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55+ Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles - 2021

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  14 Nov 21

Do you like changing your hair? Well, you are not alone. Take a look at some of the most iconic celebrity hairstyles and you would know what we mean.

Change is good. At least that’s what most of our favorite celebrities keep on telling us with their stunning hair makeovers. They change their hair so often starting from the cut to the color that it makes us want to join their hair makeover bandwagon. And if this doesn’t itch you to try out a new hairstyle, then we don’t know what will. From bangs and blunt bobs to platinum blonde and auburn, we have seen a fair share of famous iconic celebrity hairstyles over the years. We just thought it would be nice to give you a roundup of some pretty amazing celebrity haircuts and styles of this year.

Let the show begin!



55 Best Celebrity Hairstyles




1. Jennifer Garner

There have been several Jennifer Garner hairstyles over the years and we have loved them all. But what truly never fails to amaze us is the transformation the 13 Going On 30 star underwent when she grew out her bangs.





2. Heidi Klum

The Heidi Klum haircut is one of the most amazing celebrity hairstyles that showcases a stunning transformation going from bangs to no bangs. Heidi has changed her hair several times and she looks stunning in each one of those. She channels the rocker chic to the sophisticated elegance with so much ease that we cannot help but rush to the nearest salon with our new hairstyle inspiration.



3. Jennifer Lopez

She is a woman who refuses to age and has started to give us major throwbacks through her hairstyles. Jennifer Lopez is an incredibly talented singer as well as an actress who has been our constant hair inspiration. All the Jennifer Lopez hairstyles are a work of art and we are crazy for them. Are you?




4. Jennifer Aniston

 We cannot talk about celebrity hairstyles and not talk of Jennifer Aniston. She is the one who gave us the iconic Rachel cut. Of course, we are going to look up to her for inspiration. The Friends star might not have undergone any major transformations over the years but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t changed her hair since the 90s! Jennifer has chosen subtle yet highly impactful hair changes ranging from her haircut to her hair color.




5. Selena Gomez

The latest Selena Gomez haircut has us craving for a long bob. This is one of the most stunning transformations that you can see when it comes to celebrity haircuts. We loved her long tresses and now when Selena has decidedly gone short, we are nothing but heart eyes.





6. Lisa Rinna

We are a fan of Lisa Rinna hairstyles too and this woman never fails to impress. It was after years that she changed her hairstyle from her cute and short feathered layers to a very short backcombed bob. 




7. Kristin Cavallari

Here is another one of the most stunning celebrity hairstyles that says change can be good. Kristin Cavallari opted for a change as she chopped her wavy blonde locks for an asymmetrical collar bone touching bob. 




8. Zooey Deschanel

Okay, so this is one of those celebrity hairstyles that will definitely baffle you. Zooey Deschanel has been known for her long and beautiful black tresses with bangs, but what about Zooey Deschanel without bangs? Have you ever had a glimpse of that? There have been some events where Zooey has turned up without her signature bangs and it sure has baffled the onlookers because that’s how different the New Girl actress looks without them.





9. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron must have rocked all sorts of hair lengths before finally settling down to a pixie. And she even keeps on changing her pixie styles. She is a true hairstyle chameleon. 




10. Kim Kardashian

There have been several Kim Kardashian hairstyles over the years from super long to a super sleek bob and all of them super stunning. But, what has really added to the list of controversies are the Kim Kardashian braids. Sure, Kim looks amazing in braids but it also is a big part of cultural appropriation. Because Black culture is not an accessory to be flaunted at music festivals by White folks.   





11. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has given some of the most surprising yet stunning hairstyle transformations over the years. She has not shied away from experimenting and has always let hair hairstyles express her personality, individuality, and mood. The Miley Cyrus short hair has been some of the iconic hair inspirations of all time. The recent transformation was from long and wavy to a nice and groovy mullet.





12. Kristen Stewart

If the Miley Cyrus hair transformation surprised you, then this is a celebrity haircut of the same league. Kristen Stewart is a true goddess who has changed her looks several times since the Twilight saga. We are especially in love with the Kristen Stewart short hair. Who wouldn’t be?





13. Jennifer Lawrence

There are many celebrity hairstyles where you can see the switch from long to short hair lengths has made a lot of difference. You can see a similar thing with Jennifer Lawrence short hair. she looks drastically different with the Jennifer Lawrence haircut and we love it.




14. Meg Ryan

When it comes to celebrity hairstyles, there is one celeb that we have always adored and sought hair inspo from—Meg Ryan. Ever since we saw her in You’ve Got Mail, she has had our hearts. Meg Ryan hairstyles have never failed to impress. And we fell in love with her once again as Meg decided to grow out her signature bob into a medium-length layered haircut.





15. Emma Watson

Emma Watson pixie cut was a major iconic moment in the history of celebrity haircuts and for all the right reasons.





16. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has always fought for her individuality in an industry that likes to put women, especially women of color, in specific boxes. But, Alicia has managed to rise above all the noise to shine. She initiated the talk around the internet’s famous no makeup movement. And she has also given us some of the most gorgeous hairstyles including the impressive Alicia Keys braids.





