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What Is A Sigma Male: Meaning, Characteristics, Pros And Cons


Updated At  15 Sep 23

Pop culture and netizens have categorized masculinity into different male archetypes like alpha male, sigma male, etc. Archetypes are nothing but summaries of personality for a better understanding of the people around us. In this article, we will be discussing sigma male, sigma male personality, sigma male traits, and much more information related to sigma male.

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What Is A Sigma Male? 

The most dominant and assertive man in a particular group is known as the Alpha male. Sigma's male personality is nothing but the introverted version of the alpha male. This kind of personality tends to be dominant, influential, and introverted. Hence, this is the reason why they are also called lone wolves. Sigma males are identified by specific personality traits such as dominant, influential, good-looking, and generally solitary. 


Sigma Male Definition

Sigma males can be defined as lone wolves who are at the top but outside of the male hierarchy.


Sigma Male Meaning

It is basically a slang term for a masculinist sub-culture for a self-reliant and influential man. 



5 Sigma Male Characteristics

To understand sigma males, it is important to understand the personality traits and characteristics of sigma males. We have listed 5 qualities of sigma males which will definitely help you to identify one.




1) The Lone Wolves 
Another word for sigma male is a lone wolf. The reason behind this title is that Sigma males have a mentality of a lone wolf. A sigma male does not look for attention and societal validation. He generally does not care much about societal norms. He tends to enjoy his own company and prefers to stay alone. Sigma males are nothing but hardcore loners. 


2) Wanderer
Sigma males possess the qualities of adventurers and wanderers. Generally, Sigma males are brave and they are known to handle risky situations with calmness and tranquility. They are curious and they always follow their heart. Hence, they are always open to new perspectives and new places.


3) Rebels
Sigma males do not follow societal norms nor do they play by anyone else’s rule. They are rebellious in nature and they do not tend to rebel intentionally but they like to follow what their heart says even if it is different from the crowd.


4) Higher EQ
Sigma males are known to be emotionally independent. They generally tend to understand every situation with rationality. Although they lack social intelligence as they are introverts. They are definitely good when it comes to mediation in a critical situation.


5) Successful 
Sigma males are generally successful and influential. The reason behind this trait is quite simple. Sigma males tend to be self-driven and self-reliant. They work hard and play hard and they do not tend to compare themselves with alpha males.




3 Top Benefits of Sigma Male

Let us now move your attention to Sigma male benefits. We have listed the benefits below


1) Highly desirable

When it comes to dating and even friendship, sigma males are attractive and have many choices before them. The reason is their charisma, their confidence, and their way of approaching life.


2) Living life on own terms

As Sigma males tend to follow their own rules and their heart. They are generally more successful as they are away from worrying about what people would think about them


3) Responsibilities do not hold them back

They are generally emotionally independent and emotionally intelligent. Responsibilities do not hinder their work and they do not follow a leader rather they tend to work solo.




3 Top Sigma Male Drawbacks

Every personality type undoubtedly has drawbacks as we can never label a personality type to be perfect. Let us discuss the drawbacks of being a Sigma male.


1) Comparison

Sigma's male personality type has always been compared to the alpha male personality type. Although they do not have a competitive personality, that does not stop the alpha male. Hence, they end up in situations of Sigma male Vs Alpha male.


2) Emotional Unavailability 

Due to their personality types, they often get stuck with emotionally unavailable partners and they end up being in a relationship where their partner does not take long-term commitments seriously.


3) Poor Social Skills

As Sigma males are introverted, they lack social intelligence. There are higher chances of ending up as a lonely person in the near future. Their inability to social understanding hurt others near them.




Sigma Males Zodiac Signs

Sigma males cannot be defined by zodiac signs but some zodiac signs have a tendency to behave like sigma males. We have listed these zodiac signs below:





Sagitarrius are those who are born between November 22 and December 21. This sign is curious and loves their freedom and hence they tend to behave like sigma males.





Capricorns are born between 22nd December and January 20. Capricorns are generally ambitious and hence, they end up being a loner to follow their goal.





Scorpios are born between October 23 and November 21. People belonging to this sign are self-motivated and are free thinkers. This is much similar to the personality traits of a sigma male.




How To Be A Sigma Male?

It is important to understand that being a particular personality type does not make any difference as no personality is superior to others. Moreover, we are born with our type of personality. We can obviously make changes to it and maybe you are a Sigma male but you do not know yet. To know if you are a Sigma male or not, you can go for a Sigma male test. 

If you somewhat are and still want to make prominent changes in your personality for self good then we are here to help you. Here is how you can be a Sigma male!

1) Be Comfortable in your own skin

First and foremost, it is important to be yourself. If you want to be a Sigma male, it is important to know yourself first and believe in that. Then only you can say no to the societal norms and conditional bonds.


2) Be The Leader, Not The Boss

Alpha males are generally narcissistic and arrogant. You will lead without these qualities. You can be strong yet respectful. You just have to be bluntly confident.


3) Build Your Emotional Intelligence

It is important to build your emotional intelligence if you really want to be a Sigma male. You have to be self-aware and handle every situation calmly and rationally. 


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FAQs On Sigma Male



Q. What type of Woman is a sigma male attracted to?

A sigma male looks for a woman who is confident and comfortable in her own skin. Someone who does not care much about conditional societal bonds.


Q. Why are Sigma males hated?

They lack social skills and hence people sometimes find them dismissive and arrogant. 


Q. What zodiac signs are compatible with Sigma males?

Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius are the signs compatible with Sigma Male.


Q. Do women like Sigma males?

Yes, many women feel attracted to the personality traits of Sigma males.