How To Remove Facial Hair : 10 Most Effective Methods

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Updated At  14 Sep 22

For every girl out there, who struggles with facial hair, this is it; the struggle ENDS now. Facial hair can occur due to hormonal changes, genetics or many other equally shady reasons, but it for sure results in stress. Facial hair not only is a huge turn-off but it also makes your face look darker. Well, today we bid our Adieu! to these problems as here are 9 gentle and efficient ways which explain how to remove facial hair.


How To Remove Facial Hair : 10 Most Effective Methods




1. Threading

This is one of the most common methods, though it is best to get it done by a professional, as it is not one of the painless options, for sure. Well, no pain no gain, that’s what they say, right? On a personal note, threading does not particularly suit my skin, as it is very sensitive and every time I get my eyebrows threaded, these blisters pop up and stay for a week.

Thus, it is best to use all the necessary precautions- like dusting on some loose powder before beginning and then, after threading, using ice to cool the irritated skin.




2. Tweezing

Easy, effective and a tad painful, tweezing is something we all have tried. This is the route we all take, and can thus say that it takes effort.


Tweezing is a time-consuming process, as each hair has to be pulled out individually, it also must be done quite regularly to avoid stronger re-growth.


Tweezers are found in every home, and are easy to use. If you have time on your hands, this is what you can do sitting at home in front of a mirror, staring a little cross-eyed at your face. Just make sure your tweezers are clean. I also use a small scissor to cut my eyebrows a little, if they are looking a little longer than usual. Tweezing is also an effective method to try on chins, the area under the nose etc. We would advise you to go gentle, soft and slow. To make it easier, you could also begin with steaming your skin or using a scrub to wash your face, to open your pores up.


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3. Home Remedies For DIY Facial Hair Removal

If you are wondering how to remove facial hair at home then you need to be aware of various home remedies.

The DIY home remedy for removing facial hair naturally with turmeric has been found out to be very effective. Turmeric is one magical ingredient, that women across the globe can rely upon.

Ingredients: Turmeric, Baking soda, Water

How To: Mix 2 parts baking soda with 1 part turmeric, Add enough water to form a thin paste, and apply the mixture to your hair removal area. Allow the mixture to dry, and then remove the mixture by rubbing gently using your hand or a small, dry washcloth.

This is just one of many other home remedies! We would urge you to go out there and explore all that you can.




4. Waxing

Warm wax is applied on the skin and is then pulled off as it cools, along with it come away the stubborn hair. Waxing is a great way to get rid of facial hair. But it has to be done with immense care and technique, as if done wrong it can result in in-growth, burns and of course, a lot of pain.

Waxing is best done by trained professionals, and you must choose your wax as well as your professional wisely. Soft wax has to be pulled off using strips, whereas Brazilian wax hardens as it cools and can thus be pulled off directly. One needs good professionals as well as a strong will to reap the benefits of this method.


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5. Depilatory Creams

These are creams with special chemicals in them that can burn/ dissolve your hair away. This method involves no pain, and minimum efforts- Apply the cream on the skin, wait for 15 minutes and the wash/ wipe it off. Companies like L’Oreal Paris, Veet are popular for manufacturing these creams, but one must be very careful while choosing the creams, always try the cream on a small of skin first, any signs or feelings of pain or burns must be administered carefully. It also does not remove the hair by its roots and thus a stronger re-growth is almost always observed.




6. Shaving

Not a very common option for women, but definitely works on areas such as cheeks, forehead, chin etc. it is easy, and can be done at home with some caution. Clean blades and a moisturizer or alovera gel after shaving are essential.

To avoid any razor burns, try using softer razors, with less number of blades and do wash your face preferably with warm water before you begin, as this will soften your skin.

Applying coconut oil will give the smoothest shave. Go slow and gentle; avoid running the razor more than once from the same spot. As it does not pull out the hair from its roots, shaving could feel rough and coarse. This is where the moisturizer helps.




7. Laser Hair Removal

If the question of how to remove facial hair permanently is puzzling you, then you must know about the laser hair removal technique.

Begin this method by first visiting a dermatologist. Gather all information you can about this method, check for a reliable clinic and a doctor you are comfortable with. Laser hair removal is a permanent solution to your problems though it comes at a high cost. Yes, it is very expensive.

Efficient and proven, it is one of the best permanent solutions out there. Laser uses heat to burn off the hair on our skin, therefore with the steady help and guidance of a dermatologist, one can permanently destroy facial hair.




8. Epilators

Let’s begin by first realizing that epilators come in all sizes and shapes! Thus it does not stop at legs and hands; you can epilate facial hair too. It is easy and efficient; it also need not be done as regularly as tweezing or shaving. It does hurt a little but going slow can help with that. Buying the right epilator is thus of key importance.

Do moisturize your skin later. Epilating works on all skins and causes the least amount of irritation. Works for every lady out there who is stuck in a hectic routine, epilators can become your best friend.


9. Topical prescriptions

Walk over to your dermatologist and do talk about this if you want a longer, more permanent solution. Vaniqa is the most popular prescribed cream, but every skin is different thus your treatments will vary.

This will be a time-consuming process; the cream reduces the tendency of hair growth and thus is very efficient but takes time. Taking it slow and under proper guidance of a dermatologist is the only and best way.




10. Electrolysis

Laser hair removal does not work well with light, wispy hair. And therefore in steps Electrolysis. This is also a permanent solution and does work of small, light hair. This is costly too and thus one must always go to a trusted clinic for the best treatment and guidance. This method too uses heat to burn off hair and thus is very efficient.


These are 10 ways you can get rid of facial hair. In conclusion we simply want to add a little something, girl-to-girl. We want to remind all women reading this that beauty comes from self-love.

Thus every time you look in the mirror, and stare at yourself, with facial hair or without it, do not forget to give yourself the love and care that you deserve.

To all the strong women out there, ready to hustle, we want to remind you that almost all of these ways require one thing in common- being gentle with yourself. Let us be the most beautiful we can be, with a lot of love and confidence inside us!



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