Hairstyles For 4C Curls

25 Hairstyles For 4c Curls Trending In 2024

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  30 Jun 24

The 4C hair type is the curliest and densest black hair type. They are highly coiled and thick, which makes them unique from other hair types! Following are some of the best hairstyles for 4C curls that you can take inspiration from the next time you want to showcase your beautiful curls!


25 Best Hairstyles For 4C Curls




1. Defined Curls

Defined curls are chic and easier to carry than other wavy hairstyle options. You can use curl care products such as hair serum, gel, and more that can help give your hair extra depth!




2. Curly Boho Locs

Locs are among the most common hairstyles for 4C curls, as they are not only trendy but easy to carry as well! Dr. Kari Williams, a trichologist and cosmetologist, says:

“Locs offer the same styling versatility as loose coils with a simplified hair care regimen and more freedom from daily manipulation.”




3. Twist And Curl

Twist and curl can be done at any hair length and give you an instant youthful and chic look! Why not go with the addition of some tiny hair beads to add another beautiful layer to your hairdo?




4. Wavy Hair With Beads

The addition of beads to hairstyles for 4C curls is always an amazing choice, as it adds another layer of depth to your hairstyle! You can do any type of braid or twist and install traditional hair beads for a beautiful look!




5. Puff Hairstyle

For updo hairstyles for 4C curls, try the unique puff look. You'll need to twist and clip on your tresses in sections according to your desired style and the result will end up being stunning and easy to carry.




6. Wash And Go

Wash and go is perfect for days when you just want to show off your curly or wavy hair to the world! This is definitely a top choice for the least time-consuming hairstyles for 4C curls!




7. Middle Part

The middle part is among the most sought-after hairstyles for 4C curls, as they are rather easy to do that showcases your natural black hair curls beautifully!




8. Braid-Out

Braid-outs are popular hairstyles for 4C curls because they are not only protective as they follow an unraveled three-stranded pattern but also enhance hair texture!

Joy Adesanya, a successful entrepreneur and founder of The Braiding Vault Salon, quotes:

“Braid-outs enhance the look of natural hair by securing the curl pattern, which gives waves definition.”




9. Claw Updo

The claw updo can be made on any hair type but it looks especially ethereal on black hair! For a simple look, just go with tight twists on your tresses and use the claw at the end to secure the updo.




10. High Puff

The high puff looks superb on curly and wavy hair because it adds volume and a beautiful dimension to the whole face! Plus, this hairstyle shows off your curl like none other!




11. Passion Twists

Passion Twists have a natural apperence which looks radiant on any hair length! Whether it be a bob or super-long extensions, you can never go wrong with this style.




12. Flat Twist

Flat twists may take some time but they are super chic and can go on for days! For this style, you have to take the middle part and do cornrows on both sides flat, twisting close to the scalp.




13. Chunky Twists

Chucky twists are nice if you have wavy hair; they can be created rather easily and can be done in the nighttime so that your curls can rest.




14. Sew-In Extensions

Sew-in curly extensions are ideal if you have shorter hair length, whether it is because of shrinkage or just for natural reasons. They open the door to many new hairstyles for 4C curls!




15. Parted Curly Ponytail 

For this black hair ponytail, simply gather all the hair at the center and tie it with a hair band! You can go with a tight seal for a polished appearance or keep it loose for a more casual look!




16. Twist Out Bob

A twist-out bob will require you to unravel your twists to create hair waves. They are generally done after letting your hair dry naturally to give it a voluminous look so that your 4C can shine.




17. Crochet Look

There are different sets of curly crochet looks that will specifically complement 4C hair! You can go on with vibrant colors and textures that will add depth to your look! 




18.  High Bun with Asymmetrical Bang

Want to do something new to your hair? Through this combination of a high bun with your curly bangs, you can achieve a short and impressive 4C hairstyle!




19. Goddess Braids 

Goddess or boho braids are a type of braid that adds curly strands alongside tighter braids, making the hair look more versatile!




20. Marley Twists

Marley twists use the “Marley” braiding hair, which has a perfect combination of beautifully soft and rough texture! These extensions make an impactful protective hairstyle too!



21. TWA

With only an inch in length, a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) only requires minimal maintenance. With this style, you'll showcase your natural curls in the most beautiful way.




22. Jumbo Braid-outs

Jumbo Braids-outs give your hair time to relax after a tight hairstyle. They look carefree and comfortable and can be carried by any hair length flawlessly!



23. Taper Cut

The taper cut will go with any hair length and project an edgy image! The tapered sides can complement your curly, wavy hair perfectly.




24. Finger Coils

Finger coils are a protective style that is sought out by many because of their easy process of twirling sections of hair and their ability to safeguard your tresses from environmental factors!




25. Two-strand Twist-out

Let your hair be natural and beautiful with this phenomenal two-strand twist-out! They can be made with your normal curls or you can use extensions as well, like Viola Davis here, has done for a more fuller look.



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