17. Farrah Fawcett

Many trends from the past decades have made a comeback in the recent years. So, it was not a surprise when the Farrah Fawcett haircut became the talk of the town again. This is one of the most iconic celebrity hairstyles that was first seen in the original Charlie’s Angels. Farrah Fawcett switched to a feathery bob later on but it is really her shag hairstyle that has been etched in everyone’s memories.





18. Blake Lively

Can there be any celebrity hairstyles as stunning and magical as that of Blake Lively’s? Her mermaid-esque hairhase always left us drooling with some mermaid-esque dreams of our own. It was a nice day when we got to see her transform her signature straight blonde hair into loose curls. 




19. Julia Roberts

Of course, we haven’t forgotten her iconic red curls, but there have been many Julia Roberts hairstyles ever since. She has never been the one to stick with just one hairstyle. So, over the years we have seen the Pretty Woman have fun with brunette, auburn, and all sorts of blonde to straight, curly, and wavy hair. 




20. Marilyn Monroe

This is one of the most iconic celebrity hairstyles that has made its mark and is unforgettable. The signature blonde curls of Marilyn Monroe still get recreated to this day. But, do you know that he also had gorgeous red curls for quite some time that looked just as pretty.




21. Victoria Beckham

Here we have another one of the celebrity haircuts that has left many talking. Victoria Beckham has flaunted a nice asymmetrical bob for a significant number of years. So, it was quite a surprise when Posh Spice decided to grow her hair out. This was undoubtedly, a stunning hair transformation. 




22. Keri Russell

Like Julia Roberts, Keri Russell was also known for her gorgeous curls, but that didn’t stop her from changing her hair over the years. She went from having glossy and bouncy curls to soft waves. She also changed her hair length and was last seen with a shoulder-length cut with highlights. 




23. Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch haircuts have been iconic in their own way. From a short a fuller bob to voluminous wavy shoulder-length style, she knows what she is doing and that’s exactly what makes anyone a fan of the Raquel Welch hairstyles.




24. Britney Spears

Well, it’s Britney bitch! And she never fails to impress. She has been a style icon for many years and continues to do so. To see her transform her look from her signature straight blonde hairstyle to wispy bangs has been a delight. Does she not make you want to get bangs?




25. Scarlett Johansson

Here is another one of those celebrity hairstyles that will tell you that change can be good. We loved her with her glossy red hair and we also loved the Scarlett Johansson short hair in blonde. Be it the long bob or the pixie, Scarlett has completely changed her look several times and we are here for it!




26. Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz braids deserve an article of their own. But that’s a conversation for another day. Today, we will just talk about how drastic was her transformation from her signature braids to a pixie cut. This is one of the celebrity haircuts that would never go out of style as it is forever iconic. Don’t believe us? Then, go and watch the new Batman trailer to see for yourself just how gorgeous is this haircut. 




27. Bella Hadid

There is no single signature Bella Hadid hairstyle. There are many. She likes to go switch up her hairstyle game by constantly going from her sleek ponytail look to short bobs to sleek and straight hair to wavy lobs.




28. Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren hairstyles are proof that there is no age when it comes to experimenting with your hair. Just do what you want to do with your hair without thinking twice if it is age-appropriate. Helen Mirren has mostly flaunted short hair but she looks badass in her latest backcombed haircut.



29. Taylor Swift

Can we ever keep up with her especially in this current era of Taylor’s Versions? We cannot but we can surely try. The current Taylor Swift haircut is back to being long and straight with bangs reminiscent of her Red era and we love it. Though, we are keeping a close watch for any changes that could hint at a new re-recorded album.




30. Kaia Gerber

What is a list of celebrity hairstyles without the iconic Kaia Gerber and her iconic bob that has been the highlight of the year? Kaia sure looked gorgeous in her long locks but there is something about her short chin-length bob parted in the middle that makes her look more stunning than ever.




31. Emma Roberts

Could there be an end to the stunning hair evolution of the gorgeous Emma Roberts? We hope not! Even though Emma is a natural brunette, she has embraced blonde as her signature hair color and she surely can make it work. She has also grown out her beautiful bob into a long and wavy style. 




32. Kristen Bell

Many celebrity haircuts often end up becoming a celeb’s signature look and this is one such haircut. Kristen Bell decided to go short and she has stayed with the style ever since.




33. Sophie Turner

When it comes to major transformative celebrity hairstyles, we look towards the Queen of the North who can rock long red waves as well as a straight and sleek blonde mane with equal effortlessness. 




34. Hilary Duff

Now, this is what we call a drastic and stunning hair transformation. Hilary Duff is on a path to constantly outdo her past hairstyles and we are loving it!




35. Reese Witherspoon

There is no dearth of inspiration for changing your hair given the number of ever-changing celebrity hairstyles. Look at Reese Witherspoon’s for instance. From long and straight to long and wavy to the old Hollywood charm to the sleek blunt bob, she has done it all. And done it all so well!    




36. Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke has undergone several hairstyle changes both on the screen as well as off the screen. The most drastic transformation was when she went from having brown hair to platinum blonde.  




