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Nail Contouring - Trending Nail Art You Need To Know About

Sucharitha V

Updated At  17 Sep 23

Nail contouring is the latest trend that is taking the social media by storm! Yes, you heard it right! You must have heard of face or body contouring but are you wondering what is nail contouring?

If you want to male your nails look longer and slimmer, then you got to know about nail contouring.

The best part is that, you do not have to use acrylics or gel nail polish for the effects of long nails, which damages your nails.

If you are looking for new nail designs, do check out acrylic nails and solar nails as these have been all over social media this year.


Why nail contouring works?


Why nail contouring works?

The nails look longer as negative space and a sleek color stripe creates the illusion of longer nails.

It is one of the simplest way to create an illusion of longer nails without any time-consuming procedures. It is also a fun and fashionable nail art that you can try in a matter of few minutes.

Before you decide to go for nail contouring, do find out eveything about your nail shape first as you can then decide the designs accordingly!


How nail contouring started


How nail contouring started?

Jin Soon choi is the nail artist who used this method since childhood. She demonstrated the nail contouring method, at the backstage of Vera Wang's SS17 show.


What are the different levels of nail contouring?

The Basic technique


1. The Basic technique

All you need to do is, paint your nails with a base coat, wait for few minutes and let it dry. Then, paint your nail from the center in a wide straight line, with a dark nail polish. Leave the sides of your nails as it is.

Let the nail polish dry and then apply a clear top coat.


Intermediate level


2. Intermediate level

Paint your nails with a light nail colour or a nail polish closest to your skin colour, let it dry for few minutes.

Then, apply a dark nail polish from the center in a wide straight line. Let it dry, and apply a clear top coat.


Advanced level


3. Advanced level

In the advanced technique, choose two contrasting, dynamic colors.

Now apply the first colour on your nails, let it dry and then apply the darker nail polish on the center of your nails, in a wide straight line. Let it dry, and apply a clear top coat.

Alternatively, you can apply a dark nail polish on the center of your nails, and apply the lighter shade on the sides of your nails. Let it dry, then apply a clear top coat.


Nail contouring doesn’t look like a trend which will go away soon. Its here to stay!!


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