American Makeup Vs French Makeup: Know The Difference

Mohini Banerjee

Updated At  13 Sep 22

French makeup vs American makeup has been a popular query amongst makeup enthusiats. A lot of people are curious about the exact difference between French makeup and American makeup.

While makeup is nothing less than an art, it has been adopted by different cultures to suit their own tastes and preferences.

The makeup industry is constantly evolving too. The emergence of new techniques has revolutionized the way we do our makeup on a daily basis.

Since we live in a world that thrives on globalization, we tend to mash up beauty routines from different cultures to create a unique mix that suits us the best. Also, refer our article to know all details about American Makeup Vs Japanese Makeup.


American makeup Vs French makeup


There is no doubt that American makeup has made a significant mark in the world of makeup. We owe modern techniques like highlighting and applying lipsticks in liquid form to their innovation.

However, the French have been considered to be the muse of the beauty industry since forever. French makeup is effortless, minimal and chic, unlike American makeup which is much more elaborate, articulate and glam.

If you are wondering what is the difference between American makeup and French makeup, then you have to look no further because we have prepared a showdown of American Vs French makeup that will tell you everything you need to know.

Your queries on French makeup Vs American makeup will soon be resolved. Lets begin!

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American Vs French makeup



Face Makeup: American Vs French







Americans love using a primer because makeup lasts longer that way. They usually prefer a matte base to work on which is why mattifying primers are a must in their kits.

The French, on the other hand, prefer to keep it natural. A touch of cleansing followed by a moisturising cream is all the priming they need.

Micellar water which removes makeup and cleanses the skin naturally with just a few swipes is quite popular in France.






Americans love their full-coverage foundations for that flawless finish. They prefer to use liquid foundations or cushion foundations. The product is buffed into the skin with the help of a brush or a beauty blender.

The French love to keep it as natural as possible. They want a glow-from-within finish which is why they like light coverage on their skin.

Sheer tinted creams or BB creams are popular among the French. They apply a little bit with their hands to even their skin tone.

Similar to American vs french makeup, korean vs american makeup also differ a lot in terms of foundation usage.







In American makeup, the concealer is applied below the eyes and along the nose to the forehead in order to hide all blemishes and give a natural highlight. A brush is used to blend it with the base.

The French, on the other hand, hardly ever use a concealer unless they want to hide dark circles. They like to take a tiny amount and buff it out with their fingers just under the eyes for an instant brightening effect.





American makeup is all about sculpting the face and defining it from every angle. Usually, the cheeks, the temples and the nose are heavily contoured to slim down the face and make it look sharp. They also like to apply a warm-toned bronzer generously.

The French never control. However, they do like to add some colour to their face using a bronzer for that sun-kissed glow. Unlike the Americans, they go with a light hand because they do not want to make it too prominent.







Americans love their nude lips during the day-time and prefer to keep the darker shades for the night. They use a lip-liner to make their application flawless and do not hesitate to mix up shades.

Since the French usually go for a natural eye look, they like a vibrant colour on their lips. Red is a common favourite. When they do create a bolder eye look, they prefer muted lips.



Americans apply a powder blush to their cheeks for that a youthful look. Pink and peach are the most common colours they use.

The French prefer using a cream blush on their cheeks lightly so they look healthy but not doll-like.





The blinding highlight is a concept that the Americans invented. They love their glowy cheekbones and go all out when highlighting. In fact, they also apply highlighter on the nose, forehead and the Cupid's bow.

French makeup is all about keeping it natural. They keep to a subtle glow that highlights their cheekbones.




Eye Makeup: American Vs French






Americans love a well-shaped brow, and are ready to use as many products as they need to achieve that. They start by filling in the sparse areas of the brow to make it look fuller and then give it the shape they want.

For the finishing touch, they carve out the brows using a concealer so that the brows look perfect.

French makeup does not believe in creating entirely new brows for oneself. They just fill in the brows and comb the hairs upward for a groomed but natural finish.


EYe makeup




Americans prefer an even base to work with, so they apply a little concealer on the eyelid before applying the shadows. They love to blend multiple shadows in order to create a look that has depth and definition.

Bright pops of colour, shimmers and dark smokey looks are fairly common. The eyes are topped off with a dramatic winged liner and voluminous false lashes.

An inner corner highlight and some lower lash line drama tie up the look together.

The French hardly apply any eyeshadow. When they do, it is simply a natural colour blended evenly over the lid and nothing more.

Eyeliner is not commonly used by the French, but curling their lashes is an essential step for them. They apply a layer of mascara to ensure that their lashes stand out.



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Now that your doubts on American Vs French makeup are clarified, why not try switching it up for a day?