55 Best Collarbone Tattoos For Men And Women For 2024

Siddiqui Shumaila

Updated At  01 Jan 24

The collarbone is one of the best places to get the tattoo. Though the area of this bone is very small, it leaves a very large impact through the tattoo. There are several design options for both men and women in collarbone tattoos. Women's collarbone tattoos are delicate and dainty and come mostly in flower varieties. The men's collection of collarbone tattoos is bold and brave. We enlist the best and latest collarbone tattoos for 2024 which are trending this year. Lets begin.



55 Best Collarbone Tattoos for Men and Women




1. Radiate Love

Getting a collarbone tattoo is not enough to radiate love. Try going for something bigger like this that reaches your sternum and makes a bold statement. The leafs, flowers, and hearts placed in the centre are the perfect details that show the lovely side of your soul. Women who love flowers must think of getting this tattoo, as it will soothe their fondness.




2. Snake Tattoo

Snakes often cause intimidation due to their classification as dangerous animals. However, snakes are known to be the symbol of fertility, wisdom, and transformation in some cultures. Moreover, there are other variations of snake collarbone tattoos. Regardless of the meaning, the snake tattoo on the collar bone, especially for men, looks very cool and attracts many people.



3. Butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos will never be outdated among females. They are quite popular and attractive, especially on collarbones. Women like to wear a colourful butterfly tattoo, or a full black butterfly tattoo looks super awesome and beautiful. Also, the butterfly tattoo represents the meaning of splendour, feminism, resilience, and adaptability.



4. Heart Tattoo

Having a heart tattoo means you are symbolizing love and passion. The heart is universally seen as the main hub of love. The design and patterns of the heart are interpretations of people's choices. There is no set rule for drawing a heart tattoo. The collarbone is the perfect place to wear this beautiful heart tattoo with a bright colour.



5. Moon Tattoo 

A minimal collarbone tattoo looks good, but elaborating on the tattoo makes it even more gorgeous. This design is very intricate, with beautiful detailing that represents nature. The moon, flowers, and leaves coming together in a tattoo make it look very natural.



6. Anchor Tattoo

If you are looking for a very stylish and bold collarbone tattoo, then this anchor collarbone tattoo is the perfect choice. Anchor tattoos are great as they add meaning and light up your personality. Especially men like to wear this anchor tattoo, as it represents courage and strength to carry on in life regardless of the situation.



7. Tassel And Lace Ornament

You won't need any jewellery if you wear these tassels and lace ornamental tattoos on your collarbone. It has a very minimal design but has a large impact, similar to a piece of neckpiece jewellery. The tattoo is very feminine and doesn't require any creativity. You just have to draw it, and it looks super elegant and attractive.



8. Branch And Leaf Design

Men wearing a collarbone branch tattoo look extremely stylish and cool. This tattoo is one of the best options for collarbone tattoos for men. The design of the branches with leaves rolls up to the structure of the clavicle very beautifully. Hence, it gives a natural-looking tattoo design that looks super stunning and stylish. Lastly, olive branches are commonly drawn as tattoos, and they also have the meaning of peace, victory, and strength.



9. Elegant Collarbone Tattoo For Women

If you don't like extra on anything and love to keep it minimal, then try this collarbone tattoo for women that is very elegant and classy at the same time. On the collarbone, this design looks very dainty and natural. To channel this tattoo carefully, make sure to get the tattoo inked with neatness. Otherwise, it will look like a mess.



10. American Tradition Collarbone Tattoo

Men in America love to wear tattoos, especially on their collarbones. And no design is better than the traditional designs, which have their own ancient charm and vibe. Many American men often get traditional tattoos that are widely popular in the United States. This design is quite fun, colourful, unique, and looks supremely beautiful with popped-up colours.



11. Swallows And Weed Leaf Design

Swallow tattoos are very famous in America. It is related to the victories of sailors, and they were represented as the badges of honour. Women love to get inked with these traditional masterpieces as tattoos on their beauty bones, with the addition of hemp leaf. Twin swallows and weed on both sides of the collarbone look stunning and make a bold statement for the women who are proudly wearing this tattoo.



