Best Soft Locs Hairstyles

25 Best Soft Locs Hairstyles To Transform Your Look

Shrimanti Das

Updated At  20 Apr 24

Soft locs, sometimes referred to as faux locs or soft dreadlocks, are a trendy hairstyle that imitates the look of traditional dreadlocks without requiring a lengthy commitment. Soft locs don't feel rigid, as is frequently the case with other variations, because of the installation technique and hair used to create them. Scroll down to find a guide on soft locs styles and how to do soft locs. 






What Are Soft Locs?  

Soft locs are a hairstyle created using a crochet method, resulting in lightweight, natural-looking faux locs. They offer a gentler, more flexible feel compared to traditional dreadlocks.

Tynisha from locsbytik captures a very important tip to get it right -

Before you get Soft Locs install it’s very important to ask your stylist if she soak your locs also the hair wrapping hair she uses.



3 Best Tips To Maintain Your Soft Locs


1) Keep your locs moisturised

Marimba Nolan, a beauty influencer, explains that its very important to moisturize your hair after getting soft locs. She uses any moisturiser like Leave In Treatment with Keratin or Cantu Leave in conditioner which works perfectly. Do note one can use any moisturiser as per personal preferences.


2) Control Frizzy hair

For hair strands which are coming out from the strands, Marimba recommends that one should use a hair gel and or a hair spray regularly.


3) Wash Them Regularly

Yewande at suggests washing your hair regularly. Whether it's every week or every two weeks, make sure to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of dirt trapped in your locs.



25 Best Soft Locs Hairstyles Ideas



1. High Pony Soft Locs

These silky locks are stunning! The length of the braids gives off a sophisticated vibe that's perfect for an event or a girl's excursion. One of the trending black hairstyles, the high pony soct locs just look adorable. Take inspiration from these soft locs if you've never tried locs before.




2. Side Parted Soft Locs

With your long length, these lovely silky locs offer a stunning view as they fall down your back. Long, soft locs are in style right now, and everyone looks fantastic with them.




3. Stylish Soft Locs

These stylish soft locs are the result of excellence. embracing greater richness and letting go of conventional neatness. To achieve a unique, edgy, dishevelled style, locs are purposefully undone. you can also go for new crochet braids as these look stylish and are always in trend.



4. High Bun Soft Locs

This elegant and sophisticated style features a sleek bun that is refined with a few distinct soft locs, giving the classic high bun a more refined appearance.



5. Soft Locs Hairstyle

These silky locs are designed to give the appearance of natural hair. Indonesian ends on medium-sized locs to create the appearance that they are your hair.



6. Blonde Soft Locs

Similar to the stunning hue of honey! This hue produces a stunningly warm, delicate, and lively appearance. Honey blonde locs give off a radiant, sun-kissed appearance.



7. Curly Short Soft Locs

Curly short soft locs are a fun and colourful hairdo that highlights the allure of shorter-length natural curls. This hairstyle is created by combining the dynamic texture of curls with the delicacy of soft locs. Your soft locs get a new and distinctive look with this style.



8. Half Up down Soft Locs

This is a chic hairdo that embodies both youth and grace. Your facial characteristics can be highlighted by the style, which involves keeping some hair loose and most of it away from the face.



9. Orange Soft Locs

This gorgeous hair colour gives the delicate locs a tinge of ginger colour while radiating warmth and vibrancy.



10. Long Soft Locs

A sweet and endearing look made from traditional soft straight locs with curled ends. This results in a lovely, bouncy, and soft appearance.



11. High pony Swoop Locs

Are you prepared to rock a hairstyle that will give you the confidence and beauty of a queen? You only need to look at these lengthy, knotless soft locs! These soft locs are ideal for people who enjoy embracing their natural hair because they are fashionable, adaptable, and beautiful. 



12. Short Soft Locs Hairstyle

Short soft locs are a fantastic option for individuals experimenting with shorter haircuts. Perfect for people who want to look stylish without having to cut their hair short. 



13. Half Up Pony Soft Locs Hairstyle

Are you looking for a way to add some flair to your ponytail soft locs without letting down too many of them? The left loc draws attention to your facial features while the ponytail keeps most of your hair out of your face. 



14. Middle Parted Swoops

This look subtly gives you a more feminine feel. The side swoop softens the characteristics of your face and gives you a lovely, fashionable appearance.




15. Pink Soft Locs

Little girls will feel at ease sporting the soft loc hairdo. This adorable look will be complete when favourite colour hair extensions, such pink, are put to these silky locs!



16. Two Bun Soft Locs

Sporty, striking, and distinctive. Half up, half down style soft locs finished as space buns are among the most dynamic looks available.



17. Light Brown Soft Locs

You can most stylishly express your bohemian flair with boho-style locs. You will also become more striking and complex depending on the accessories you select.



