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15 Best Hair Straighteners Available In India - 2020

Maheroo Butt

Updated At  08 Mar 20

Investing on a good hair straightener is very important as it provides you with long lasting results and can highly affect the quality of your hair as well.

But finding the best hair straightener is not so easy as there are many products flooded in the market with each one claiming similar features.

We list the best hair straightener in India alongwith the list of top 15 which will provide you ample options to pick the best hair straighter for your need. 


15 Best Hair Straighteners In India - 2019


Philips HP8316 Kerashine Hair Straightener


1. Philips HP8316 Kerashine Hair Straightener

If you are looking for the best hair straightener that will fit your budget as well, then Philips HP8316/00 kerashine is the solution for you. It can turn any bad hair day into a bouncy smooth hair day.

The ceramic plates are keratin infused and can support thick and rigid long curly hair turn into smooth glides.

The bare minimum time taken to style your hair will be hardly couple of minutes and that too at one go.

Change the hair shape by setting the temperature differently every time you feel like creating a new look.

1.8 meter power cord length provides you with maximum flexibility and eliminates static and friziness from your hair making it flawless in every sense.


  • Keratin infused plates to straighten thick hair
  • Safe to use
  • Quick heating
  • 2 year warranty
  • One of the best hair straightener


  • No auto shut down option

Buy Here.


Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Hair Straightener


2. Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Hair Straightener

Another amazing hair straightener from Phillips which makes the top of the list is HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener.

Backed up by silkpro technology and latest ceramic coated plates, this easy to use hair straightener provides smooth and shiny hair.

It does this by using very less heat and minimum friction to avoid damaging the hair quality.

Get a makeover and experiment with various hairstyles by getting the glamorous hairdos.

Do note that in addition to picking the right hair straightener, in order to take care of your hair, it is also important to pick the best shampoo after hair smoothening.


  • Ceramic plates provide smooth hair
  • Prevents hair damage
  • Takes less heating time
  • Lessens the friction
  • 1.6m Heat safe cord to increase flexibility
  • Uses swivel cord to minimize hair tangle
  • 2 Years warranty


  • Not long lasting

Buy Here


Remington S1005 Hair Straightener


3. Remington S1005 Hair Straightener

The Remington S1005 hair straightener will give you smooth and straight salon-like hair. This comes with a combination of ceramic, tourmaline and Teflon technologies for best results.

The hair iron heats in a duration of 30 seconds. This has a plate lock built that makes it convenient to store the device safely.

This is very compact and with long plates, it captures thicker volumes of hair. It has easy to use control button and temperature setting regulator.

This makes your hair look healthy and straight and also gives it a safe and comfortable styling.

The remington digital hair straightener performs fast and efficient hair straightening due to the exceptional features and functionalities.

On a comparison note, it has got high heating temperature of 230°C to straighten the hair in just few seconds. For this reason, we’ve given as one of the best hair straighteners in India.

The pearl infused plates with ceramic coating used in this device are 15-times stronger than other popular brands. Further, it helps to glide the hair evenly without causing disturbances.


  • A trusted brand
  • Faster and efficient performance
  • Ceramic coated plate
  • Travel friendly
  • One of the best hair straightener


  • One needs to be more careful as it goes to 230°C

Buy Here.


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Vega I Shine VHSH-07 Hair Straightener


4. Vega I Shine VHSH-07 Hair Straightener

Vega shine is a renowned brand in the cosmetic and hair care industry, offering a wide variety of products like hair dryers, brush, helmets, scissors and more.

Their hair straigthener is one of the best in market, available in an affordable price range. The ceramic coated plates reduce the hair damage and turn your curly rigid hair to even smooth strands in just a couple of minutes.

It also comes along with a regular temperature setting ranging from 170 degrees to 230 degrees, indicated by LED lights; showcasing the ideal heating temperature.

The device comes with an automatic shut off option, which turns the device off after one hour; if it’s not in use.

The easy locking mechanism also prevents the misuse of any kind and above all, the product is backed with 2 years warranty from the purchased date.


  • Auto shut off option
  • 360 degrees swivel cord option
  • Prevents dryness and tangles
  • Locking system

Buy Here.


Kemei KM-328 Professional Hair Straightener


5. Kemei KM-328 Professional Hair Straightener 

The amazing professional hair straightener by Kemei is infused with high quality ceramic plates giving you a salon ready makeover by going through the trouble of blow drying.

The device can be easily operated at four different temperature levels. The swivel rods ensure great flexibility and comfort, preventing any kind of burn or injury while operating the appliance.


  • Professional results
  • Avoids burn and injury
  • Quality ceramic plates
  • Automatic temperature settings available


  • The effect might not last long

Buy Here.


CHI Original Pro 1


6. CHI Original Pro 1" Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener

The CHI hair straightener is equipped with smart led indicators, termperature controller and ceramic plates that instantly heat up, untangling the stubborn hair locks.

The heating time is as low as 60 seconds and gives out the flawless salon level results in no time.

Be it an early office meeting, a lunch date with your girls, evening party or any function to attend.

Use the professional advice and go ahead with this hair straightener to create a gorgeous look, without damaging your silky satin shine hair.


  • Makes hair soft and straight
  • Stays straight for long time
  • Works well even for very thick hair


  • Doesn’t shut off automatically

Buy Here.


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Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener


7. Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener

Available in a very affordable price, the product offers you quick results in mere 60 seconds as you set the temperature to maximum 210 degree Celsius.

The ceramic coated floated plate will assist you to glide carefully through the hair strands and will eliminate frizziness.

Get the hair treatment of saloon right away in the comfort of your house with Havells straightener, that makes hair silky straight and lasts long.

