Korean Vs American Skincare: Know The 10 Amazing Differences

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  25 Nov 22


Do you want to know the difference between Korean vs American skincare? Is Korean skin care better than western skincare, a question which you want to be answered? Then read on as we answer all your queries about Korean skincare vs American.




Korean Vs American Skincare

Skincare has been a part of many daily routines all over the globe since ancient times. Women have always been particular about their skin and so have been men. Everybody likes to look beautiful and the techniques used for skincare ensure just that.

The skincare routines differ from individual to individual. But they are also influenced by that person’s national traditions, customs, history, and culture. With globalization, we have truly become one big village. A beauty revolution in one corner of the world has its impacts shown in the faraway areas too.

The world has been largely influenced by the American way of skincare. But with recent revolutions, we have seen the focus shift in favor of Korean skincare. K-beauty has developed deep and strong roots in the beauty world. A rough idea of its influence can be gathered from the fact how the beauty talks have now become about Korean vs western beauty.

From techniques to products, we will talk about them all. Keep reading to know more about the Korean vs American skincare.


American Skin Care Vs Korean: Know The Differences




1. Number Of Steps Vary Significantly Between American and Korean Skincare

The American skincare usually consists of three basic steps—cleansing, toning, and moisturizing—also popularly known as the CTM. It is a simple routine that has its main focus on dealing with acne to get clear skin. However, this routine does not focus much on the SPF application.

Korean skincare, on the other hand, ranges from anywhere between 10 to 15 steps depending upon your individual needs. Koreans love to take care of their skin and perform all the steps daily to get healthy and glowing skin.



2. Focus Of Skin Care Products Is Different

American skincare is a lot more focused on big brands which are mostly expensive. There is also brand loyalty due to which people stick to the unnecessarily expensive brands even when they find it difficult to afford them. This is because, in America, skincare is considered luxury with its focus on treating the existing skincare problems. Also, a lot of chemicals go into making American beauty products.

Koreans view skincare differently from Americans. This is also evident from their beauty products which are affordable and effective.  In Korea, skincare is not considered a luxury and is available to everyone. The ingredients used in the K-beauty products are natural and skin-friendly. Soko Glam is one such Korean brand.



3. KOreans Prefer A Two Step Cleansing Routine

American skincare sticks to a gel or cream-based cleanser according to the skin type. They can be both harsh and gentle based on the type of ingredients. On the other hand, Koreans are very much serious about cleansing and have a two-step routine. First, they use an oil-based cleanser to emulsify all the oil-based impurities and grease. The work is not yet done. This is why they follow up with a foam cleanser to wipe out the water-based impurities.

4. Exfoliation Is A Daily Part Of Beauty Regime For Koreans

In the Korean vs western skincare debate, our next point is about exfoliation. American skincare views exfoliation as a weekly procedure done to get rid of dead skin cells with the help of a beady textured scrub. Korean skincare on the contrary focuses on gentle exfoliation to be performed daily. Instead of the bead-like texture, Korean scrubs are gentle and in the form of peels.



5. Essences Are Crucial For Koreans

Essences are water-based products that are similar to a serum but are not exactly a serum. They have a lighter consistency and thus ensure quick absorption. They delicately hydrate skin to provide healthy flawless skin. Essences are the secret Korean skincare ingredient that has taken the world by storm. It does not form a part of the American skincare routine.



6. Focus On Face Masks Vary Significantly

Masking is common in both American and Korean skincare. However, it is the type of masks used which varies. Clay and detox masks form a famous part of American skincare. They are used to pull out impurities. Once they are removed, radiant skin is revealed.

While the American way of using masks focuses on cleansing the face of all impurities, Korean skincare is big on using sheet masks. This is yet another Korean beauty product that has found its way into many skin routines. These masks are hydration and nourishing. They are beneficial for skin’s health as they are full of skin-friendly nutrients. They need not be rinsed. All you have to do is let the mask stay for 15 minutes. Remove it and then massage the product into your face until it is absorbed.



7. Eye Creams Are Used By Both But For Different Reasons

Over time and mostly after being influenced by the Korean vs American skincare questions, eye creams have found their way into the American skincare routine. Americans prefer a cooling eye gel that helps soothe their tired eyes and treats dark circles.

While the American way aims to handle the damage that has already been done, the Korean skincare focuses on prevention. Since the under-eye area is delicate, its moisturizing needs are different. This is why Koreans use a rich hydrating eye cream as a prevention measure against fine lines and wrinkles.



8. Koreans Prefer Using A Face Cream To Lock In Moisture

American skincare includes the use of a lightweight moisturizer to lock in moisture whereas Korean skincare includes using a hydrating face cream. The K-beauty routine focuses on hydration in each of its 10-step rituals. This is why they add an extra layer of hydration with a face cream as hydrated skin is healthy skin. And when your skin is healthy, it shows.



9. Korean Vs Western Makeup

While the American way of doing makeup is all about going out loud and bold with the highlighting and contouring, Koreans aim for a more natural and younger-looking appearance. Glass skin is a makeup trend that originated in Korea.



Americans use primers and foundations for coverage. They put a lot of time into achieving a sculptured look. Korea makeup, on the other hand, focuses on enhancing natural beauty rather than covering it up. Koreans use BB creams instead of heavy foundations to look as natural looking as possible.


10. Philosophy

To start talking about the Korean vs American skincare, we will first talk about the perception and philosophy that forms the basis of both these skincare routines. For Americans, skincare forms a part of their beauty regime. It is relatively simple and low maintenance. Because nobody has the time for being high maintenance.

On the other hand, Korean skincare is all about taking care of yourself. Koreans consider skincare as an extended part of health maintenance. They don’t add any cosmetic value to skincare. Rather, they believe that good skin is a sign of their overall health. Both Korean men and women take skincare very seriously. They even teach their children various techniques from a very young age.

For Koreans, less is more when it comes to eye makeup. They wear very little eyeshadow which is close to their skin tone or they will wear none at all. Instead of hiding their bags, they embrace it by adding a sparkly white shadow onto them. American eye makeup, on the other hand, is bold and loud with fake lashes, glittery shadow, and dramatic liner.