American Makeup Vs Arab Makeup: Know The Difference

Mohini Banerjee

Updated At  14 Sep 22

If you are a makeup lover, American vs Arab makeup would be very exciting as the two cultures are very different which is reflected in their makeup styles.

But whether it is American makeup vs Asian makeup or American makeup vs Arabic to be more specific, you should be open to experimenting with your makeup so that you do not get stuck in the same routine.

We tend to get caught up in the western makeup style simply because we are more familiar with it, but it is good to switch it up once in a while.

If you want to understand the differences of American makeup vs Asian makeup, or try out a comparsion of American vs Arab makeup looks, all you have to do is follow a makeup tutorial.

We have compiled a list of the all different steps that you will have to remember if you try out an American makeup vs Arab makeup look. Also check out our article on American makeup Vs Korean makeup to know all the differences between the makeup styles followed in the 2 countries.


American Vs Arab Makeup






While discussing American makeup vs Arabic, eyebrows preferences are significantly different.

In America, feathery brows have taken over the beauty community yet again. While many still like to do bold brows, the love for light eyebrows is rising rapidly.

Western makeup focuses on outlining the brows which helps to give it a precise shape. It is important to comb through the brows to give them a nice shape. Once that is done, a brow pencil can be used to feather in the brows in a gradient from darkest to lightest. To finish the look, it is important to lock down the look with brow powder forming a gradient. The tail end should not be very pointy. With the help of concealer, you can carve out the brows and eliminate any errors.

The Arabic makeup style tends to more dramatic. They like fuller and thicker brows which stand out on the face. They outline their brow so that it looks more prominent.

Arabic makeup also prefers angular brows with defined lines. It can be smoothened and perfected with the help of a brush in upwards motion. After filling in the brows to give them some depth, the brow makeup is locked down with some brow powder to set it down. Carving out the eyebrows with a heavy concealer helps them look more defined.

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In American makeup, priming the lids with a concealer is important to get that smooth base. A neutral eyeshadow base helps to make the colors pop. Combination of a light and a dark transition shade is applied with some pressure in the crease, but it is limited to the entire length of the eye. In western makeup, a simple eye look would involve layering a shimmer shadow and blending it out with a deeper shade.

Arabic makeup style also believes in using a concealer to neutralize the eyeshadow base. After layering a neutral eyeshadow, a transition shade is used on the crease. It is extended beyond the eyes onto the outer part to make them look longer. A light hand is preferred in the inner corner of the eye. Pops of colors are added to the crease to create a rather dramatic effect. It is important to keep the makeup aligned with the brow. For the lid, Arabic makeup allows the use of different colors and you can experiment with any shape you want. They like to use dark, bold colors in combination with light, pastel shades to create a beautiful gradient. A cut-crease really helps to make the eyeshadow look more prominent. Proper blending is the key to getting the makeup right.  The eyeshadow application varies significantly even when we compare American Makeup Vs Japanese Makeup.





American makeup has shown its love for the cat eye eyeliner look over and over again. However, the wing is not overly dramatic. It is drawn just to the length of the eyes.

The Arabic makeup style is heavily inclined to bold winged eyeliner looks on the upper lid. They like to use black liners so that the eyes look more defined and awake. The upper lids are tight-lined, and the waterline is also defined with a liner which is then smudged out to create a smoky effect and balance out the colorful eyeshadow on the lid. When smudging out the liner, it is combined with a deeper eyeshadow to enhance the visual effect.




Eye Lashes

In American makeup style, the lashes are not super dramatic. They are long and thick enough to give that extra oomph, but they do not look too glamorous.

The Arabic makeup style demands very extra eyelashes. Wide and long fake eyelashes help to neutralize the colorful eye look so that it all looks like they are part of a color story.




Foundation & Primer

When it comes to foundation, there is not a huge difference between the two makeup styles. A high coverage foundation is preferred in both cases so that there is a flawless and even base to work with. A damp beauty sponge is used to stamp the product all over the face. There should be no clumps, and the foundation should not stick to pores or emphasize texture.

The importance of a primer is universal. Not only does it help makeup to wear for longer periods of time, but it also makes it easier to apply other makeup products on top of it. Both Arabic and American makeup styles love a good primer which will help the makeup sit well on the face.





For American makeup style, a medium concealer which provides coverage without illuminating the skin too much is a great option. It can be applied just beneath the eyes and any other problem spots that you might want to cover up. After blending in the product, it is important to set it with a translucent powder.

The Arabic makeup style goes for a more luminous facial look, which is why you need to focus on brightening the skin as much as possible. A light concealer will help your under-eye area look bright and flawless. That will also bring out the eyeshadow colors very well. Setting it with a translucent powder will lock the concealer in and prevent creasing throughout the day.





Both American and American makeup styles believe in the power of a warm and bronzed face. You can hit your forehead and buff out the edges. You can also use it beneath the cheekbones, on both sides of the nose and the jawline. Your face will look much angular once you blend out the product. With a full face of makeup on, you can go heavy on the bronzer and get that sunkissed glow.





For American makeup, the contour is applied lightly to mingle with the bronzer and create a tanned look. The nose is pinched to create a defined outline.

For the Arabic makeup style, a sharply defined face is the key. Intensifying the contour under the cheekbones and the jawline will help the face look sculpted even from a distance. It is also important to contour the nose and pinch it in so that no part of the face looks out of place with the overall glam.



A nice blush helps to add rosiness to the face and makes it softer.

American makeup relies on a lighter blush which does not overpower the rest of the makeup on the face. The blush is applied right behind the apples of the cheeks and then blended in with the bronzer to avoid any harsh lines. Peaches and baby pinks are nice blush choices.

On the other hand, Arabic makeup opts for deeper and more dramatic blushes which pack a punch. It is applied on the apples of the cheeks and blended in with the contour to create a blurred look. Dark pink is a popular choice for blush.





Highlighters are loved everywhere around the world. No makeup look can be complete without that extra spark of highlight which makes the skin look healthier. Both American and Arabic styles of makeup embrace the use of a highlighter in their daily routines. While the former leans towards a subtle but shimmery highlight which will stay put throughout the day, the latter is all about getting the ultimate blinding glow. In both cases, the highlighter is applied towards the outer corner of the face and not blended in with the blush.





In American makeup, nude lipsticks are all the rage at the moment. You can never have enough nude lipsticks to pair with almost all eye looks. A nice bullet lipstick with a neutral peachy hue is a favorite in the community. It can be topped off with a gloss because glossy lips are getting back into the trend at the moment. Going overboard with the gloss is not a bad idea.

Arabic makeup also prefers nude lipstick shades so that their bold eye looks can really stand out. Contoured lips are also a popular choice. After stamping on a nude liquid lipstick, it can be topped with a lip strobe to give that extra dimension to the lips. However, it is a better idea to blend it in with the fingers to avoid the lips becoming too shiny.

Now that you know American vs Arab makeup, it is time for you to create some awesome looks and enjoy the differences in the beauty community to the fullest.

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