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Beauty Tips You Need To Know While Going To Gym!

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  02 Jan 22

Desire to look fabulous even when you workout? Do not ditch that makeup as we bring to you the right way to do makeup for gym sessions! The hacks will demonstrate how to use makeup to get a natural and effortless look that survives a rigorous workout!

So lets begin!


1. Use a waterproof concealer


A waterproof concealer is a must as one doesn’t want the makeup to be all over the face post exercise due to sweating. Use a concealer to hide dark circles, large pores and any blemishes and its waterproof nature would ensure your skin looks fresh even after exercise.

Also make sure you follow the best tips for glowing skin to get the glow naturally.


2. Curl your lashes with a waterproof mascara


Use a waterproof mascara to coat your lashes and give them an edge! Curl your lashes and apply 3-4 coats of mascara on both top and bottom lashes. Waterproof formulas work best for gym routines as sweat cannot hamper it anyways. So work your muscles while you bat those pretty lashes!


3. Use a lip gloss and stay away from lipsticks


Use lip balms and glosses while going to the gym as they adapt as per skin changes keeping the lips hydrated. Lipsticks would crack out in time and may look kind of over because post workout your skin texture will change due to blood rush.

You can also opt for lip stains or tinted lip balms to get a long lasting color on your lips! Avoid darker shades and instead opt for natural colors like pink, mauve and berry which work well for the gym.


4. Work on brows


Fill in the gaps of brows and brush them generously with brow pencil. Fuller brows add weight on top part of the face and gives a natural bold look! A full set of brows add depth to face and leaves less requirement of much makeup to create movement on the face!


5. Carry wipes


Post workout or in between, do not rub your face off with cloth or towel. Instead, choose baby wipes to blot off sweat. This would cool down your skin also and would not rub off your makeup!

Towels can be harsh on your skin, especially post workout when the it is sensitive. Baby wipes on the contrary are soft and tend to soak in sweat which helps in keeping your makeup intact.


So head out to gym without compromising on makeup! Look good while you sweat hassle free!

Have a happy workout!





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