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7 Amazing Matte Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

Ruchika Teltumbade

Updated At  22 Dec 18

Unlike gloss and shiny that make your way, matte lipstick has its own style to make your day. Between the dried wax feeling and magnificent first look, lies the art to learn how to make your look glorious. Fear not, Fabbon team arms with these lipstick hacks, to embrace the shine free life as you start the hectic day’s dive.

If you are wondering how to make your matte lipstick last longer or how to keep your matte lipstick from drying out your lips, then these lipstick hacks will be very helpful.

These matte lipstick hacks also explain how to to apply the lipstick precisely.



   7 Matte Lipstick Hacks That Work




1. Exfoliate to make matte lipstick last longer

If you want to know how to make matte lipstick last longer, then this lipstick hack is a boon!

The solution is to exfoliate your lips regularly.

The drawback of wearing matte lipstick is its tendency to find dry spots on your lips and highlight them for the world to see.

Regular exfoliation would ensure that dead skin cells and skin flakes are removed which would also ensure the lips do not look uneven.

Exfoliate every other day with a gentle lip scrub on your finger.

One of the most used lipstick hacks, this has been found out be very effective in making your matte lipstick last longer.

Why it helps - As the dead skin cells are removed because of exfoliation, the lips become smooth. This lipstick hack gets you away from the cakey look and helps you design a smooth canvas for your lipstick to paint well.





2. Moisturize to keep your matte lips from drying out

If you are wondering how to keep your matte lipstick from drying out your lips, then this lipstick hack will be very useful.

To ensure lips do not dry out, you need to keep your lips hydrated even before you apply the matte lipstick.

To ensure lips are hydrated, apply a lip balm before you put on the matte lipstick. Give it a few minutes to absorb, and your pout is ready for action.

Start using this matte lipstick hack and your won't have lipstick drying out issues!

Why it helps - Lip balm does wonder by hydrating your lips which helps in holding your lipstick for a long time, buying a long day matte look for you.






3. Use a primer before applying the lipstick to ensure your lipstick stays on

You all will believe that your lips are not made of single pigment, won’t you?

Yes, there goes the need to neutralize and lock down your lip colour to stay true. And a primer helps you do that perfectly.

Why it helps - A lip primer ensures smooth application by preventing dry and cracked lips. Coating the lips with a primer before applying the lip liner and lipstick will open the door for beauty and vibrancy.




4. Use a liner to apply the lipstick precisely

If you want to know how to apply the lipstick precisely, then this matte lipstick hack is for you!

Use the liner to colour your lips half away before you apply the lipstick to avoid the fading effect.

Why it helps - Matte Lipstick being super pigmented, it is necessary to make use of a liner to draw a definite fine line as you edge for beautiful shape and balance.




5. Use a tissue paper to remove excess lipstick to help you retain the charm for hours

Well, just touch the tissue paper on your lips once you are done by applying the lipstick. Get a tissue and get rid of the habit to open your bag, pull a mirror and reapply your lipstick again and again

Why it helps – Tissue takes out the extra lipstick which helps in maintaining the charm for hours to come.




6. Use powder to make sure your lipstick stays on

If you are wondering how to make sure lipstick stays on, then using a powder will help a lot!

Pull apart a piece of tissue, place it on your lips and apply the powder gently with a brush.

One of the most popular lipstick hacks, this is very effective in ensuring lipsticks stays on for long.

Why it helps – Powder has the magic staying power as it helps in taking away extra moisture from the lips. Applying powder directly on the lips brings up a chalky look, but this process allows only a little bit of powder to come through the tissue and hold the freshness of your face.




7. Use vaseline to remove lipstick strains

If you find it difficult to get rid of the lipstick strains, then make use of Vaseline.

Why it helps – Vaseline takes off the stain to provide clear and natural lips.


Now that you are aware of the matte lipstick hacks, its time to get a new range of matte lipstick to get the amazing looks!



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