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15 Different Nail Shape Types - Ultimate Guide With Images (2024)

Ana Campbell

Updated At  22 Jan 24


Looking for the best nail shape and the one which will suit you the most?

Analysis of current trends reveal that perfectly manicured set of nails is crucial to getting the right look. Nails are not just a part of your fingers but an extension of them as well. With so many things to focus on these days, and with our hands being one of the first things people see, keeping them clean and neat is important.

Tall and tapered? Square? Stiletto? There are more than enough nail shapes out there to choose from. Depending on who you are and what job you have, you can choose from long almond nails or short square ones – it all depends on personal preference. Whatever type of shape you prefer for those ten digits, this article will help you understand which shape suits you best.  And hey! We have even listed down some easy tips to identify the best nail shape for your hands as well as a few examples of some cute nails too! Let’s get started!


Your Ultimate Guide To Nail Shapes





There are a few things you need to keep in mind before deciding on a nail shape. Let’s take a look:

  • Length: If you have long fingers, you should go for long nail shapes. If you have short fingers, you should go for short nail shapes.
  • Width: If you have wide hands, you should go for wide nail shapes. If you have narrow hands, you should go for narrow nail shapes.
  • Shape of your hands: If you have a square-shaped hand, you should go for a square-shaped nail shape. If you have a heart-shaped hand, you should go for a squoval nail shape.
  • Joint of your finger: If your finger joint is wide, you should go for wide nail shapes. If your finger joint is narrow, you should go for narrow nail shapes.
  • Skin type: If you have dry skin, you should go for round-shaped nail shapes. If you have oily skin, you should go for square-shaped nail shapes.
  • Purpose: If you are a professional who needs to use her hands a lot, you should go for wide nail shapes. If you are a student who doesn’t use his/her hands much, you should go for narrow nail shapes.
  • Other things to keep in mind: Nail length should be about 2-3 times the width of your finger. The width of the nail should be about 1/3rd the length of your finger. 



15 Best Nail Shape Types 


Identifying the nail shape and then finding the right design for it is integral to getting a new stylish look. We cover in detail the different nail shapes and the best tips to style them.




1. Almond Nails

Almond nails are not very long and blunted at the tip. These are widest at the base and are a bit rounded on the nail edges. They are best suited for people with long fingers. This gives your fingers a clean and simple look. If you are looking for nail shapes which can keep your nails strong, then almond nails can be a perfect choice.




2. Natural Nails

Unlike the common understanding natural nail does not mean a plain nail. Natural nails mean that treatment is done only to the natural portion of the nail and not to the additional portion of the nail placed at the top. The glam look provided by minimalistic natural nails can be the perfect answer to fancy manicures.





3. Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are long and pointed. These are filed and shaped in such a manner that you get thin sharp points at the end. As Stiletto nails are long and pointed, they are best suited for people with long fingers. Stiletto nails elongate the fingers and give an ultimate glam look.

Do note Stiletto and coffin nails are different. Though both look similar, coffin nails are squared off at the tips and hence have a slightly different shape as compared to stiletto nails.

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4. Coffin Nails

If you are looking for glam nail shape, then you have got one. Coffin nails, also known as ballerina nails, were made popular by Kylie Jenner. These are the long nails with a blunt tips. If you want to try something different and have naturally long, strong nails, request this extended, tapering shape with a flat, squared-off tip. These are statement nails that can transform your look completely.

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5. Square Nails 

Square nails are long and wide. They are also a popular choice for people with wide and short fingers. These look stunning and can be a perfect choice if you are looking to show your creativity.

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6. Oval Shaped Nails

Try this shape if you want a more feminine appearance and have longer nails. If you want to make your fingers appear slimmer, oval nails are a wonderful choice because they also make your hands appear longer.




7. Flare Nails

These are also called as 'duck feet' nails because of their shape since the nails flare upward and out.  These nails almost match with all outfits but one needs to be careful about the pretty sharp ends. These are very different from the thin and long shaped nail shapes like coffin and stilleto.





