DeBelle Cosmetics: The Growing Brand Which Stands For Safe And Natural Products

Geetika Verma

Updated At  14 Sep 22

About The Brand

DeBelle, a product of AGS Inc, aspires to Bring Out The Beautiful You, naturally. In the current era of increased consciousness about looks, it is often important to understand the products used on the skin and hair. They understand this concern and aim to provide products that are safe, efficient and caters to the needs.

They rely on our backbone of comprehensively researched, scientifically proven, result-oriented formulas and a state of the art manufacturing facility.

DeBelle personal care products, helps create a makeover effect for a more confident look through its intensively researched formula! They create  products, with the basic notion to fulfill daily needs, but with added benefits in the long run. It has thus been uniquely  formulated by an award winning cosmetologist, constituting active ingredients, by amalgamating nature with technology.



The Packaging

Debelle products come in a very commercial yet smart packaging. They are easy to carry around as the packaging is durable and well done.



The moisturiser comes in a tube form which is easy to use. The tube as a small hole opening which helps to control how much product we want to use or not. The nail polish on the other hand, comes in a small glass bottle which is super cute.


Our Experience



1. DeBelle Skin Moisturizer

A refreshing skin moisturiser is the perfect getaway from the winter season’s dry skin into soft and supple skin. This daily moisturiser is enriched with tropical blueberry which gives a refreshing glow and makes you feel younger as well.

The moisturizer provides UV Protection and can be used as a day cream or night cream.

The moisturiser has blueberry extract, mineral oils and other ingredients that helps to keep your skin supple and soft and also leaves it smelling amazing. So if you are looking for a refreshing feel and radiant glow, this is the ultimate product.

This product is fairly priced at Rs. 225 for 80 ml so its enough to last you atleast for a month or two.

Nailpolish l


2. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer

We tried the Gel Nail Lacquer in the colour Princess Belle and Mint Amour.

The nail paint colour, Princess Belle is the perfect shade of pink a girl can dream off.



The Mint Amour is a beautiful minty, sky blue colour which gives your nails an instant lift and fun element.

These are definitely the most long lasting nail polishes we have used and doesn't chip off your nails for days which is the best part. And that is just not the end, it is infused with Natural Seaweed extract that promotes nail growth as well. These nail polishes are priced at Rs. 295 for 8 ml respectively.


Pros of the products used

  • The products usually don't have any side affects as the cream is paraben free and the nail polish has seaweed that noises the nails.
  • The brand provides with enough quantity for the products to lasts months.
  • The products live up to the quality and leave you with a feel good factor.
  • The packaging I really handy and looks good too.
  • The moisturiser in particular is well priced for the product they provide.


Cons of the products used

  • The moisturiser has a very strong franbance which may not be pleasing everyone.
  • The nail paints are relatively over priced when compared to the other cosmetic brands in the market.


Rating : 4.5/5     


Our Overall Experience

DeBelle products did live up to their name and hype. We are amazed by the quality of products that we came across and how they are worth the money.

Sometimes we end up indulging in products just for the sake of the brand name but these products, do justice to both!



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