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Air Drying: 9 Things You Need To Know To Get It Right

Sucharitha V

Updated At  03 Apr 18

Want to know the 9 things to get air drying hair right? Want to know the various air drying hair benefits ? Our guide on air drying hair explains all the things in detail. Check it out to know all the details about air drying hair.

We cover the following:-

  • What is Air Drying Hair
  • 9 Things You Must Know To Get It Right
  • FAQs On Air Drying Hair


What Is Air Drying Hair ?

Air drying hair simply means letting your hair dry naturally, without using any heating or styling tools. Air drying hair benefits are numerous but it is not as simple as it sounds.  If you are thinking about air drying hair, then you need to know the right techniques.

Some of the air drying hair benefits are:

  • Your hair will grow faster
  • There will be no hair breakage, hair fall or brittle hair
  • Your hair will always be healthy and shiny

Now that you know air drying hair benefits, check out how to do it perfectly!



9 Things You Must Know To Get Air Drying Hair Right


1- Select The Product Basis Your Hair Type


1- Select The Product Basis Your Hair Type

If you have wavy or curly hair then a mousse or serum is perfect for you. For people with straight hair, go for a blow dry cream.

After washing your hair, wait for 15 minutes and then apply a serum, mousse or a blow dry cream. This will ensure that your hair is smooth and frizz free. It will also make it easy for you to style your hair later on.

If you are looking for a hair serum, Herstyler Marula Hair Serum and Remilia Keratin No Sulfate Hair Serum are good options as air drying hair products.

Bumble and Bumble Bb Blow Dry Creme can be a good choioce for a blow dry creme.


2- Use Oil If You Want To Go Natural


2- Use Oil If You Want To Go Natural

One of the most popular air drying hair tips is to use oil if you want to go natural.

If you do not want to use any products on your hair and want to naturally condition your hair at the same time, then use natural oils!

After your hair is half-dry, apply a few drops of oil on your hair and massage your hair gently for a minute. You can use argan oil or coconut oil for soft, moisturized and shiny hair.

It’s a natural and effective way to keep your hair healthy and shiny, without any damage.

For natural oils, try to select 100% pure organic hair oils as these are free from harmful chemicals.

Caster Oil By Sky Organics and Organic Moroccan Argan Oil by PURA D'OR are good choices.


3- Cleansing Conditioner Can Be A Great Option


3- Cleansing Conditioner Can Be A Great Option

If you are worried about having frizzy hair due to the process of air drying then switch to a cleansing conditioner!

Shampoos strip your hair off natural oils and cause dryness. Hence, shifting to shampoo free formulas for washing your hair can be very effective.

Co-washing which is short for “Conditional-only’ washing is gaining popularity over time as more and more users become aware of the harsh effects the chemicals in shampoo can have on the hair.

A cleansing conditioner works best as it refreshes your hair without stripping or depleting its natural oils and nutrients.

If you do not wish to switch over to a cleansing conditioner completely, its better to limit shampoo usage to once or twice a week.

Silk18 Natural Conditioner by Maple Holistics and Peter Namrongput As I Am Coconut Cowash cleansing conditioner are good choices for picking an effective conditioner.


4- Prefer Using A Wide Tooth Comb Over A Brush


4- Prefer Using A Wide Tooth Comb Over A Brush

One of the best air drying hair tips is to avoid usage of a densely bristled brush to detangle your hair when it’s wet. Using a hair brush while your hair is wet, would lead to hair breakage and hair fall because it’s fragile when it is wet.

Use a wide tooth comb instead to remove the tangles after the shower as this will be soft on your hair and it will keep them smooth and healthy.

Conair Anti-Static Detangling Comb and Ultra Smooth Detangler Comb are good options for picking an effective wide tooth comb.


5- Use The Towel Carefully


5- Use The Towel Carefully

While using a towel after the shower seems like the most obvious option for drying hair, in reality it can do more harm than good to your hair.

Your hair is soft and more fragile when it is wet and using a towel which has thick fibers leads to hair breakage and frizz.

To avoid this scenario, be gentle with your hair and just scrunch your towel twice and leave your hair to air dry.

Another option is to use a Microfiber towel as it will be gentle on your hair.


6- Stay Away From Products With Alcohol


6- Stay Away From Products With Alcohol

If you want to ensure that your hair is soft and smooth, then stay away from products with alcohol.

Products with alcohol will dry out your hair which will make it look frizzy and rough after it is dried.

So do pay attention to the ingredients list before purchasing a product. Picking the right air drying hair products is very important.


7- Use A Leave-In-Conditioner If You Have Dry Hair


7- Use A Leave-In-Conditioner If You Have Dry Hair

If you have dry and rough hair then, a leave-in-conditioner is perfect for you.

Using a leave-in-conditioner after your shower will give you manageable and soft hair. It will lock in the moisture and keep your hair frizz-free. After your shower, apply a small amount of leave in conditioner in your hair and let your hair air dry.

Arvazallia Leave in Treatment & Conditioner and Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner can be good choices for picking a leave in conditioner for dry hair.


8- Change The Partition Of Your Hair


8- Change Your Hair Partition Intermittently 

If you do not change your hair's usual parting, it would weigh down your hair while its air drying and make your hair look limp and lifeless.

So change your partition from time to time while drying your hair for voluminous and bouncy hair.


9- Do Not Touch Your Hair Till Its Completely Dry


9- Do Not Touch Your Hair Till Its Completely Dry

After applying your products, do not touch your hair or run your fingers through your hair until it is completely dry.

It can weigh down your hair or ruin its texture.


So, these were some of the things you needed to know to get a perfect air dried hair!

Use these techniques and tips for naturally beautiful and healthy hair.



Frequently Asked Questions On Air Drying Hair


Q- Air drying hair vs Blow drying, which one is better ?

While air drying hair is definitely better as compared to blow drying hair as air drying allows hair to dry naturally. If one wants to quickly dry the hair, then blow drying is recommended.

Additionally, if the blow dryer is too close to your hair, then the heat might damage your hair.


Q- Is air drying hair bad ?

Air drying hair can be bad if the hair are wet for a long time. When the hair become wet, it swells so the longer it remains wet, the harder it will be for your hair to return to its normal shape.

Hence, its crucial not to keep your hair wet for long time.





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