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7 Popular Japanese Beauty Hacks That Really Work

Sweta Mookerjee

Updated At  10 Jun 18

The Japanese have some fascinating customs, especially when it comes to beauty. From crazy Harajuku makeup to face exercising tools, their innovations are of a different level. But we have to agree that their skin is enviable. So we found 7 popular japanese beauty hacks that really work.



1. Moisturizer application

This one sounds odd but it supposedly works really well. What the Japanese do instead of applying moisturizer in circular motions is pat or slap it on. This is supposed to increase blood circulation and energize the skin.



2. Heat-Up Eye Mask

Sounds crazy, we know. But the heat up eye mask is supposed to gently calm your eye area and relieve the stress.

We spend most of our time in front of one screen or the other, and this stresses our eyes out. How it works is that after it is worn, the mask gets steamed to about 104 degrees. It should be worn for about 10 minutes for best results.



3. False Bottom Lashes

Japanese makeup is inclined towards looking cute and innocent, and lashes play a huge role in that. To achieve that desired look, they go a step beyond and wear false lashes at the bottom. This creates that ‘doll-like’ look that they desire, and also makes your eyes look bigger.



4. Ombré Lips

We loved the ombré trend taking over the Internet some time ago; from hair to clothes it was everywhere. But what the Japanese actually do is focus on the pouty ombré lip. While we may have seen it here and there, the western version has a higher impact. This one however is more subtle and glossier, the ‘just bitten’ look as they call it. This requires you to use bright red or pink gloss in the center and blur out the edges with a powder.



5. Foot Peel

Yes! You heard it right, it’s a foot peel and it’s a wonder. The peel from the company ‘Baby Foot’ promises "a revolutionary, all-natural, Japanese foot exfoliant that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot.

Made form natural ingredients, it exfoliates and softens your feet without scrubbing it. It comes in two pouches that are filled with formula; you insert your foot in each and relax for an hour. Its best to remove it in a tub or bucket since it can get a little messy, half an hour later your feet should feel as good as a baby’s.



6. Rice water wash

We love how crazy and interesting this sounds. Apparently, the Geishas have been using rice water as a face wash for ages now for healthier skin. It is supposed to even out your skin tone, improve its texture, elasticity and complexion.

All you have to do is soak some rice in a bowl and rinse it once, soak it again for about 15-20 minutes. Use this water as a facial splash and massage it on as you do so. It can even be stored for about a week in an airtight container in the fridge.



7. Face Shaving

You have probably heard of this particular technique in passing, and written it off simply because it doesn’t sound right. But Kao Sori (Japanese for face shaving) is in fact very popular in Japan, and is slowly gaining popularity worldwide.

Basically, you take small, straight razors, and shave the tiny hair or peach fuzz off your face and also removed dead skin. This gives you a smooth complexion and also allows your skincare products to penetrate further. It isn’t very complicated as the blade isn’t very sharp and is straight. But make sure you use a good cream or cleanser while you shave.

Now that you know the 7 popular japanese beauty hacks that really work, try them out and tell us what worked best.