How To Choose The Right Eyeshadow?

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  09 Dec 22


You would have frequently faced this question - How to choose the right eyeshadow? Yes, it makes us scratch our head, but we never have a concrete answer to this question even though this is critical to getting the perfect eye makeup look. But don’t worry as we are going to end this confusion pretty soon!

Apart from having skin shades like fair, wheatish/medium and dark; there are pigments that reflect the true color of your skin. Those are called Skintones!

So all you need to do is choose your eyeshadow as per your skin tone. Simple!


Do you know your Skin Tone?

Its important to know your skintone before buying the eyeshadow. In case you aren’t aware, don’t worry, as we break down that for you! As per the color wheel, there are certain colors that accentuate the other one. Your skintone becomes your color reference point and the eyeshadows are the accentuating elements to it. Though they are only meant for eyes, but they play a major role in bringing out your skin color too!

Let us hack some COLOR-CODES!



Methods To Know Skin Tone

1) DIY method

Wash your face clean and wait for 10-15 minutes .

Hold a white sheet of paper against your skin and observe the contrast of your skin against the paper in the mirror.

    -  If your skin looks yellowish against the paper, you have Warm Skintone.

    -  If your skin looks pink and rosy, you have Cool skin tone.

    -  If your skin looks kind of gray, you have Olive skintone.

    -  If you cannot determine from any of the pink, yellow or olive, you have Neutral skin tone.

2) Shade card

The second method is to identify it through a shade card which one can get in plenty of makeup stores.

Now as you have found your skintone, it is time to buy the right eyeshadow palette for you!


Guide For Picking The Best Eyeshadow Palette



- Cool Skintone

For the skintype with cool skintones, shades of pink and peaches are perfect. Browse eyeshadows with coral and pastel shades.

1) For fair skin, buy flattering shades of pinks, taupe and green.

2) For pink and wheatish skin, try shades of peach.

3) For darker skin, find bright shades of pink and peach that stand out against your deep skin color.

We recommend Colorbar Hook me up Eyeshadow Palette and Sivanna Makeup Up academy Professional eyeshadow.



- Warm skintone

If you have warm skin tone, you need to bring them out with cool shades.

1) For fair skin with warm skintones, opt for bronze and earthy shades of browns and nudes.

2) For Medium and wheatish skin, go for dark pink and peach along with bronze shades.

3) For Dark skin, go for burgundy, deep blues and emerald green shades!

We recommend Maybelline New York Nudes and Maybelline New York Blushed Nudes.



- Neutral skintone

If you have neutral skin tone, you are lucky that any color can look amazing on you!

1) For fair and pale skin, play with metallics,pops of orange and bronze shades.

2) For medium and wheatish skin, peaches and pinks look great.

3) For dark skin shade, go for deep shades of jewels like silvers and golds.

We recommend, Mallofusa 5 color eye shadow powder- Metallic shimmer eyeshadow palette and Lakme 9-5 Qartet eyeshadow- smokey glam.



- Olive skintone

Olive skin tone is a combination of hues of green and yellow, hence they need shades that balance them!

1) For fair skin with olive tones, play with cranberry shades of pink.

2) For Medium skin color, one can go with shades of purple and teal .

3) For darker skin color, play with coral peach and wine red.

We recommend, Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eyeshadow- French Rose and Makeup Revolution London New Trals v/s Neutral Salvation.


Now that you know how to choose the right eyeshadow pallete for your skintone, its time you start trying out different shades.

Experiment with shades in the same colors, be adventurous and find newer ways to make your skintone look even more magical!