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How To Treat Sunburned Lips - Treatment Options And Home Remedies 2022

Shalu B

Updated At  13 Jan 22

Want to know about what are sunburned lips, its main causes and how to treat sunburned lips?

Sun is good for you but too much sun can wreak havoc on skin. Though sunscreen protects the face but what about your lips? They can get sunburned too. And sunburned lips don’t pain a pretty picture. They hurt as bad as they look.

Keep reading as we tell you everything about sun damaged lips like what sunburned lips are and how to treat sunburned lips fast. We have,also covered different types of sunburned lips treatment.

Specifically we cover the following:-

  • What Are Sunburned Lips
  • Causes Of Sunburned Lips
  • How To Treat Sunburned Lips Fast (Treatment Options And Home Remedies)
  • Precautions – How To Avoid Sunburn On Lips
  • Best Products For Sun Protection For Lips
  • FAQs On Sunburned Lips



What Are Sunburned Lips?

Yes, sunburned lips are a thing. Just like your face or any other part of the body, your lips too can get sunburned when over exposed to the sun. In fact, your lips are more prone to sun damage. Why? Because they have very little melanocytes which are the cells responsible for producing melanin.

Without melanin, lips don’t have their own protection mechanism against harmful sun rays. They don’t have sweat glands either to moisturize themselves. Moreover, they have millions of nerve endings which make them sensitive. These entire factors combine together to make your lips as one of the most vulnerable parts of your body and thus even more susceptible to sun damage.


Causes Of Sunburned Lips

The single and the foremost reason behind sunburned lips is over exposure to the sun. Due to their thin skin, and lack of melanin, lips get affected by sun damage much more easily as compared to other body parts.


Signs And Symptoms Of Sunburned Lips

The most common symptoms of sunburned lips include:

  • Lips which are more red than usual
  • Swollen lips
  • Tenderness on and around lips
  • Itchiness
  • Cracked lips that may or may not bleed
  • Small, white, fluid filled blisters


How To Treat Sunburned Lips

From Over the counter sunburned lips treatment to DIY home remedies, there are many kinds of treatment available and we have covered all our bases:




A) OTC Sunburned Lips Treatment For Fast Relief

If you want to know How To Treat Sunburned Lips fast, then you can can go Over the counter treatment options. These options also explain you how to treat a burn blister on lip.


1) Anti Inflammatory Drugs - Aspirin or Ibuprofen

Sunburned lips are going to hurt a lot. To get immediate relief from the pain and discomfort, anti-inflammatory medications like aspirin or ibuprofen are recommended.


2) Hydrocortisone Cream

Hydrocortisone cream is used to treat burns. It can be used topically on sunburned lips too. Apply this cream on your lips to get rid of redness and swelling. It is completely safe to be used on lips. But, ensure that you don’t lick it off like your lip balm.

3) Balm

Lip balms with shea butter and cocoa butter have hydrating and soothing properties. Thus, they can be used to alleviate pain as well as to hydrate lips at the same time.

Note: Before taking any medication, always consult your doctor first.


B) Home Remedies For Sunburned Lips

If OTC sunburned lips treatment is not for you, then we also have some home remedies which provide effective sunburn relief.


1) Cold Compress

Cold compress can provide immediate sunburn relief by soothing the pain and taking down the inflammation. It must be the first course of action to be taken immediately after getting sunburned lips. Take a bowl of ice cold water and soak a washcloth in it. Take out the excess water and place the now cold washcloth on your lips. Repeat when the cloth starts becoming warmer. Do not use ice directly on your sunburned lips as it can aggravate the condition.




2) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known as the magical herb with therapeutic properties and works wonders when it comes to healing skin ailments. It is extremely beneficial for sunburned skin. It contains antioxidants, vitamins and essential enzymes which reduce sun damage, heal the burned skin and stimulate the growth of healthy skin. Apply the gel directly from the plant or use the market variant. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes before washing off. Repeat this two to three times in a day.




3) Coconut Oil

Accelerate skin healing by applying coconut oil on your sunburned lips. It is a rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin E. It will hydrate your sun damaged skin and also soothe the blisters. Apply as many times it is required.

4) Vitamin E

Vitamin E can penetrate deep into your skin to hydrate and nourish all the layers of skin. It is also effective in neutralizing the effect of free radicals which was caused by the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Application of vitamin E on sunburned lips will also prevent scarring.




5) Honey

Honey is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. It hydrates and heals sun damaged skin. Apply raw honey on your sunburned lips and leave for 20 minutes. This will soothe the pain and bring down inflammation.