12. Leafs And Flower Tattoo

Though leaves and flower tattoos tend to be mostly worn by women, with times changing, men are also getting leaves and flowers tattooed on their collarbones. Men are wearing this tattoo in a manner that looks very elegant and sophisticated and does not give off a feminine vibe. Natural things, such as flowers and leaves on a collarbone tattoo, describe who you are as an individual.



13. Red Flower

Red is the colour of love, and it always represents happy vibes. Getting red flowers tattooed on your clavicle is a mark of elegance and pride. The red colour is very attractive. Hence, this red-coloured flower tattoo becomes extremely noticeable.



14. Bird Collarbone Tattoo

Birds are such a great piece of art in a tattoo. Men are keen on getting a bird collar bone tattoo, as they can make a bold statement without much effort. Birds can be drawn using different colours and patterns. It is up to your choice, and it will always stand as a unique and stylish tattoo.



15. Bold Dragon Tattoo

A bold dragon collarbone tattoo is the best option for women who are looking to make a bold statement. Dragons are seen as a symbol of bravery, boldness, and strength. One can wear different styles of dragon designs in their tattoos. Each design looks super stunning, with an amalgamation of different colours.



16. Feather Tattoo On Collarbone

If you want something very attractive and unique, then get a feather tattoo on your collarbone. It lights up the men's personalities and gives a unique look to their body art.  The design of these feathers is beautifully carved with intricate details that resemble the real bird’s feathers. The black colour adds an aesthetic look to the feathers, and men like the black colour the most.



17. Watercolor Leaf Tattoo 

Watercolor tattoos are not commonly seen. We can see rare women getting these watercolor leaf tattoos. The collarbone lights up with the beauty of these colours, softness, and silky vibe. It is one of the most gorgeous designs among collarbone tattoos. Women must consider this rare, beautiful watercolor leaf tattoo on their beauty bones.



18. Winged Eye

Winged Eye Collarbone tattoos are not the usual tattoos; rather, they have a significant meaning. Winged eye tattoos represent companionship. It implies that you always have someone around you. Men like to get inked with this stunningly designed black and grey winged eye clavicle tattoo.  The detailing and the colours make it a bold tattoo. And strong men like to have bold tattoos.



19. Whimsical swirl tattoo

Whisicak Swirl collarbone tattoos are special. The idea behind this special tattoo is nothing but to enhance the beauty of your collarbone. It gels up with the shape of a collarbone and doesn't look anything extra. Getting this tattoo with a neat and balanced look makes it even more unique and sleek. The design is very simple and curved; all you have to do is find a good artist to draw the design correctly.



20. Rose Tattoo

Nowadays, men like to have rose-collar bone tattoos. It is becoming more popular among men to get inked with different styles of rose tattoos. Moreover, the rose tattoo is also a symbol of strength and longevity. Men are brave enough to showcase this dainty, simple, and beautiful design on their collarbones. Also, go for a design that is stylish yet subtle enough to attract many eyes.



21. Symmetrical Tattoos

Go for something big or go home is the call with this symmetrical collarbone tattoo. Get inked with these big, bold, symmetrical tattoos on both collarbones to make a statement. Though a small, symmetrical design may also work, a bigger one looks more promising.



22. Name Tattoos

Name tattoos on any part of the body resemble the love and affection you have for your name or person. Similarly, collarbone name tattoos also hold the same meaning and affection for relationships, bonds, or the love in your life. Furthermore, these name tattoos require less effort and give a very elegant and simple look to your body art.



23. Angel Numbers

Women who are well aware of angel numbers know their importance. They are firm believers in magic and mystery. These angle numbers define a certain period in your life. Women like to get inked with their favourite angle number on their collarbone, which holds a very special place in their hearts.



24. Sign Language Collarbone Tattoo

If you believe in actions rather than talking, then you surely value the significance of sign language. Having a sign language tattoo on the collarbone is a brilliant idea as it gets more noticeable and looks stunning.




25. Abstract Collarbone Tattoo

If you love the abstract work of interpretation, go for this beautiful abstract collarbone tattoo. This design is surely nowhere near the usual design and provides an elegant vibe. Also, if nothing works, abstract design always comes to the rescue.