37. Kerry Washington

Here we have celebrity hairstyles that never fail to impress. Kerry Washington, be it in her Olivia Pope badass straight and sleek avatar or be it her rocking her natural textured hair, she looks stunning in both.




38. Mindy Kaling

Here is yet another one of the celebrity hairstyles with a drastic transformation. Mindy Kaling has opted for several hairstyle changes over the years but none has been as transforming and dramatic as Mindy Kaling’s rose gold hair at the 2019 Met Gala. That was a truly iconic moment. 




39. Celine Dion

 Here we have one of the classic celebrity haircuts that will surely inspire you to go short. If you have just been thinking about going short, then consider this a sign approved by none other than Celine Dion herself. 




40. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s long and blonde wavy hair are nothing short of iconic celebrity hairstyles. So, it was noteworthy when the How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days actress decided to go short. We absolutely love the Kate Hudson short hair. Don’t you?




41. Katy Perry

She has flaunted several hairstyles over the years but there is one and only one Katy Perry hairstyle and this year she has finally switched back to her old hairstyle. This revival has made her fans reminiscence about the late ‘00s era from the I Kissed A Girl singer’s career.




42. Melissa McCarthy

Amongst the many celebrity haircuts, we found this one to be cute and modern. Melissa McCarthy looks stunning with this chic mid-length wavy hairstyle. 




43. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is no stranger to lists on popular celebrity hairstyles. She has had her fair share of hair transformations over the years. The Desperado actress has done it all from long and wavy to short and sleek. She has changed her up hair consistently has looked gorgeous doing so. 




44. Nicole Kidman

 Nicole Kidman has always given us major hair goals. So, it was really something to see her hair transformation for The Undoing where the actress flaunted voluminous red curls. She has undergone yet another major hair transformation and gone super short for the first time ever with a gorgeous pixie.  




45. Marion Cotillard

Here we are with another one of those celebrity hairstyles that we just cannot get enough of. Marion Cotillard knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to her hairstyles. She has sported many different styles over the years but the most dramatic transformation was from elegant brunette to rocker-chic blonde.   




46. Rihanna

None of the celebrity hairstyles have been as fabulous as this one. Rihanna is yet another celebrity who loves to change her hair and every time she changes her hair she creates a trend. From her iconic red hair to blunt bobs and from sleek straight hair to braids, she truly knows how to rock each style.     




47. Beyonce

A few celebrity haircuts can make you wonder if it is their real hair or just a wig. That has been the case with Beyonce. Even though the Halo singer makes use of wigs on many occasions, her natural hair is equally stunning. She too has tried several styles over the years from short bobs to knee-length braids.  




48. Zendaya

Face it, tiger, there is magic in everything that Zendaya does. And she has done a lot in terms of the hair department. She has chosen several styles and colors over the years. But, what we have loved the most are the Zendaya braids in all their forms and styles. And then we fell in love with her red mane as she transformed fully into Mary Jane. 




49. Kate Middleton

Of course, we have the Kate Middleton haircut on our list of the most popular celebrity haircuts. The Duchess went from her signature mid-length brown waves to a shorter hairstyle that also was lighter in color. Now, this has been one stunning change.




50. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner hairstyles have not been drastically different but there certainly have been changes. She went from flaunting layers to a same length style and looks more mature, elegant, and stunning.




51. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner hairstyles are yet another one of those celebrity hairstyles that keep everyone interested and inspired. From changing her real hair to having fun with colorful wigs, Kylie has done it all. But, she really loves ‘em long tresses and ends up going back to that length with a dramatic change, of course.




52. Sandra Bullock

Another one on our list of stunning celebrity hairstyles are the Sandra Bullock hairstyles. The Blind Side actress is always ready to surprise her fans with her choice of hairstyles. She can go for something dramatic or she can simply stick to her signature reddish-brown hair.




53. Dakota Johnson

The Dakota Johnson haircut is one of our favorite celebrity haircuts. This is one woman who clearly knows how to work with bangs. She looks effortlessly hic with whatever hairstyle she chooses. From her signature Fifty Shades hairstyle to a shoulder-length bob with parted outgrown bangs, she makes everything look so good!




54. Gwen Stefani

Red lipstick and blonde hair have been the signature look for Gwen Stefani but it is the iconic Gwen Stefani ponytail that is a show stealer every time the Hollaback Girl singer decides to switch things up.




55. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba hairstyles are a big part of the iconic celebrity hairstyles. The Honey actress has changed her hair often and gone from brunette to blonde to auburn and from a short bob to long waves.




56. Martha Stewart

This is one of the celebrity haircuts that would make you do a double-take. Here we have Martha Stewart who shows just how much of a difference a simple yet effective change in one’s hair can bring in their whole look. This Martha Stewart haircut is short, sleek, and sophisticated. And you can just how amazingly different she looks and feels!



57. Kate Gosselin

The Kate Gosselin haircut was short with a heavy chunk of side wept bangs and highlights. This became the signature hairstyle of busy mothers. Yes, that was the power of this haircut. But, over the years, Kate outgrew this cut and let her hair grow out in a beautiful mid-length wavy style.