Kendall Jenner Hairstyles

25 Best Kendall Jenner Hairstyles


Updated At  18 Mar 24


An American Supermodel, Kendall Jenner rose to fame with the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians. She has been always papped with her stunning and elegant looks. She is a well know celebrity and a socialite. Kendall has walked for many prominent fashion designers during the New York, Milan and Paris fashion week. She has been the favourite of all. Though it may be her make-up, hair or dressing styles, she tops the chart!

Today, we explore the 25 best Kendall Jenner hairstyles, which have been amongst the extremely popular celebrity hairstyles!


25 Best Kendall Jenner Hairstyles



Kendall Jenner


1. Cropped Blunt Bob

Kendall Jenner's cropped blunt bob hairstyle has become the best hair trend of this season. The cropped blunt bob with sleek straight hair till the chin makes it a perfect happy look for her. This hairstyle is short and cuts into a straight line at the end. The blunt bob looks flattering on a triangle face shape. 

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2. Black Hair

One of the stunning and most popular hairstyles of Kendall has been her signature black hairstyle. She matches her haircut perfectly with her makeup and accessories. 


Kendall Jenner (1)


3. Top Knot with Bangs

This hairstyle with a top knot and cutting bangs is simple and easy to go. Kendall Jenner looks amazing with this hairstyle. A top Knot bun is a simple and stylish hairstyle which is created by winding the hair in the form of a bun at top of the head. Also the textured and side bangs over the forehead is creating versatile and well-created on sleek hair.


Kendall Jenner (23)


4. Short Ponytail

Kendall Jenner always loves to create different hairstyles with short hair. She loves short hair and flaunts it extraordinarily. The ponytail look on this sleek and straight hair is the best choice for this type of hair, which makes the face more clear and neat.

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Kendall Jenner (3)


5. Middle Partying Hairstyle 

The stunning middle-parted hairstyle with flowing earrings and a short bob is creating wonders! Kendall Jenner so perfectly places and holds the hair back of the ear making the face look more clear. This sassy look is easy to create. 


Kendall Jenner (6)


6. Soft Wave Hairstyle

Kendall Jenner's soft wave hairstyle look at the Met Gala 2023 was very well coordinated with her attire and bleached eyebrows. She looked different but beautiful. Kendall had arrived for the red carpet at the Met Gala 2023 with her sisters.

Kendall Jenner (7)


7. Pixie Hairstyle

The pixie haircut is one of the trendy haircuts of the season. Kendall Jenner looks stunning with this pixie hairstyle showing volume hair at the crown and perfect ends. Kendall had taken the bold pixie look and astonished everyone with her look. We just loved it!


Kendall Jenner (8)


8. Cornrow Braids

Kendall Jenner was spotted with cornrow braids, and we must say that was a daring move! These cornrow braids are perfectly laid section wise which is braided usually flat to the scalp and flowing sleek hair below the shoulders. 


Kendall Jenner (9)


9. Wet Look Hairstyle

Can't miss the wet look hairstyle which is well-recognized by all celebrities and is a hairstyle for all occasions and seasons. Kendall Jenner flaunts the wet look with so much elegance and shine.


Kendall Jenner (10)


10. Hair Updo 

Kendall Jenner walks the red carpet with the updo hairstyle which is tied up in a circle form with a messy design structure. This hairstyle went well along her high-raised neck dress.


Kendall Jenner (11)


11. Half Bun Hairstyle 

Kendall Jenner's half bun hairstyle with loosing off the waves looks amazing. She proves that the half-bun style is a perfect cocktail party look. 

Kendall Jenner (12)


12. Curly Hairstyle

Kendall Jenner has always been seen in straight-look hairstyles or short haircuts. This curly hairstyle is a rare style she gets in, but must say  "Kendall Jenner, you look fabulous in this look." 


Kendall Jenner (13)


13. One-Sided French Braid

This plait style, or call it a one-sided French braid gives a subtle look to Kendall Jenner as she very elegantly wears this hairstyle and poses for the paps and her fans. This classic hairstyle makes her look more gorgeous!


Kendall Jenner (14)


14. Twisted Bun 

This classic and prominent twisted bun hairstyle is love. Kendall Jenner perfectly carried this twisted bun hairstyle on one of the occasions. This look is also called a retro or prom night hairstyle.


Kendall Jenner (15)


15. Glossy Waves

The supermodel and awarded as a fashion icon has always been known for making new trends in fashion. Kendall Jenner has gracefully met these glossy waves with a sleek and straight look from the crown to soft waves at the end.


Kendall Jenner (16)


16. Textured And Tousled 

Kendall Jenner makes a statement with the texture-infused bends at the end. This textured and tousled hairstyle is a shoulder short cut with a little windblown and has a beachy touch.


d1913f1ac1edd70569bdeb01ac7debc5 (1)


17. Short Layered Hairstyle

This black short layered hairstyle looks stunning on Kendall Jenner. The short bouncy layers above the shoulder length with the side swept are the perfect look for her.


Kendall Jenner (17)


18. Curtain Bangs Hairstyle

This low-key curtain bang hairstyle looks superb on Kendall Jenner. The sleek bangs in the curtained structure are made for her and her face shape. She is a fashion icon people around admire and follows for her different looks. 


Kendall Jenner (19)


19. Beach Waves Hairstyle

For a medium-length hair trend, the beach waves hairstyle is remarkable. Kendall Jenner carries the relaxed curls on a textured base. This is one of the best hairstyles of Kendall Jenner with highlights. This is a volumised hairstyle.


Kendall Jenner (20)


20. Side-Swept Wave With Decorative Flowers 

This casual side-swept wave hairstyle by Kendall Jenner is gorgeous. The waves style is creating volume in the hairstyle and is very well decorated with flowers on another side, which has played the look game!


Kendall Jenner (21)


21. Pinned Back Hairstyle

Kendall Jenner is known for her fashion and even a simple pinned-back hairstyle makes her look charming. The painted ginger-coloured hair with a small puff is meticulous.


Kendall Jenner (22)


22. Flat-Ironed Hairstyle

The fashion diva flaunts her every look very effortlessly. The flat-ironed hairstyle proves to be glossy and sleek. Kendall Jenner was seen creating this simple look for an event and looked great.


Kendall Jenner (2)


23. High-Raised Ponytail 

Kendall Jenner steps out with a high-raised ponytail hairstyle. The fashion icon keeps on creating various looks with her sleek hair. This hairstyle gives a clear facial view and enhances the facial features. A simple hairstyle for a get-set-go look!


Kendall Jenner (24)


24. Boho Braids

The two pigtails braid is nothing but a boho. The middle-parted hairstyle is simple and creates a casual look. Kindall Jenner was spotted with this hairstyle with a smiling face.


Kendall Jenner (25)


25. Long Layered Hairstyle

Kendall Jenner is looking as fabulous as ever in this casual long layered hairstyle! The layers on the long hair and the cat-eye sunglasses are a perfect match to this stunning look. Long layers are cut around the side creating a textured look. 


Kendall Jenner (26)


26. Retro Hairstyle 

This classic retro hairstyle was created for Kendall Jenner during a magazine photoshoot. She is perfectly dazzling in this overall look combining her hair, makeup and attire. She is the queen of million hearts!