Best Ancient Indian Hair Care Secrets You Need To Know

Best Ancient Indian Hair Care Secrets You Need To Know

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Updated At  05 Jan 24

Are you looking for ancient indian hair growth secrets?

Indians are well known for healthy, long and thick hair. Indian hair care hence is very popular globally. There are various ancient indian hair care secrets that are deeply embedded in the indian culture. The techniques that we are focusing on here are ancient Indian methods that are rooted in Ayurveda. What is great about this traditional indian hair care is that the methods are completely natural and have no side effects. Most importantly, the ancient indian hair growth secrets are very effective. So lets begin!


We specifically cover the following:-

  • 7 Most Popular Ancient Indian Hair Growth Secrets
  • FAQs On Ancient Indian Hair Growth Secrets



7 Ancient Indian Hair Growth Secrets




1. Oiling

One of the best ancient indian hair growth secrets, oiling is crucial to getting the desired hair growth. Indian hair care focuses heavily on hair oils. 

Be olive oil, almond oil, good old castor oil or a mixture of these oils, oiling has been a part any Indian hair care routine. Regular oil massage is a must in any indian hair care routine. This age old practice still works wonderfully well and is used regularly. Pollution, heat, chemicals and sun rays damage and make the hair dry so it’s necessary to give your hair back the moisture which it deserves.

Why it works:

Oil moisturizes and deeply conditions the scalp and roots from where the rest of your hair gets the nutrition.

Oiling the hair revives its natural oil secretion, improves blood flow and stimulates the hair follicles for hair growth.

It also exfoliates the hair follicles, that may be clogged by dead skin and flakes. This traditional indian hair care method works in almost all the cases. One of the many indian hair care secrets, oiling is a assured way of providing nutrition to the hair.

One should however be careful about oiling hair too much as it might lead to other issues. Balance here is the key!




2. Shikakai

Amongst the popular ancient indian hair growth secrets, this traditional indian hair care method is also very effective.

Shikakai also termed as ‘Fruit for hair’ is a natural product made of herbs to cleanse and protect the hair. It can be used to make homemade shampoos that are chemical free.

You can also use store bought shampoos that use shikakai. Its benefits are numerous, ranging from strengthening hair, fighting dandruff, delaying grey hair, preventing lice to detangling your hair and making it shine.

Why it works:

Shikakai naturally strengthens the hair and promotes hair growth. Its antifungal properties provides nutrition to the scalp and helps to cure dandruff.

It keeps the scalp clean and healthy by maintaining the pH level and fighting infections. Its indeed one of the best options to get natural hair growth.

One of the many ancient indian hair growth secrets, Shikakai also has inherent properties to prevent greying of hair. 


homemade masks


3. Homemade masks

Traditional indian hair care recommends homemade masks to nourish hair and condition them.

Instead of spending a bomb on store bought hair marks that are full of chemicals, use ingredients from your own kitchen and feed your hair the nutrition it deserves.

Looking for Natural and organic indian hair secrets? Yes please.

Why it works:

Hair masks are great for the health of your hair and different hair mask ingredients have specific benefits.

a. Yogurt- moisturizes

b. Oil- Moisturises and provides nutrition

c. Tomato- cleanses and strengthens

d. Avocado- cleanses

e. Milk- nourishes and moisturizes


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4. Henna

Another ancient indian hair growth secret that has been a part indian hair care routine for centuries, Henna has been found out to be very effective for hair growth.

Its multifunctional as it has been used to color hair, have gorgeous mehendi and even repel insects.

A few of us might even recall the elders in the family growing the henna shrub and making a paste out of the ground leaves, strong smell of which would takeover the house.

Henna can be used with mustard oil to prevent hair fall. It can also be used with other hair oils to promote hair growth.

Why it works:-

As an ingredient for indian hair care, it makes hair stronger, shinier as well as reduces hair fall. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties also help to remove scalp problems.

It has natural properties which also orevent dandruff.




5. Braids

Which is the most frequently used hairstyle in India? The good old braids or plaits as we better know it. What not many know is that braids are proven to be healthy for hair growth.

Why it works:-

Apart from giving your hair a natural wavy texture, it also keeps your hair detangled and thus prevents breakage and promotes growth.




6. Using Eggs for providing nutrients to hair

Eggs contain all the nutrients which are required by our hair and egg white acts as a perfect substitute for all the Shampoos many of which also have chemicals.

To use eggs for providing nutrition, all you need to do is apply egg white to your hair roots and then allow them to absorb all the nutrients for 15 – 20 minutes.

Once done, wash the hair thoroughly. Frequency of using egg white can vary depending upon the hair condition and personal preference but it can be applied 1-3 times weekly.

This traditional indian hair care home remedy works perfectly to promote hair growth.

Why it works:-

Eggs deeply nourish your hair and provide them the required nutrlents. This hence promotes hair growth. Indian hair secrets also suggest using eggs to condition the hair.


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7. Balayam technique

“Bal” means Hair and “Vyayam” stands for exercise, so Balayam is an execrcise of the hair.

This technique gets a great importance in ancient Ayurveda and has been captured in many books as well. It is indeed one of the most popular techniques in traditional indian hair care.

