American Makeup Vs Japanese Makeup : Know The Difference

Mohini Banerjee

Updated At  14 Sep 22

The beauty community has gained immense popularity in a short period of time. The global network has become stronger, and people are learning to embrace different forms of makeup that prevail across the world.

Just like any other art, makeup is intricately linked to culture. Beauty routines vary according to personal preferences and traditions of people living in a particular country.

We are being introduced to new products and new techniques every other day. While that is undoubtedly exciting, we must also explore different types of existing styles if we truly want to understand makeup.

We uncolver american makeup Vs japanese makeup and the differences between them at a product level. Also check American makeup Vs Arab makeup to find out the exact differences between the makeup styles!





American Makeup vs Japanese Makeup


American makeup is one of the most significant influences in the modern beauty industry. It can make or break a trend.

On the other hand, Japanese makeup has recently taken the world by storm because of the spotlight on Asian beauty routines.


American makeup is about being bold, while Japanese makeup keeps it more natural.


If you want to know more about the difference between American makeup and Japanese makeup, then you should read on. We have created the perfect American makeup vs Japanese makeup showdown for you.






Americans want flawless skin. They first apply a primer on the skin to even the complexion and then go on with full-coverage foundations. Liquid foundations are extremely popular in the United States. Kabuki brushes and Beauty blenders are commonly used for buffing.

The Japanese want a fresh and youthful look that is almost doll-like. They use BB creams, CC creams or cushion foundations to even the complexion and make the skin appear smooth.





Americans apply concealer heavily to cover up blemishes and brighten up the skin. They use it below their eyes and on the forehead. After it is blended in, they powder the entire face to ensure that the face makeup stays in place.

In Japanese makeup, concealer is hardly ever used. They use a translucent powder to mattify the T-zone and a brightening powder under their eyes for a glowy effect.


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Americans love to contour their face so that it looks chiselled and sharp. They apply on the hollows of their cheeks, beneath their jawlines and along the nose so that the face looks slim and defined. They top it off with a warm-toned bronzer on the temples for that sun-kissed effect.

The Japanese do not like to contour a lot, but some women prefer to apply a light hand along their cheekbone for a slimmer appearance.





In American makeup, the blush is meant to make the face look healthy and youthful. They prefer powder blushes and drag it along the cheekbone.

On the other hand, the Japanese go heavy-handed with the blush. They prefer coral and pink tones which they pile on the apple of the cheeks so that it really stands out. However, they do not extend it beyond the eye.






American makeup consists of a strong brow that complements the face and makes it look sharp. They prefer to use more than one product just so the brows look perfect. The process starts by with filling in the brow and then shaping it properly. The arch is made to look more prominent while overlining gives a fuller appearance. A concealer is then used to carve the brows and lock the products in.

Japanese makeup shifts focus from the brows rather than drawing attention to it. They use a powder product to fill the brows because they want a feathery effect, and that is about it.


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The Americans came up with the idea of the drenched Goddess-like glow. They do not hesitate to add a blinding highlight to their cheekbones, the Cupid's bow and the top of the nose.

The Japanese stay away from highlighters usually because they like the glow from within effect.




Americans begin by using a lip liner to define the shape of their lips and even to overdraw them for a fuller look. They opt for a matte liquid lipstick after they have filled in with the liner. For a glossy look, they apply a lip gloss in the middle.

In Japanese makeup, natural lips are more popular. They either opt for pinky nude shades or a glossy ombre look.




Eye makeup

In American makeup, an eyeshadow primer is used to lay out a base. After that, a large number of colours are used in combination to create definition. A minimum of three shades is used in almost every look- a transition shade. a crease shade and an eyelid shade. Metallics and bright pops of colour are trendy right now. For that extra bit of drama, Americans create a bold winged liner and add an inner corner highlight. They curl their lashes and apply a generous amount of mascara before adding in the false lashes.

The Japanese like no-fuss eye looks. They love to play with shimmery shades on the lids and blend it inwards with a lighter shade. They also add a light coloured shimmer on the lower lashline to make the eyes look bigger. They apply a thin winged liner which makes them look innocent rather than glam. The feathery false lashes and a coat of mascara on the lower lashes complete their eye look.


If you are clear on the difference between American makeup abd Japanese makeup routines now. then you might consider mixing and matching steps for a new look!