How to Apply Eyeliner: A Step By Step Tutorial

Sucharitha V

Updated At  08 Dec 22

Are you sick of blotchy and uneven eyeliner application? If you are wondering how to master the application of eyeliner, then check out this tutorial!



Step 1: Use a primer on your eyelids to get a smooth and an even base. To begin firstly, try to mark an end point (usually a dot) for the eyeliner.

Step 2: Place your elbows on a table to ensure that it is steady. Now extend the eyeliner from the end of your lashes till the end point you marked in Step 1.

Step 3: Now make a dot at the middle of your lash line. Connect the dots with your liquid eyeliner.

Step 4: Fill in the tail with your eyeliner.

Step 5: Apply the liner along your lash line till the inner corners of your eyes.

Step 6: Take an angled brush to smudge the tail slightly and drag it upwards.


To ensure you apply the eyeliner perfectly, you need to take certain precautions. Additionally, you need to be careful about a few aspects. Lets cover them as well.


eyeliner precautionsNICOLE GRAVELLE / PINTEREST


- If you are a beginner, a felt tip eyeliner is ideal for you as it is easy to control.

- Use small strokes while using an eyeliner.

- Tight line your eyes to make it look flawless. Tight lining is basically applying an eyeliner below your lash line.

- If you want your eyes to look bigger than ensure that the eyeliner at the centre looks slightly thicker.



- If you really need to, then gently pull your eye taut but do not tug!

- If you make a mistake, then do not worry! Use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and erase the mistakes!

- Remember to apply your eye makeup before you apply an eyeliner, but apply your mascara only after you are done with the eyeliner.

- Clean the applicator regularly to avoid any infection


So, this was everything you needed to know in order to master the application of eyeliner!
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