6) Almond Oil

Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin E. It accelerates skin healing and when used regularly, it also protects against the damage caused by harmful UV rays.




7) Clarified butter or Ghee

Ghee is a grandmother-approved remedy for treating sunburned lips. It is an excellent moisturizer and works wonders at soothing inflammation. Apply generously on lips and reapply once dried.

8) Turmeric

Turmeric has been used since ages to heal inflammation. It is a known antiseptic and a very effective sunburn treatment till date. Apply turmeric paste and let it stay for about 40 minutes. Repeat two to three times daily.



Precautions – How To Avoid Sunburn On Lips

By now you know what are sunburned lips, their causes, signs and symptoms as well as how to treat sunburned lips. So why not save yourself from the pain and take some precautions? After all, prevention is always better than the cure. We list the precautions which explain how to not get sunburned.

Here are some methods which tell how to avoid sunburn on lips:

  • Avoid sun exposure especially during the peak hours from 10 am to 4 pm.
  • Apply a lip balm with at least SPF 30 before heading out. Make sure you apply it 30 minutes before going out. Reapply it every two hours to maintain its effect.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink enough water.
  • Don’t lick your lips as it makes them dry and further prone to sun damage.
  • Wear hats or other protective gear to cover yourself against direct sun exposure.




Best Products For Sun Protection For Lips

Following are some of the products which offer the best sunscreen protection for lips.

1) Elta MD UV Lip Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 31

This is a long lasting lip balm which not only moisturizes lips but also provides protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is full of antioxidants and also stays water resistant for about an hour.

2) Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment

Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment is true to its name. Its ultra-moisturizing formula is formed from a blend of oils and butters and keeps your lips hydrated for up to 12 hours. Combined with SPF 25 it provides complete protection to your lips.

3) Paula’s Choice Lip Screen Broad Spectrum SPF 50

This lip balm comes with a broad spectrum protection against harmful UVA rays. It is fragrance free, flavor free, soothes rough lips and has a long lasting formula. Paula’s choice should definitely become your choice too.

4) Himalaya Sun Protect Orange Lip Care

Himalaya Sun Protect comes packed with the dual power of SPF 30 and vitamin C rich orange. Infused with vitamin E, this lip balm has a moisture retention formula which hydrates and nourishes lips to make them soft and supple. It is your perfect weapon against the potential sun damage as well as dryness.

5) Sebamed Lip Defense SPF 30

The Sebamed lip defense gives your lips the care they need. Essential plant extracts like jojoba and rice bran provide the nourishment whereas Vitamin E and chamomile extract fight irritation. This is a complete lip defense system which fights against environmental stressors, protects against the harmful UVA and UVB rays and prevents sun damage.





Frequently Asked Questions On Sunburned Lips


Q. What is the best way to treat sunburned lips?

If you want immediate relief from pain and inflammation caused by sunburned lips then cold compress and aspirin are your best friends.


Q. How long does it take for sunburned lips to heal?

It depends on the severity of the sunburn. But, typically it takes 3 to 7 days for sunburned lips to heal.


Q. How to treat sunburn on face?

Treat the sunburn on your face using the same treatment as we have suggested above for treating sunburned lips.


Q. What’s good for sunburn?

Drink water and hydrate yourself. Avoid further sun exposure. Use cold compress on the affected area for immediate relief. Use cooling agents like aloe vera and cucumber on the burned skin. Use oils like coconut oil, almond oil and castor oil to bring further relief to the sunburned skin.


Q. What are degrees of burns?

There are three degrees of burns and they can be identified by the prevailing symptoms. If you have first degree sunburn, you are likely to have red inflamed skin which feels tender to touch. It is the first degree burns which are the most common. Blisters accompanied by red itchy skin means second degree sunburn. Third degree sunburns are the most severe and require immediate medical attention. The symptoms include severely red and swollen skin along with chills, fever and nausea.


Q. Can sunburn cause fever?

Yes, sunburns can cause fever. Sunburns lead to inflammation of skin which then leads to fever. Though, fevers are typically caused by severe sunburns.


Q. When should one visit the doctor for sunburned lips?

You should visit the doctor immediately regarding your sunburned lips if you have the following symptoms:

  • Severely swollen lips
  • Swollen tongue
  • Rash
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea


Q. What things are to be avoided for sunburn relief?

In order to get sunburn relief, you should avoid the following:

  • Further sun exposure
  • Products with “-caine” as an ingredient as they can cause irritation
  • Petroleum based products because they trap the heat and worsen the condition.



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