Your Ultimate Eye Makeup Guide To Choose The Best Eyeshadow Palette

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Updated At  14 Sep 22

If you’re thinking to flaunt your fashionista image with a gorgeous makeup that would include a foundation, glossy lipstick, blush and highlighter, then just add to it a perfect eye shadow palette and you are all set to rule!

For picking the best eyeshadow palette, one needs to know the types of eyeshadows, how to choose eyeshadow alongwith other eyeshadow basics like tints and textures. One needs to understand the difference between a glitter, matte and a satin eyeshadow palette to make sure the makeup looks beautiful and lasts long.

An eye shadow is one of the essentials in your eye makeup kit. But, if you want it to look as quintessential as you’ve always dreamt it to be then check out some must to remember eye shadow basics for flawless eye makeup.


Eye Makeup Guide For Picking The Best Eyeshadow Palette




1. Eyeshadow Shades Are Meant For The Specific Part Of The Eye

All the eyeshadows have a few guidelines but the exact process of application is dependent on the type of makeup one needs. The darkest color works best on the outer corner of your eyes to accentuate your look whereas the lightest color works best on your brow bone as a highlighter.




2. Choosing The Right Eyeshadow palette Is Important

Eye shadow is a must-have in your makeup kit but it ought to be the most accurate one that is right enough to take your look to a whole new high.

How to choose eyeshadow is always a tricky question as there are a multitude of palettes in varied colors and textures when it comes to eye shadows. It can often be confusing about what to and how to choose an eyeshadow. Here are points that tell you how to pick the right eyeshadow.

  • For Beginners - It will be the perfect purchase if you get yourself an eye shadow palette with handy chart and guides, especially if you’ve not been doing eye makeup frequently.
  • Explore the Quality - Avoid the eye shadow palette that offers you a lot many shades but no quality. Look for the ones with fewer shades but good pigmentation. Choose wisely. Search for reviews and find the correct brand that would suit you. The ones like Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Color Quartet or Colorbar Hook Me Up Eye shadow can be good choices that are as good as the expensive ones. Also, make sure you get the right color combinations in one palette like both the light and the dark one or shimmer and the neutral one. Skin tone and Eye color - You ought to look for accurate colors matching your skin tone as well as your eye-lid color. Pick up smoky shades for hazel eyes and lighter colors if you have blue eyes while a brown or musty purple one for green colored eyes. Bronze tinted or copper shades are the best for brown eyes.




3. Know The Types Of Eyeshadow Before Finalizing

There are various types of eyeshadow available in the market. You can easily get the one you prefer the most. The 4 most popular types of eyeshadow palettes are the following.

  • Pressed powder shadow – This is the most common among all can be found in complementary shades nicely arranged in a wonderful eyeshadow palette. There are colors like matte brown, sparkling white, bright blue and gold shimmer cased as singles, duos or even quads. For neutral shades, choose the ones like Dior Backstage Eye palette.
  • Liquid Eyeshadow - These are highly pigmented ones and are packed in chic tubes. These are glossy ones and stick to your eyelids quickly and smoothly. It can be blended using your fingertip and there isn't a need of brush or applicator. Due to high pigmentation, they provide a long-lasting effect. You can try Stila’s Pleasing Gold or M.A.C Cosmetics Dazzleshadow Liquid Eye shadow.
  • Stick Eyeshadow - This eyeshadow require neither a brush nor an applicator. They're packaged in sleek sticks that are easy to carry. The pencil-like end makes it an easy-to-use product which can smudge into the eyelid without much effort. For this one too, use your fingertips to blend it. These also last for long and are available in many colors. Pony Effect Stay Put Eye stick in #Be Dazzling can be an option.
  • Cream Eyeshadow - Another long-wearing type of shadow that gives intense color and awesomely finished look. You can get these in metallic, pearlescent and matte shades as well. These soft and natural looking ones can be applied and blended with fingertips. NYX Vivid Brights Crème Color in Love Overdose is one of these.
  • Pigmented Eyeshadow - As the name suggests, this eyeshadow type is highly pigmented and is available in vibrant colors. It stays for long and can be blended deftly. Used by the professional makeup artists for achieving an eye-catching appearance one can go for it to get a vibrant look.




4. Eyeshadow Complementing Your Skin Tone Makes A Look Standout

While there is a flood of eye shadow shades out there, you should know how to select the perfect one that goes well with your skin tone and eyelid color.

  • Fair Skin Tone - If you’re finding one for a lighter and fair skin tone then try bronze and earthy shades or washed out copper for a more dazzling look. For a pinkish undertone prefer sea shades, soft purples and berry red ones whereas if having a warm undertone then earthy reds and violet-reds will suit better.
  • Medium Skin Tone - When buying for a medium skin tone, get the brown one or warm red shades. You can also find highly pigmented gold, honey and cinnamon shades for the wheatish skin type. Grey and lavender are ideal for cool undertones while rich blues for the warmer one.
  • Darker Skin Tone - For a darker skin tone, black shadows can go slightly ashy and make your eye look dull. Bright indigo or vibrant purple will simple jazz up your eye makeup. Burgundy and warm metallic gold are also preferable.


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4. Pick The Eyeshadow Tint Correctly

Eye shadow tints are the ones that are used to draw highlights around the eye and you can do it by applying eye shadow from inner to the outer eye corner and across visible part of your opened eyelid. Follow your eyelid in a line from the top of your brow bone to the outer corner. Right after doing the tints and tones as well, blend them together using a brush. Blending the highlight tint above the brow bone gently will render your eye makeup with a neat and proper look.

You can purchase shadows for tints in matte, metallic and shimmer finishes. Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Liquid Eye shadow, Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint, and NYX lid Lingerie Eye Tint are the popular ones. Giorgio Armani eye Tint Liquid eye shadow is well pigmented and you can use it for long-wearing. It can effectively highlight most of the shades on your eyelid.



5. The Right Eyeshadow Texture Can Make A Look Perfect

Eye shadow textures define the appearance and finishing of Eye shadow for the final look. Selecting the perfect type and color of eye shadow isn't all for complete and flawless eye makeup.

Good textures lead to better finishing. There are different textures for different colors, skin types, and eye shapes. Frost, Shimmer, satin, and Matte are some of the few popular textures that you must know about.

  • Frost Eyeshadow - This is the texture which gives a shiny and vibrant look. You can go for it if you want a sparkly silver or white finish. It is going to highlight the center of your eye and corners too but it gradually penetrates into the wrinkles and creases making them visible, the only reason which makes it more suitable for the young skin.
  • Matte Eyeshadow - These aren’t shiny and glittery but do provide structure and contour and are patchy enough to give the highest color payoff. Mattes are not only available as dried ones but also some of them are creamy. Matte Eye shadow can be used as a base and remain unaffected when another shade applied above it. Dark tones in black, brown and purple can be chosen for applying as eyeliner.
  • Glitter Eyeshadow - Glitter eye shadows which contain light reflecting particles are the best if you are longing to highlight your eye makeup and dazzle like a diva. Use it for giving your eye makeup a sparkling effect. Water or setting spray can be applied as a base.
  • Satin Eyeshadow - It is of the kind which falls somewhere between shimmer and matte eye shadow. As they possess better reflecting tendency and more shine, these are well suited for women of all ages. Satin Eye shadows being smooth can be applied as base shadows and also in bold shades.


Next time when you are planning to flaunt your eye makeup and be high on glamour, use these eye shadow basics for selecting the best eyeshadow palette.




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