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25 Best Haircuts For Men With Receding Hairline - 2022

David J

Updated At  12 Sep 22


Worried about the falling hair and looking for a haircut which can add volume to your hair or hide the receding hairline, then we have you covered.

We've put together a dependable guide on how to style men's hair with receding hairline. These are the best haircuts for front receding hairline or thinning hair and these work on all occasions.

25 Best Haircuts For Men With Receding Hairline


buzz-cut-receding-hairline (1)


1. Buzz Cut For Receding Hairline

One of the best haircuts for men with receding hairline is a buzz cut. A buzz cut is one of the most straightforward haircuts for a receding hairline to maintain and style after a clean shave. A military-inspired haircut is an excellent option for people with thinning or patchy hair as well because no one will be able to identify where you're losing your hair because the strands are cut so short that you can hardly see them. Buzz cut is also one of the best mens hairstyle for round face and helps to transform the look completely.




2. Textured Layering

Another haircut for men with receding hairline is textured layering. If your receding hairline is surrounded by rough textures, bright layering, and perhaps even some colour contrast, no one will notice. You'll need to find the right hair product, so make sure to utilise it. The final appearance is like a cross between a business leader and a frat boy. Yes, it's a kind of deceptive disguise.




3. Crew Cut Receding Hairline Haircut With Beard

The term "widow peak" describes a V-shaped hairline that forms a point in the middle of the forehead. Depending on your choice of hairdo, you can achieve either goal: some guys want to flaunt it, while others try to hide it. The crew cut gives you the best of both worlds because it allows you to flaunt it more subtly. The hair is kept the longest near the hairline and has some height at the crown. Because of the way the crew cut is designed, the front of the head becomes the focal point, making the widow's peak apparent but less so because it blends in with the rest of the cut.

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4. A Short Caesar Cut

Another popular haircut for men with receding hairline is a short caesar cut. The hair is left finger length on top and clipper-short on the sides and back for this look. The hair is combed forward with the fingers after being groomed with a light pomade or gel. A thinning top and a receding hairline will be covered up by this.




5. Slicked Back Haircut

The best haircut for receding hairline and thinning hair is slicked back. Haircuts with a receding hairline can be successfully avoided by using a slicked-back look. By smoothing all of the hair back into the centre, slicked-back styles draw attention away from thinning temples and sides and make your hair appear fuller overall.




6. Faux Hawk For Receding Hairline

One of the all time favorite haircuts for men is the fohawk and it works perfectly well for receding hairline as well. Faux hawks, an approachable alternative to the mohawk, find a balance between modern standards and unrelenting personal expression. Due to the fact that they direct all of your hair toward the centre of your head, they also work rather well at concealing a thinning hairline. Remember to go short around the sides as well.




7. Comb Over

The best hairstyle for receding hairline male is a comb-over. The comb-over is a style that adds volume and fullness, but it is styled to the side rather than brushed back. The look can be modified to accommodate different hair lengths and textures, and it can be given a contemporary update with a fade or line-up, which will offer contrast and structure. In addition, it will give the top of the head's hair the appearance of being fuller. It will flatten the hairline and produce a much more subdued appearance while still highlighting your widow's peak.

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8. Mohawk

The best way how to style men's hair with receding hairline is by Considering a mohawk if your hair is thickest in the centre and working with that feature. And don't worry, we're not referring to anything extreme when we say "mohawk."

Jude Law's subtle long on top, short on the sides style is incredibly simple to wear and doesn't appear as though you're trying to hide your hairline. This is one of the trending low fade haircut worth giving a try.




9. High Fade Haircut For Receding Hairline

An expert combination is longer top hair that faces upwards and sides that gradually fade, especially for guys with receding hairlines. You go high when your hairline becomes thin! It is best haircut for receding hairline and thinning hair.




10. Slick Back

Look no further than the slick back if you're looking for a style that will offer you a polished and sophisticated appearance and is perfect for professional settings. As the name suggests, hair is slicked back and held in place with the use of a styling product like gel or pomade. It frequently looks damp. It can enhance your hairline and is great for guys of all ages. If you want to highlight your widow's peak but in a way that isn't too ostentatious, this is a great alternative.


Widow’s Peak Quiff-receding-hairline


11. Widow’s Peak Quiff

The best haircut for front receding hairline is widow’s peak quiff. There are many examples of receding hairline haircuts that feature this typical "M" shape, which happens when the hair at the temples starts to recede, leaving a section remaining in the centre. Quiff Widow's peaks, which is that V-shaped section of hair some people have in their hairlines are very common.

Quiffs are perfect since they give the appearance that it is deliberate, something that can be exacerbated in people with receding hairlines. Just check out Justin Theroux to see how well he does it.