Even the sturdy thick hair can become bouncy and flowy with this amazing hair tool without sitting for hours altogether.

The 1.8 meter power cord and 360 degrees swivel cord prevents hair tangling and the LED displays the temperature correctly.

Havells hair straightener is perfect for everyday use and avoids the harsh pressure and direct heat on hair, preventing hair breakage.


  • Ceramic coated plates
  • Advanced heating options
  • 2 years warranty
  • Affordable


  • Deprived manufacturing services.

Buy Here.


Agaro Instastraight Nano HS-6511 Hair Straightener


8. Agaro Instastraight Nano HS-6511 Hair Straightener

This High quality hair styling product has a compact design and provides the option to straighten hair quickly.

It comes in multiple colors and contains ceramic plates to get uniform hair straightening.

One of the best hair styling product which is made after an extensive research, this comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • Top quality hair straightener
  • Easy to use
  • Travel friendly
  • Provides uniform hair straightening
  • 2 years warranty
  • Compact design
  • Affordable

Buy Here.


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Philips HP 8303 Hair Straightener


9. Philips HP 8303/06 Hair Straightener

Philips HP 8303 hair straightener is one of the most popular hair styling products across India.

It comes with the dual core plates with patented EHD technology and the LED signs indicate if the iron is heated up perfectly or not.

It uses swivel cord for to prevent hair tangle and for a seamless styling experience. The heating type hardly takes 15 seconds maximum; this product can be used for daily for purpose.

Not just the long lengths of hair, this Philips hair straightener can also work perfectly well for short hair.


  • Has ceramic blades to straighten hair perfectly
  • Prevents hair tangle
  • Trusted technology
  • Smoothens hair
  • Can be used for regular purpose
  • 2 years warranty


  • Priced on a higher range

Buy Here.


Oster HS33 Hair Straightener


10. Oster HS33 Hair Straightener

The advanced technology oster hair straightener comes with handy feature like tourmaline plates, auto lock function and even digital display and 360 degrees cord to improve the health and reduce stiffness of hair.

The straightener also includes the touch screen temperature control settings, allowing the hair to set in right temperature giving it the right texture.

The long ceramic and tourmaline plates 10mm long backs up the dense thick hair turning them into shiny, bouncy and with great volume. The child lock function prevents the hair damage.

Make sure you read the thorough instructions before using the same to get the best possible result. The product is also backed up with 2 years of warranty.

The hair straightener is available in both black and silver colour.


  • Excellent digital display unit.
  • 100mm plate supports the dense hair
  • Lock system ensuring safety
  • 2 years of warranty


  • No automatic shut off function

Buy Here.


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Ghd Gold Professional Hair Styler


11. Ghd Gold Professional Hair Styler

The hair straightening process just got easier with this professional nova hair straightener, which comes equipped with various temperatures setting options.

Now you can get Salon like results in no time. Infused with ceramic plates and stunning sheen and sleek edges this helps achieve the perfect output.

The temperature element gets adjusted till 160-220 degrees in mere 30 seconds of time.


  • Professional ceramic plates
  • Quick and amazing results
  • Advanced temperature control
  • Saloon like results


  • Not long lasting

Buy Here.


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Dafni Go Straightening Ceramic Brush


12. Dafni Go Straightening Ceramic Brush

If you are looking for a hair styling straightening brush which is portable and high quality for your fast paced lifestyle, then this hair styling product from Dafni Go is a must have.

With this brush its very convenient to style your hair quickly and with utmost safety.

It has a 15 minutes auto shutdown feature and it maintains 185°C degree which prevents the hair from getting damaged.


  • Auto shutdown feature
  • Top quality hair straightening brush
  • Maintains 185°C degree to keep hair safe
  • Travel friendly
  • Compact design with cermaic coating
  • Comes with thermal travel case


  • Expensive

Buy Here.


Nova Salon Style Temperature Controlled NHS 980 Hair Straightener


13. Nova Salon Style Temperature Controlled NHS 980/00 Hair Straightener

This hair straightener comes with ceramic plates which prevents the hair from getting damaged.

Though this is not to be used for permanent hair straightening, it does a very good job if you want to straighten hair quickly.

A very good product worth its price, this quickly heats up in around 60 seconds to provide the immediate hair styling experience.


  • Uses ceramic blades to prevent hair damage
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Heats up quickly


  • Does not last very long
  • 1 year warranty (Other similar products offer 2 years warranty)

Buy Here.


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Vega VHSH06 Hair Straightener


14. Vega VHSH06 Hair Straightener

Vega hair straightener provides you straight and shiny hair in a few minutes, that too without damaging your hair.

It has ceramic coating plates to prevent hair damage and provide the shine to your hair.

It goes to a maximum temperature of 200° C and comes with swivel cord to prevent hair tangling.


  • Contains ceramic coating plates
  • Travel friendly with compact design
  • Max. Temperature goes to 200° C
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy lock system
  • Power LED indicator
  • Floating plates to minimize hair breakage

Cons :

  • Might not keep hair straight beyonf 3-4 hours
  • Might not work for too curly hair

Buy Here.


Panasonic EH-HW19-K62A Hair Straightener


15. Panasonic EH-HW19-K62A Hair Straightener

This Hair straightener comes from Panasonic which is one of the leading brands in India.

This provides quick heating as within 20-30 seconds it can reach the desired temperature.

The best part about this hair straightner is the little comb which helps to style your hair while straightening.

Its the perfect straightner cum curler which is compact and easy to carry.


  • Straightner cum curler
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Heats up quickly
  • Provides easy straightening
  • Does not tangle hair
  • 200° C temperature setting for quick straightening

Buy Here.




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