26. Roman Numerals

Roman numerals are a popular choice for the collarbone tattoo. However, the design is something that stands out among others, and men like to have it on their collarbones. One can go for any number or date that resonates with their life and makes a meaningful stance. Most people will not get the meaning, but it will surely attract their eyes to your tattoo.



27. Stylish Collar Bone Tattoo

If you are a fan of matching tattoos, try getting these stylishly designed collarbone tattoos. The design is placed perfectly on both collarbones, with the exact pattern and size. Women will love to wear this tattoo, as it fulfils the need for ornaments and gives a very stylish look. No wonder it's an excellent design of body art.



28. Symbolic Designs

Men prefer collarbones to wear their favourite and most important tattoo designs. Likewise, one of the trendy designs among men is to have a symbol of collarbone tattoos. There are a variety of symbols with different designs, shapes, and patterns. One has to pick the symbols that make sense or relate to.



29. Music Note

Do you love music? Or addicted to music? Try getting inked with music notes and collarbone tattoos. They are classy and have a very sophisticated look. Most of the time, people like to get tattoos of musical notes such as the treble clef, crochet, quaver, semiquaver, etc. However, the designs of the musical notes can be varied depending on people's choices.



30. Collarbone Wing Tattoo

A tattoo with a meaning is always a delight and a cherished piece of art. Likewise, this collarbone wing tattoo holds the symbol of strength, protection, and faith. Men who are looking to make a religious or valuable statement must consider this tattoo. Also, the overall look of the collarbone wing tattoo is very attractive, with a subtle look.



31. Quote With Meaning

Quotes are an excellent choice to remind yourself of something beautiful. And what better place than a collarbone to get them inked? Minimal design consisting of quotes on women's collarbones looks very nice and elegant. Many women like to wear self-motivated quotes. Regardless of the genre of quotes, they look gorgeous once they are tattooed on the collarbone.



32. Deer Fight

Among males, fighting deer collarbone tattoos are very famous. Fighting deer represents nature, strength, and power. They also showcase the fighting spirit of life. Thus, these powerful fighting deer collarbone tattoos are loved by millions of males, and they are keen on getting them on their bodies.



33. Selenophile Tattoo

Looking for an out-of-the-box collarbone tattoo design? Get these outstanding Selenophile collarbone tattoos. They look gorgeous, neat, and beautiful on the collarbone. Also, it is something that we don't usually see in anyone's body.



34.  Tribal Tattoo 

Tribal tattoos are a badge of honour to wear. Similarly, this tribal collarbone tattoo has a remarkable design consisting of a tribal touch. You don't need a neckpiece here, as it covers the neckline just like a big necklace. The black and grey colour leaves a bold and lasting impression on the tattoo design.



35. Blue Flowers

Instead of one beautiful blue flower tattoo, get two blue flower tattoos across your collarbones. They are quite simple, subtle, and gorgeous, and they give off a wholesome feminine vibe.



36. Chicano Script

The Chicano Script has various meaningful messages, letters, and words that can be chosen as the collarbone tattoo design. Chicano scripts have deep meanings and fit well with the structure of the collarbone. All you have to look for is a great artist who writes them well without changing their meaning.



37.  Skeleton Snake 

Snakes are the most common animals that are drawn on body art as tattoos. The collarbone is the place where the snake tattoo fits perfectly. In this tattoo, one side of the collarbone has a beautiful snake skeleton, and the opposite side has a lively snake. Each snake is drawn with extra precision, and the detailing is outstanding. Also, to make it more neutral, the artist has drawn the crescent moon design in the centre of the two snakes.



38. Nail Tattoo On Collarbone

If you are a fan of dark and intense genres, go for this nail collarbone tattoo. The design is drawn with perfection. Its design is like a nail stuck to the shoulders, along with its shadow and blood droplets. The whole design is introduced in a way that looks pretty intense and real.



39.  Small Tigers

How about getting two tidy tigers mirrored on both sides of the collarbone? These tigers mark the bravery, strength, and boldness symbols. Any woman who wants to make a powerful statement should get these tattoos. Also, the design is remarkable, but the detailing is outdated with a black outline.



