The Best Way To Choose And Use A Concealer

Sweta Mookerjee

Updated At  13 Sep 22

A good concealer is must have in your makeup kit. It doesn’t just help achieve flawless makeup by covering blemishes and discolorations but it can also be used as a highlighter and eye shadow base.

Picking the right concealer is always critical though. Worry not as here is your guide for selecting the concealer along with the details of its application.


How to pick the right texture:

The main types of concealer textures are:

1. Liquid:


This works best on normal, combination, oily, sensitive, and breakout-prone skin.

It’s easy to apply and are your best option to cover acne because it doesn’t clog up pores. It allows good buildup from light to full, and is available in a number of finishes like dewy, satin, shimmer, and matte.

You can use a radiant shimmer finish under your eyes for a soft glowing look. However, people with dry skin should avoid liquid matte concealers because it will focus on the dryness

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2. Stick:


For dry skin, stick concealer is your go to. It provides medium to full coverage and is available in satin and powdery matte finish. Stick concealers are pigmented and have a semi-solid, thick and creamy texture. But they are likely to clog pores and hence not suitable for oily and combination skin.


How to pick the right shade:

The next step is choosing the right shade. Swatch the concealer on your jawline and see if it blends well into your skin.

A few things to keep in mind:


The right shade:


The right shade is usually one shade lighter than that of your foundation. This works great for highlighting as well.


When using with foundation:


If you’re using a powder foundation, definitely apply the concealer first. But if you’re going for a liquid or cream foundation, the order can vary. Concealer tends to cake on oily skin, so don’t use more than necessary and finish up with powder.


While covering up pimples:


Use a yellow color corrector to erase the redness. Cover it up with concealer that is a shade darker than your skin to make sure it looks natural.


How to apply a concealer:


Now that you know how to find yourself the right concealer, lets get to its application. The below steps illustrate how a concealer can be used to cover up dark circles.

1) The first step is to have a clean and moisturized face.

2) Dab a small amount of concealer on the required area.

3) Confirm that the concealer is applied adequately and in the pattern you desired. For example, to conceal dark eyes, apply it in an inverted triangle.

4) Blend using your finger, brush or a sponge. Just remember to keep blending till you see no visible lines of demarcation. Always finish off with some loose setting powder, but this can be skipped if you’re using a matte concealer.

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Now that you have all the information on the basics of using a concealer, get concealing and look your best!