Indo Western Mehndi Designs

25 Best Indo Western Mehndi Designs


Updated At  07 Feb 24


Indo western mehndi design is a fusion of the east and the west. This combination is amazing! Quick in style and easy to apply, this mehndi design is stunning and gives a modern art touch. These indo western mehndi designs are preferred by many for all occasions and the patterns used in this mehndi art are a combination of Indian mehndi and western mehndi design. You may surely look for these mehndi designs and make them a part of your celebrations. Let's check 25 beautiful indo-western mehndi designs.


25 Best Indo Western Mehndi Designs





1. Block Style Indo-Western Mehndi 

This palm mehndi design is a beautiful work of art with blocks created from leaves and dotted flowers inside it. The floral and leave design with bold shades on the fingers are creating a traditional look. This design is a perfect combination of modern and traditional design.




2. Lotus Indo Western Design

This lotus mehndi design on the front hand with variations of patterns coming together is creating a graceful mehndi. The main element of this mehndi design is a lotus with meshwork on the backhand and block and shaded leaves and a curvy design on the front. This design can is a combination of semi-traditional on the front and super trendy on the backhand.




3. Rose And Drum Mehndi Design

This indo western mehndi design is classic with roses and drums. Such mehndi designs are very creative and are considered positive. Such elements are used especially during occasions. The spacing created in this pattern is providing focus to the elements.




 4. Indo-Western Heart Design 

The most used element in traditional designs, especially for a bride is the "heart". Mixing the traditional Indian design with a western pattern is the charm of this design. The heart created when both hands are brought together is pure love! The peacock, dotted chain lines and leaves in a patterned manner are beautiful. 




 5. Indo-Western Floral Design 

This indo-western mehndi design is beautifully imbibed with flowers and leaves. Such a kind of mehndi design will look great on any outfit as this design is modern and gives Indian design touch too. We love the love outline is finished with curvy leaves.




6. Trendy Circle Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is drawn artistically over the hand with a beautiful circle which is the main attraction of this mehndi design. Peacock is created inside the circle, but we can replace this element with any other modern element or add a name inside the circle. The flawless design on the fingers is attractive.




7. Ring Mehndi Design

Nowadays, wedding ring tattoos and mehndi are very trending, such simple mehndi design on the backhand wedding finger is marvellous. The Indian touch of mehndi and the intricate line design on the ring finger is beautiful. 




8. Finger Mehndi Design

You can surely try this glamorous indo western mehndi design with such beautiful intricate designs. Every finger design has a unique touch and is elegant. This is a must-try trendy design of the season.




9. Indo Western Mehndi Design For Foot 

This elegant indo western mehndi design for feet is beautiful. The dotted lines connecting the floral work art can be tried for a semi-bridal and bridal look.




10. Mix Leaf Floral Design

This elegant indo western mehndi design for feet is beautiful. The dotted lines connecting the floral work art can be tried for a semi-traditional and bridal look. 




11. Indo-Western Jaal Pattern

This indo-western mehndi design with a jaal pattern and floral design at the outline are a simple and elegant mehndi design one can choose for any occasion. This mehndi design can be replicated at the backhand too.




12. Unique Indo Western Mehndi 

This mehndi design is created in a much more detailed manner on both hands. Different designs on both hands are also a choice of many people. You can make this design by adding or removing elements which you like.




13. Straight Line Mehndi Design 

This mehndi design has a simple straight dotted pattern and a wrist design with curves and leaves becoming the basic element of this design. Easy and quick design to opt for!




14. Simple Indo Western Mehndi Design 

The pattern used in this simple mehndi design is a basic indo western design which is quick and easy to have! This pattern is not just Indian but also looks western. The curvy pattern gives an ornamental look which makes it a super attractive design.




15. Elegant Indo Western Mehndi Design 

This is an amazing Indo-western mehndi design which is comprised of elegant and thin floral and jaal patterns that look super ultra chic. This beautiful design on the fingers is stunning. The intricate flowers and leaves make the design look perfect moving toward the pinkie finger. 





16. Royal Indo Western Mehndi Design 

The floral motifs and the leaves give the whole mehndi design a royal and regal look. The pattern is extremely beautiful and the fingers pattern looks very nice. This mehndi design will look great with any outfit.




17. Braclet Mehndi Design

Indian mehndi design with floral motifs and leaves on the wrist looks like a bracelet. This trending design is very much favoured by youngsters who like simple and minimal mehndi designs. This design replaces the jewellery and gives a beautiful appearance. 




18. Simple Indo Western Mehndi 

This mehndi design is a combination of a western and classic touch of elements. You can try this mehndi design for your casual party look. The floral design and the sparkle-like motif flowers are beautiful.


latest mehndi designs 2018 11 (23)


19. Square Indo Western Mehndi

How about trying a block or square-shaped mehndi design? This square mehndi pattern is filled with a peacock feather design and decorated with leaves. The square pattern is western and the intricate designs of leaves and peacock feathers are traditional. We are in love with this backhand coll mehndi design.




20. Floral And Leaves Mehndi Pattern

A simple and easy-to-apply design, which has two mehndi elements consisting of flowers and leaves. This indo western mehndi design has shaded flowers and the long leaves are shaded beautifully.


back-hand-mehndi-designs-2021 (4)


21. Sleek Indo-Western Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is elegant and delicate. If you are looking for a simple and quick mehndi design, then you can surely choose this design. The detailing of this mehndi design with elements is fabulous as well as gives a pretty look.




22. Bold Floral Pattern 

The main attraction of this mehndi design is the bold floral pattern. You can have a diamond or a circle element in the middle of the palm which is adding magic to this mehndi design. The intricate design on the fingers is also amazing.




23. Classic Indo Western Mehndi 

This mehndi design is a fusion art and looks great on the front of the hand and is a full hand design. It is made with different elements like peacocks, flowers, leaves and paisley motifs. A classic indo western mehndi with spacing is looks stunning and is an excellent option if you are looking for a unique mehndi design.




24. Graceful Indo-Western Mehndi 

This mehndi design is a contemporary artwork and can be carried with casual as well as traditional attire. This graceful mehndi design includes beautiful floral work, peacock shading and an amazing mesh pattern. This is a pretty attractive mehndi design and we are totally in love with it!




25. Indo-Western Anklet Design

The floral mandala art touch and the beautiful leaves are mesmerising. This design looks like an anklet which is foot jewellery. You can try this easy and quick mehndi design for your occasion.