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Monsoon Skin Care Tips: How To Take Care Of Your Skin This Rainy Season


Monsoon is here now and definitely it is good news for all of us, but monsoon is also a problem not only because due to monsoon we face heavy rains and water blockage almost everywhere but it also affects our skin due to moisture in atmosphere.

Today, “Nutrispa” will tell you some most important tips and tricks so that by using these tips you can tackle the problems of skin care in this monsoon season. Here, we will going to tell you the best skin care product which you can use in monsoon that will control your excess oil on skin, we will also tell you why our products are best for this monsoon and why you have to choose us for all your skin nourishments.


 Followings are the tips you must keep that in mind this monsoon.

1) Be yourself hydrated- Yes we know that it is monsoon and people do not get dehydrated mostly at this time but it is not about your thirst, it’s all about to hydrate your skin, one has to drink 7 to 8 glass of water in a day because keep skin hydrated is most important thing.

2) Do not use face wash more than two times in a day- Using face wash more than twice a day disturb our face PH level, due to moisture in the atmosphere in monsoon, people use to wash their face by face wash again and again, but, instead of using face wash third time in a day we suggest you to use a lukewarm water for washing your face, splash it on your face and it will remove the impurities from your skin definitely.

3) Use Toner- after washing your face by face wash you have to put toner on your face, It will help your skin to shrink the pores, give instant glow and keep away the impurities. Use toner on your face as dap and do not use cotton for using toner, just use your own hands. You can use Astaberry Green Apple Refresh Facial Toner( Parent company of Nutrispa)

4) Avoid heavy makeup- due to the moisture everywhere in atmosphere due to monsoon you have to avoid heavy makeup like using foundation and concealor, using foundation will oxidize on your skin and your skin will appear blackish. We must suggest you to use light and waterproof makeup.

5)Use Sunscreen- use sunscreen as a moisturiser, many of the sunscreen come as a moisturiser with SPF 15 which helps us to protect our skin from UV rays.

6) Avoid getting wet- in these rainy days due to monsoon avoid yourself to get wet from rain, rain water is not good for our skin and hairs, it has polluted water which will affect our skin, it will also cause skin blackening, infection. If somehow you get wet then you have to use Anti-Bacterial face wash to remove all the impurities due to rain water.

7) Use best face pack- last but not the least point in our bucket list is using the face pack thrice in a week which means on alternate days, you can also make it in your own home just use sandalwood, honey, lemon and rose water and prepare a paste of it and then use it all over your face and leave for 5 to 8 minutes than wash it from normal water, it removes all the impurities from your pores and gives you a shiny and glowing skin.


Use all these above tips for a healthy skin. “Happy Monsoon”.