Sonakshi Sinha Beauty Secrets And Skin Care Routine

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Updated At  14 Dec 22

Want to find out Sonakshi Sinha beauty secrets?

Her skin is real gold, just like her name: @aslisona! And she is setting some high standards when it comes to skin maintenance. Few months ago ELLE India shared Sonakshi Sinha’s surprisingly simple morning beauty routine and it’s going to blow your mind. Her ritual is what gives her that flawless, dewy and natural skin that we all want.

Sonakshi experiments, but also believes in keeping things simple so as to be able to maintain it long term. She keeps things minimalistic when it comes to both skin care and makeup. There are no complex steps or fancy products used in her routine, so its perfect for the girl on the move. Looking at her no makeup selfies on instagram, it’s evident that she takes good care of her skin. Sonakshi sinha skin care is simple and easy to implement as well. Let’s break down her easy morning routine in a few steps.

We cover the following:-

  • Sonakshi Sinha Beauty Secrets And Skin Care Routine
  • FAQs On Sonakshi Sinha Beauty Tips 


Sonakshi Sinha Beauty Secrets





1. Always Stick To CTM Routine

Sonakshi Sinha beauty tips are gaining popularity. One of her favourite beauty tips is to always follow her morning CTM routine.

She also follows the normal cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime which is quite simple and uses no additional steps. She likes to use a good amount of toner to remove any excess dirt and a thick coat of moisturizer to give the skin a good boost.Although she doesn’t mention using a sunscreen, it is advisable to do so.




2. A Glass Of Water

Sonakshi admits that her genes are one of the biggest reasons behind her beautiful skin. The one thing she religiously follows every morning is drinking a tall glass of water, it helps your organs to wake up and gives the initial energy to start your day.

Similar to Sonakshi, Shilpa Shetty skin care starts with consuming 2- 3 glasses of water in the morning.




3. Concealer

‘Less is more’, says Sonakshi. She liked to keep her makeup very natural and just uses limited products, one of them being a concealer. She just applies a little bit of concealer to hide her dark circles and blemishes to make her skin look more even.




4. Contouring

She uses just a little bit of bronzer to contour her jaw line and not the entire face. This is a great tip for those who’d like to sharpen their jawline.




5. Powder

A compact powder is a must to set the concealer especially since she hates to re-touch her makeup through the day.




6. Lipstick

As mentioned, retouches are a big NO for Sonakshi, so she likes to go with a matte finish natural every day pink lipstick. It looks super natural and pulls the look together.




7. Eyebrow

For balancing her face and bringing some definition to the upper half of the face, she likes to use an eyebrow pencil and no other eye makeup product.


She definitely has to do more heavy makeup while on screen but for her regular days this is her go to. 



FAQs On Sonkashi Sinha Beauty Tips


Q- What is Sonakshi Sinha's face shape?

Sonakshi Sinha has a round face shape. She has comparatively more surface on her cheeks as compared to her head and skin.     


Q- Which are the top sonakshi sinha beauty secrets?

Sonakshi Sinha's beautiful skin is because of her popular beauty secrets she follows at a daily level.

  • She avoids using products with too many chemicals and rather relies more on DIY home remedies. She uses homemade face packs made from multani mitti and aloe vera gel regularly to cleanse her face. This also helps her to get rid of blemishes.
  • She makes sure to exfoliate her skin atleast 2 times every week to get rid of dead skin cells, whiteheads and blackheads.
  • She strictly avoids products with too many checmicals. While picking hair products, she prefers going for a specific shampoo and conditioner which has minimum chemicals.
  • For haircare, she also relies more on natural hair oils like a coconut or an olive oil. She gets a hair massage using these oils to provide the required nutrients to the hair.
  • She follows a CTM routine everyday to take care of her face. 


Q- Which are the most popular sonakshi sinha beauty tips?

Sonakshi Sinha most popular beauty tips are the following:-

  • Stick to the CTM routine everyday
  • Make sure one removes all her makeup before going to bed
  • Drink 2-3 liters of water everyday to keep the skin hydrated
  • Contour your face to highlight the features
  • Make the skin look even and hide your dark circles by using a good concealer
  • Make your eyes stand out by using a kohl. It also accentuates your face features.


Q- What is curial to sonakshi sinha skin care routine?

Sonakshi Sinha feels that sticking to the CTM (Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise) routine is the most important step of her skin care routine. Additionally, she feels that keeping her skin hydrated by drinking enough water and juices as well as removing the makeup everyday to let the skin breathe naturally is very important.


Q- Whihc are her favourite makeup products?

Sonakshi likes to use a Nivea moisturizer and Neutrogena deep clean cleanser at a daily level for her CTM routine. Additionally, one can also find a kohl, a liquid matte lipstick., compact powder, concealer, mascara and a toner in her vanity bag.


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