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Dragon Tattoo Exact Meaning, Colors And Celebrity Design Inspiration

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Updated At  14 Jun 24

Dragon tattoos are a famous tattoo art that has been popular for centuries. The meaning of dragon tattoos varies from culture to culture and also depends on how we perceive it. In some cultures, dragon tattoos are seen as symbols of courage and strength whereas in other cultures it is also seen as symbols of good luck and prosperity. Also, it has been one of the famous tattoos as various art forms can be done using dragon tattoos. Scroll down to learn more about the meaning of a dragon tattoo and some ideas on where you can get your dragon tattoo.




What Does A Dragon Tattoo Mean?

The dragon is a representation of unwavering power for many while others see the dragon as a messenger of compassion and an auspicious sign. Some people associate dragons with evil and disaster.

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 However, the dragon also represents liberty. Dragons are typically solitary animals that enjoy being by themselves. They are said to be extremely clever, explorers who can travel wherever they desire.


Dragon Tattoo Symbolism in Various Cultures


Japanese Dragon:-In Japanese culture, dragons are considered the deity of heaven and rain and are also seen as symbols of wisdom balance and supernatural powers. 

Chinese Dragon:-  According to Chinese mythology, the dragon is the most revered legendary animal. It is a kind of magnificent beast that lives in rivers, lakes, and seas and soars through the air. Since the Chinese dragon first appeared in mythology, it has been regarded as a rain god. For this reason, people think that dragons may bring rain. Thus, people believe that dragons' inactivity is the cause of the drought.

According to Chinese culture, dragons come in a variety of colours, each with its specific meaning.

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  • Blue Dragon – Health and peace
  • Red Dragon – Good Luck
  • Black Dragon – Revenge
  • White Dragon – Sadness and Death
  • Yellow Dragon – Nobility
  • Golden Dragon – Wealth, prosperity and kindness
  • Green Dragon - Nature and growth

Christian Dragon:-  The dragon is portrayed in the Bible as a fascinating and terrifying creature that represents Satan, God's enemy. Dragons are viewed as the opposite of light. However, the dragon serves as a reminder of the value of faith and the victory of good over evil through its symbolism and significance.

Celtic Dragon:-  In Celtic symbolism, dragons are viewed as kings and are frequently seen with Celtic deities, surrounding thrones, and wearing crowns.



Expert's opinion on why Dragon tattoos are popular


Experts of CB Ink Tattoo, a premium tattoo shop in Brisbane, says

"The dragon tattoo is one of the most popular and thought-provoking tattoo designs found all over the world. Dragon tattoos have been present for centuries in some cultures. It's hardly surprising that tattoo artists and canvases alike have been impressed with the range of dragon tattoo designs, with trends growing as the years go by."

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In early 2000, famous actress Angelina Jolie got a simple black dragon tattoo on her left forearm. However, after many years she replaced the tattoo with some other tattoo related to her children. 

American actor Joe Manganiello has a dragon tattoo starting from his shoulder to his upper arm.

Dragon Tattoo Placement Examples

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Women typically have dragon tattoos on their wrists, back of the ears, upper arms, fingers, legs, back, waist, chest sides, or at the back.

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Men love to place dragon tattoos on the chest, wrists, forearms, shoulders, back, and waist.



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