barbie's signature style.


14. Glamour Hollywood Waves

Experience old Hollywood glamor with Barbie-style Hollywood waves for voluminous, perfectly styled curls, perfect for a glamorous night out.



15. Messy Bun

Inspired by Barbie's effortless yet stylish vibe, a messy bun creates an effortlessly stylish look that's perfect for a day of errands or a casual brunch with friends.


16. Boho Babe Braid

Feel your inner boho vibe with a Barbie-style boho braid, carefully braided and decorated with flowers or hair accessories.


17. Vintage Style

Embody Barbie's vintage charm with vintage-inspired hairstyles like victory curls, sexy curls or classic beehive, perfect for themed parties or special occasions.


18. Barbie-Style Highlights

Add a pop of color to your hair with Barbie-style highlights, whether it's bold pink streaks, platinum blonde highlights or pastel shades.


19. Classic Ponytail

A stylish high ponytail embodies Barbie's signature look and is perfect for a night out with friends or a night on the town.


20. Goddess Glam

Embrace your inner goddess with glamorous hairstyles inspired by Barbie’s mythical glamour, such as a flowing braided crown, a goddess-inspired updo or mermaid waves.


21. Short and Sweet

Experience the beauty of Barbie's short hair, a cute pixie cut or a bob that exudes elegance and sophistication.


With these 21 Barbie-inspired hairstyles, you can embrace your inner doll and unleash your creativity, whether you're attending a wedding, hanging out with friends, or just looking for a cute and effortless hairstyle to elevate your everyday look force. Let Barbie be your muse, experiment with different styles and unleash your inner glamour queen.