4c Haircut Ideas To Transform Your Look

25 4c Haircut Ideas To Transform Your Look

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  09 Jul 24

4C hair is among the most unique hair types. It is naturally curly, the most coiled, and dense. But that doesn't mean you can't dress it in a different style phenomenally! Here are some of the best 4C haircut ideas for inspiration!


25 Best 4C Haircut Ideas




1. Stitch Braids

Stitch braids are known for their trendy and edgy look. It is a protective hairdo that can be styled by creating neat lines between the hair that look like stitches.




2. Bow Hairstyle

For a cute hairdo that takes a modern twist on the classic bun hairstyle, try the bow hairstyle! This looks as if you have put literal bows in your hair, which is the perfect look to go with a stylish outfit!




3. Twist-Out Bob

A twist-out bob will not only give your face definition but also help in creating a memorable image that does not add volume to any look!

Korell Williams, an experienced hairstylist and part of the exclusive hairstyling team of the Amazon Salon in London, discusses the key to a perfectly defined twist-out:

“Let your twists air-dry completely before unraveling them; you will need to wait a few hours or even overnight.”




4. Ponytail

Any type of hair you have, natural, curly, twist, or any other, a ponytail is well suited for any hair type! Not only does this look to project a stylish image, but it is actually among the time-saving 4C hairstyles as well! 



5. Cornrows

Cornrows protect the ends of the hair and create a beautiful, intricate pattern on the hair that keeps it out of the way! This style is the perfect combination of tradition and trendiness.



6. Space Buns

When you have curly hair, you get the beautiful advantage of instantly making fluffy and utterly voluminous looks! So, take inspiration from these bun hairstyles for the best 4C haircut ideas!




7. Middle Part Twist-Out 

Going for a carefree and chic style? Try a simple middle part twist-out that transforms your look without even putting in much effort!



8. Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs not only look stunning but are among the best protective hairstyles for 4C hair. They are knotless and, once installed, can go on for weeks; this helps save you time as well!



9. Flat Twists Ponytail 

You might have seen flat twists, but how about transforming your look with the addition of a sleek or curly ponytail with it? They make a perfect fit for any occasion!



10. Fluffy Braid Out

This style promotes hair health because you save time from installation and rather unravel your natural braids for a voluminous look. 

Joy Adesanya, a successful entrepreneur and founder of The Braiding Vault Salon, tells how a braid-out works: 

 “The braid-out technique involves unraveling braided strands [created with] three strands of hair.”




11. Baby Twists

Also known as juicy twists, baby twists give your 4C hair a place to project your coily hair fabulously. They make your hair look voluminous!



12. Braids With Beads

This style mixes a traditional hairstyle with an easy hairdo, i.e., a high bun. These hair bead styles are the best 4C haircut ideas that can be created for either formal or everyday occasions! 



13. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are spiraled hair knots that are made by wrapping and twisting hair. It is a traditional hairdo that is great for people who have dense curly tresses like 4C hair, as their texture helps make amazingly tight knots. 



14. High Bun

Big bun looks are among the best 4C haircut ideas for many reasons! Neither do they take hours to create nor do you have to constantly check up on them!



15. Head Wrap Style 

A head wrap is the perfect hairstyle to show off your unique natural hair to the world while adding culture to your look! You can do braids, twists, or knots; all will look beautiful with this addition!



16. Loose Twists

A bob hairstyle for 4C hair is great but you know what else you can do to make it unique? Create loose twists with beads to present a combination of elegance and trend!



17. Half Up/ Half Down

In this 4C hair look, you don't have to work much and simply make a bun in the center by parting your hair vertically. You can do this with twists or braids as well but even as it is, this hairdo rocks!



18. Parted Bun

A parted bun can serve as a protective style that safeguards from environmental manipulation. While you may have seen this style with long straight hair, even 4C coils can carry this look phenomenally!


19. Halo Braid

For this beautiful halo or milkmaid braid, you have to tuck the ends of the hair after you braid them from one side to another. Use bobby pins for securing! You can also hang some braids around for a romantic look.


20. box braids

Box braids create a polished look, which not only protects your hair but also looks cute and trendy. You can make the look versatile with the addition of hair beads!


21. Claw Updo

This hairstyle can take some minutes but it's totally worth it. Looking at it, you may not think that it can be achieved with your 4C hair but you just have to section your hair into twists and use sleek hair gel on the front strands to get this style!



22. Passion Twists

Protective hairstyles such as passion twists are a lighter look to go for in comparison to knots and braids! And when you have to transform your look, what's better than this low-tension look?



23. Invisible Locs

Invisible locs are similar to knotless tresses and give you a sharp look once done. They are tight and can be worn for days!




24. Marley Twists

Like many other twist styles, which are low-maintenance and protective hairstyles, Marley twists are sought-after for their easier two-strand twists that are inspired by the legend Bob Marley himself!



25. Short Goddess Braids

How can you make a protective hairstyle for your 4C hair edgier? Go for a medium or bob length with the trendy goddess braid style!



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