18. Red Soft Locs

You have to try the ideal combination of a gorgeous soft loc style and an intriguing red tone, especially done in a ponytail!



19. Box Soft Locs

Another pretty soft locs style is box soft locs. Wear them down and team them with flowing apparel and heavy accessories for a more boho look. Why then wait? Get your hair styled today to create the ideal butterfly locs in black and blonde.



20. Layer Soft Locs

The traditional soft locs hairstyle is given dimension and movement with layered soft locs. These locs give the illusion of texture and movement by adjusting the length of the extensions. For individuals looking for a distinctive and fashionable look, the layered effect adds to the visual appeal and provides a fashionable and adaptable choice.



21. New Style

Bronze is a colour that can give your hair a noble glow. The look of fake loc without chemically treating dark hair is one of the most beautiful soft loc applications.



22. Blue Soft Locs

Blue soft locs are the way to go if you're ready to flaunt a haircut that will give you a magnificent, confident vibe. Make an appointment with a talented hairstylist who specialises in both hair colouring and this gorgeous style right now. Prepare to embrace a hairdo that will turn heads and let your inner goddess out.



23. Fire Soft Locs

Soft locs with updos are a variation of soft locs that are tied in high updos and have a more textured appearance. They provide a unique and intricate look that is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. With the added touch of orange colouring, your locs will have a beautiful blend of colours that will make heads turn wherever you go.



24. Two Long Pony

This is a beautiful soft locs hairstyle for women with long hair. Plus, you can easily change up your look by experimenting with different hair accessories, such as beads or ribbons, to add a touch of sparkle and personality to your hairstyle.



25. Knotless Soft Locs

Applying the soft loc style in the colour of your choice is one of its best benefits! In a soft loc style, the colour fuchsia looks very striking.



How To Do Soft Locs?

Materials Needed:- 

1. Hair Extensions: Synthetic hair is commonly used for soft locs. The colour and length depend on your preference.

2. Comb and Hair Clips: For sectioning and detangling your natural hair.

3. Rubber Bands: To secure the extensions to your natural hair.

4. Latch Hook or Crochet Needle: This tool is used to loop the extensions through your natural hair.

5. Gel or Wax: Styling gel or wax can help smooth your natural hair and extensions.


1. Prepare Your Natural Hair

   - Start with clean and detangled hair.

   - Section your hair into small, even parts. The size of the sections will determine the thickness of your soft locs.

2. Attach the Extensions

   - Take a small section of your natural hair.

   - Fold the hair extension in half and place it against the natural hair, leaving a loop at the top.

   - Use the latch hook to pull the loop through your natural hair.

   - Pull the ends of the extension through the loop and tighten.

3. Create the Soft Locs

   - Continue this process, working from the back to the front of your head.

   - Keep the sections even and consistent for a uniform look.

   - You can vary the length of the extensions for a layered effect.

4. Secure with Rubber Bands

   - Once an extension is attached, secure it with a rubber band at the base to prevent unravelling.

5. Style and Maintenance

   - After all the extensions are in place, you can use styling gel or wax to smooth any frizz and achieve the desired look.

   - Soft locs can be styled in various ways, and you can also accessorize them with beads or wraps.

6. Regular Maintenance

   - Soft locs require regular maintenance to keep them looking neat.

   - You may need to re-tighten or reattach extensions as your natural hair grows.



FAQs On Soft Locs


Q. On what type of hair soft locs can be done?

Both pre-made crochet hair extensions and hair wrapping for soft locs are required. Because of the realistic texture and reasonable pricing, many hairdressers favour working with synthetic water wave or afro kinky hair.

Q. How to take out soft locs?

To take out soft locs, perform the following steps-

  • Trim each soft loc's end.
  • Unwrap the hair carefully while you tug on your own hair, until your own hair is free. 
  • Compared to the other two treatments, this one could take a bit longer, but it can be used without harming your hair. 
  • You can decide to wait until your hair is completely out or to moisturise and detangle as you go.  


Q: How long does soft locs last?

It's crucial to remember that elements like hair growth and upkeep affect how long soft locs last. Your soft locs will last longer in good condition if you take proper care of them. A professional hairstylist with experience in making soft locs should be consulted if you have any questions regarding any phase in the process. A properly maintained soft locs can last for 6 weeks. But it is advisable to get them redone every 4-6 weeks.

Q: How to style soft locs?

When it comes to styling, soft locs offer adaptability. You can try different braids and updos, or wear them down for a casual, easygoing style. To give your soft locs a unique touch, you can also accessorise them with headbands, scarves, or ornamental clips.

Q: Does soft locs damage hair?

Soft locs are great protection for hair. It's a way to give your hair some rest. Regularly moisturize your soft locs and keep them clean.