8. Round Square Nails

Round square nails are wide at the bottom and have a round shape at the edges. These have a smooth curve towards the tip which gives it a classic and sophisticated look.

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9. Lipstick Shape Nails

There is a small fan base for this quirky angled nail form. It could be entertaining for a special occasion, but use caution around your eyes, especially if you're wearing stiletto nails.




10. Squoval Nails

Squoval nails refers to a square's flat edge and the avoidance of sharp edges. This implies that Squoval is the ideal choice if you dislike sharp corners.




11. Arrowhead Nails

Due to being shorter and softer than Stiletto Nails, Arrowhead Nails are the more severe variation. It is made of strokes that resemble an arrowhead.

Arrowhead Nails are the severe version of Stiletto Nail only due to being shorter and softer. It consists of Strokes resembling the Arrowhead.




12. Pointed Nails

These nails can be differentiated by the pointed tips which they have at the top. These look especially good for anyone with long nails. The pointed tip though makes it more prone to breakage so one needs to be more careful with pointed nail shape. Usually, these nails are used more by young people and showcase personality traits like creativity and uniqueness.


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Cut Out-shaped-nails


13. Cut Out Nails

Cut out nails shape suit people with long nails. The nails are cut at the top in a manner so that a flat and not a pointed tip is formed. The base remains wide at th bottom. Cut out nails increases the glam quotient as it makes the nails look very attractive.




14. Round Long Nails

Round nails shape is one of the best nail shapes if you are looking for stronger nails. If you have long nails and want to focus on maintaining stronger nails, you can try out round long nails. You can different color combinations to suit your personal preferences. These look glamorous and are easy to maintain as well.


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15. Edge Nails

Egde shaped nails are similar to pointed nails, arrowhead nails and stilletto nails however, the type of tip differs for them. These have a peculiar edge structure wherein a soft cone shape is present at the tip and a long portion is seen in the middle of the nail.


And there you have it, some easy steps to help you identify the best nail shape for your hands. From the tips listed above, you can see just how important it is to choose a nail shape that complements your hand. If you’re still unsure about which shape is best for you, just remember to keep these things in mind. Now all that’s left is to pick a design and get your hands looking beautiful!




FAQs On Nails Shapes



Q- What are the popular short nail shapes?

The most popular nail shapes for short nails are almond, oval and square.


Q- What is the most famous nail shape?

For shorter nails, round shaped nails like oval, natural nails, almond nails are quite popular. For longer nail sizes, stiletto, oval, coffin, square, almond shaped nails are most used.

Q- What nail shape is most flattering?

The most flattering nail shape is oval, as it elongates the look of your fingers.

Q- How to shape nails for beginners?

While there are several types of nail files you can choose, emery boards are both affordable and effective. Try using a file with a softer grit of around 180-200 to keep the edges from looking rough or scraggly since you’re a beginner.


Q- Which shape of nails is best?

If you’re a beginner, stick to a classic shape like an oval or square. As for trends, right now stiletto nails are having a moment. These are ultra-pointed with a sharply tapered tip, similar to an almond shape.


Q- What are the different shapes of nails? 

There are 15 different nail shapes which include the following:-

  • Round nails
  • Square nails
  • Rounded square nails
  • Oval nails
  • Squoval nails
  • Ballerina (coffin) nails
  • Almond nails
  • Stiletto nails
  • Arrowhead nails
  • Flare nails
  • Natural nails
  • Edge nails
  • Pointed nails
  • Cut Out nails
  • Round long nails 


Q- What nail shape is trending this year?

2024 is all about stiletto and almond shaped manicures.


Q- What's the strongest and weakest nail shape?

Oval nail shape is the strongest because the wide nail bed makes it least prone to breaking. Stiletto nail shape is the weakest as it makes the long and slender nails more prone to breaking.


Q- How to shape your nails?
You can promote good nail health right at home by filing your nails to keep them healthy. You can have shapely and strong nails by using the correct nail file, choosing a good shape for your nails, and filing in the correct positions and directions.