Balayam is one simple yoga technique which helps in hair regrowth. Under Balayam, one has to just rub the fingernails whenever one has time.

Why it works:-

One of the ancient indian hair growth secrets, this works because nerve lying under the nails are connected to hair follicles so rubbing nails improves the blood circulation in the head area. This technique is very effective and have been found to reverse grey hair as well.


Having been passed down for generations, these are one of the most trusted ancient indian hair care secrets to ensure healthy hair.




FAQs On Ancient Indian Hair Growth Secrets



Q- Which are the hair growth tips which always work?

The following hair growth tips are very effective:

1) Balayam technique which involves rubbing fingernails is a proven ancient hair growth secret. This works as the technique improves blood circulation to the hair follicles.

2) One should not wash the hair more than 3-4 times every week. Too many chemicals tamper the natural hair growth.

3) A homemade DIY hair oil pack made of natural ingredients like coconut oil, curry leaves, castor oil, brahmi oil and similar ingredients is very effective. Check out home remedies for hair fall to find out the various home remedies one can try at home to stop hairfall and boost hair growth.


Q- Does coconut oil help hair grow faster?

Yes, Coconut oil is beneficial both for skin and hair. It helps to grow hair naturally as the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids provides nourishment to the hair. Also check out the 11 amazing coconut oil benefits for skin to find out more about how it can also provide you a glowing skin.


Q- Does castor oil help to make hair grow faster?

Castor oil has ingredients that strengthen and nourish your hair. Castor oil has ricinoleic acid, which promotes blood circulation and a vitamin called Biotin, which is known to promote hair growth. 

A popular choice in India, a hair oil pack of castor oil with olive oil can be very effective. Use this hair pack which involved olive oil and castor oil for hair.


Q- Does Gooseberry and lemon juice help to promote hair growth?

Yes, Gooseberry is very popular in India. When used alongwith lemon, it definitely boosts the hair growth and keep the hair healthy. Gooseberry and lemon has a high vitamin C content that stimulates collagen production and helps with hair growth.


Q- Why do Indians have thick hair?

Regular oil massage, use of DIY homemade packs and usage of natural ingredients like gooseberry, henna, shikakai are the key reasons behind Indian thick hair. Apart from this, natural yoga techniques like Balayam have been used by many to increase hair regrowth.


Q- Which are the best ancient hair growth remedies?

Some of the best ancient hair growth remedies which are found to be very effective are:

  • Regular oil massage (One can use coconut, castor or olive oil or a mix of the same)
  • DIY homemade hair masks containing a mix of yogurt, avocado, honey and hair oils
  • Balayam technique
  • Use of natural ingredients like henna, shikakai, bhringraj, brahmi to nourish hair
  • Natural shampoo made out of reetha, shikakai


Q- What is the ancient indian hair care routine?

Ancient indian hair care routine involved regular oil massage and usage of natural shampoos made out of ingredients like reetha, shikakai, bhringraj. Along with this DIY natural masks made out of yogurt, avocado, honey and milk were used regularly to nourish hair. There was minimal usage of chemicals like parabens and silicones which also protected the hair from harsh ingredients. Yoga was deeply rooted in Indian culture and practices like Balayam technique was religiously followed by many to improve blood circulation to the hair, thereby helping in hair regrowth immensely.


Q- Does rubbing nails help hair growth?

Yes, this is captured as Balayam technique as per ancient indian hair care routine. This helps in hair growth as this technique improves the blood circulation in the head area since the nails are connected to hair follicles.


Q- What is the best indian hair growth secret?

Regular oil massage using coconut oil or any other oil like almond, castor and olive oil is a proven way to increase hair growth. Oiling the hair revives its natural oil secretion, improves blood flow and stimulates the hair follicles for hair growth.


Q- Which are the top ancient hair washing techniques?

Ancient indians relied on a lot of natural products for washing hair. Natural shampoos from ingredients like reetha and shikakai were a routine for many indians. Additionally, many preferred to use shampoos made from amla, arithra and shikakai as well.  


Q- Which are the best ancient indian hair growth secrets?

Some of the best ancient indian hair growth secrets are:

  • Balayam technique
  • Oil massage
  • Homemade hair masks made from natural ingredients
  • Regular braids to keep hair detangled


Q- What is the indian diet for hair growth?

The indian diet for hair growth ideally covered the following ingredients:

  • Protein - Chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, lentils
  • Iron - Pomegrenate, green vegetables, apples, broccoli
  • Vitamin A, C, E - Spinach, Nuts, carrots, apricot, green vegetables, Fruits like oranges, strawberries, papaya, apples


Q- How to care for indian hair?

There are various indian tips for hair growth and maintaining them which are followed by many to get long and strong hair. Some of the popular tips are:

  • A regular hair oil massage is a must
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and prefer to go natural; Try natural shampoos and ayurvedic homemade hair masks
  • Avoid washing your hair more than 3 times a week
  • Keep your hair detangled 


Indian hair care techniques are deeply rooted in our tradition and we hope they work as well for you as they have for Indian women for centuries.

Do let us know in the comments below the ancient indian hair care secrets that you have used and trust the most!




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