40. Make A Statement

Do you want to make a brave statement? Getting a tattoo is the best way. Write from shoulder to shoulder, “Bred to Die, Born to Live.”. You read it right! You are watching a dare-devil personality that fears nothing.



41. Spikey Tattoo

The spikey collarbone tattoo is very similar to the abstract design. These spikey designs fit the collarbone structure efficiently. Women will like to go for this less abstract, high-impact design on their collarbone.



42. 3D Design

One of the best 3D collarbone tattoos is these tiny little safety pins. We love how the artist has designed the pins so that they have exact details and structure on either of the collarbones. Men tend to wear these tattoos because they give them a masculine and sharp look.



43. Snip Snip Designs

Scissors are very rare objects to find, especially in tattoos. This snip-snip collarbone tattoo has scissors, plus it contains the flowers too. It's a very unique combination to have in a tattoo. Thus, it is a very unique piece of art to be drawn on body art.



44. Justin Bieber Tattoo

We often get inspired by celebrities and their things. Similarly, Justin Bieber's collarbone tattoo has inspired millions of fans. They are keen on getting the same pattern and design on their collarbones. Justin Bieber holds two different tattoos on either side of his collarbone. One is her mother's birth date in Romans, and the other is the crown design.



45. Mirrored Ink Design

The name mirrored ink is just what this collarbone tattoo represents. They are perfectly mirrored on each side without any errors. The black ink is the magic here, as it lights up the design, making it a stylish tattoo.



46. Sleeping Cat 

A sleeping cat on collarbones is one of the cutest tattoos. It is a very fresh and new idea for a collarbone tattoo. The design is drawn beautifully, as the cat is using the collarbone as her sleeping couch. Nobody can tell that it's a piece of art and not a real cat taking a nap.



47.  Fox And Hare Design

Fox and hare on either side of the collarbone is a Greta tattoo combination. Both the animals are drawn in sync with each other, showcasing the action and excitement. Also, the addition of botanical elements gives it a balanced and classic look.



48. Star Collarbone Tattoo

Women love the stars, and they can wear them in any form. A tattoo is the most convenient way to show their fondness for stars. Star collarbone tattoos are beautiful, whether you choose to get inked with one star or multiple stars.



49. Dragon And Snake Tattoo

Both dragon and snake hold a different meaning. Combining them makes your tattoo more powerful and meaningful. The dragon represents passion and wildness, and the snake symbolizes the cunning and calm side of nature. Both meanings show the balance in life, and it's a perfect combination to have in a collarbone tattoo.



50. Eagle Wings

Each bird has a different style of wings; likewise, an eagle has a different style. Also, the eagle wings hold a meaning, which is to show the positive and negative side of the person, such as protection from evildoers, grip, balance in life, courage, creativity, healing, etc. Most men get these twin eagle wings tattooed on both their collarbones.



51. An Arrow

Looking for an eye-catching collarbone tattoo? Go for this cute arrow tattoo design. These small-sized arrows drawn on the collarbone look very sleek and classy. Also, the design is very simple and requires very little effort.



52. Bone Tattoo

It's a very unique idea to have a bone tattoo design on your collarbones. The shape of the bone is also similar to the collarbone structure, and no doubt it looks very attractive.



53. Bleeding Heart Tattoo

This bleeding heart tattoo is for those who want to show their sufferings pleasantly. They want to make a statement about their tough journey but with something unique. The bleeding heart collarbone tattoo justifies the suffering in a very deep and beautiful manner.



54. Zombie Snake Tattoo

Men love the variety of snake tattoos. One such unique way to wear a snake tattoo is this Zombie Snake tattoo that is inked around the collarbones. This design is a very innovative and interesting piece of art. The design has everything, such as the soft shade, balance of darkness, and open skin of the zombie snakes etched on collarbones.



55. Fruit And Branch

A normal branch tattoo looks good, but fruit branch tattoos look more elegant. Mismatched branches on either side of collarbones look quite different and unique to look at. This slight asymmetry is what makes these fruit branches' collarbone tattoos more special.