12. Regulation Cut

This hairstyle, which also takes its cues from the military, boasts additional length. A more accurate representation of a longer-haired military cut is the regulation cut. The standard uses longer, scissor-cut sides and a defined portion to give a classic look. This style uses the hairline as a feature of the hair's part, much as other comb-over variations. Another excellent haircut for men with receding hairlines is this one.




13. Ivy League

Since it was founded by Ivy League institutions, the league is known as the Ivy League. It has a clean shape that contributes to a polished appearance that is ideal for everyday wear. The style is straightforward, with the top of the hair having a little more length and clipped close to the head on the back and sides. The crest of the wave has loudness.

It is a low-maintenance choice that takes little effort to style and is desirable due to its adaptability. The Ivy League will flatter your widow's peak and can be worn with hair of any texture. It will also soften your hairline even though it will still be noticeable.




14. French Crop Haircut For Receding Temples

Another haircut for men with receding hairline is a french crop. The French crop is a chic and current alternative if you still want to have the freedom to wear your hair in various ways. It is simple to style and has many different looks thanks to the short hair on the back and sides and the roughed-up fringe.




15. Pompadour Haircut For Receding Hairline

If your hair is thick enough, a traditional pompadour is a great method to take control of your thinning hairline. Additionally, it will aid in hiding your bald spot. If you add a good fade or undercut, you'll look like something from a youth publication.




16. Brushed Back Haircut 

Hair that has been brushed back looks sleek and polished, which is appealing. The style, which can be particularly attractive for people with a widow's peak, is created by combing the hair backwards and toward the scalp. The forehead will be more noticeable with this haircut because it will highlight rather than hide it. All hair textures can be styled with brushed-back hair, and you can experiment with different lengths; however, keeping the hair shorter will give you a more polished appearance.




17. Quiff Haircut

The best hairstyle for receding hairline male is the quiff. Take your typical pompadour and add some flat-top movement, and you have a chic quiff. It makes for a more subdued choice and one that complements a receding hairline just as well. Don't forget to wear an undercut or fade with it.




18. Messy Fringe

Messy hair gives your appearance a purposeful air of disarray and is great for adding texture. Its lack of structure makes it ideal for achieving a more laid-back appearance. It will go well with many different hairstyles and fashions, including a fringe. An unkempt fringe will hide your widow's peak, add volume up front, and give the impression that your hair is larger. Additionally, it will produce an air of effortless cool.




19. Angled Fringe For Thin Hair

Another haircut for men with receding hairline is angled fringe. While you still have time, fill in that hairline, and then cut your bangs into an angled fringe. This haircut looks best when worn with thin hair and a dirty or untidy aesthetic in general.


Short Disheveled Hair-for-receding-hairline



20. Short Disheveled Hair

It is attractive because it conveys a carefree and sloppy vibe. This is perfect for someone who wants their hair to have texture and seem sexy—like they just got out of bed. Short hair is simpler to manage, but different textures and lengths of hair can be made to look dishevelled. Additionally, it is much simpler to achieve an unruly look on hair that already has waves, but with the right grooming products, you can achieve an unruly look on any type of hair.




21. Receding Hairline Haircut With Beard

You're now in the close-cut territory if you soar past the crew cut or Ivy League cut. It goes longer on top and plays off the natural texture of your short to medium-length hair. This hairstyle is best used in the early stages of a receding hairline.




22. Hard Part

Finding a men's haircut that looks stylish and professional is difficult. Any haircut gives a more structured look and a more conventionally macho feel. It can go with a range of hair kinds and styles, such as the pompadour or slick back, depending on your preferences. It has a sideline that was cut with a razor or trimmer. The hard portion won't conceal your widow's peak, but the hairstyle you select to go with it might. It might also be a wonderful way to celebrate and display it.




23. Side Brushed Stranded Hair

Another hairstyle that emphasises the receding hairline rather than concealing it, but to good effect, is this one.




24. Butch Cut

A traditional short hairstyle for guys is the butch cut. It is straightforward and manly, making it ideal for those who value simplicity and short preparation times. The sides and back are the same lengths, and the cut is short, measuring about a quarter inch all the way around the head. The cut can be customised to your taste and given a contemporary edge, but it also works well to hide a widow's peak. Keeping your hair short makes the widow's peak less obvious because it integrates better into the cut, but the style does not hide the forehead.




25. Shag Haircut

The shag haircut, a style from the 1970s, gives hair structure and volume. Multiple choppy layers are used in the cutting process, giving the appearance of bigger hair and relieving heavier hair. Additionally, it has a fringe, which will hide your widow's peak. The shag is appealing because it can be worn on a variety of hair textures and is adaptable. Additionally, it is chaotic and expressive, allowing you to enjoy your styling without worrying about accuracy. If you want to put highlights all over your hair to give it even more depth and texture, do so.



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