Medium Length Haircuts

25 Stunning Medium Length Haircuts For Women – 2024

Natasha Rajesh Dhamale

Updated At  21 Jan 24


A medium length haircut which isn’t too long or too short has always been the go-to for women. The kind of flare, variety, distinctiveness and freedom that medium hair length comes up with is surely with no bounds. The medium length haircuts have been popular since long and will never deter their demand in the times ahead. From choppy layers, lob haircut to V cut hairstyle, we have covered all. Lets begin.    


25 Best Medium Length Haircuts For Women


lower layerts


1. Lower layers For Medium Hair

This particular hairstyle is sweet and simple, the go to hairstyle for most of the ladies who want to opt for something which is casual yet has a flare to it. The lower layers which are minimum yet add a beautiful drop to the entire haircut.

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disconnected lob


2. Disconnected Lob

The disconnected lob is not a very go to haircut, but sure has the will to stand out. It is a great way to enhance your hair as it comes with the layers which are haywire and seem to give the disconnected effect and lets you go for something which is bold and daring.

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v cut layers


3. V Cut Layers For Medium Hair

The v cut on medium length hair is another amazing hairstyle which has the potential to look great on all types and textures of hair. The drifting layers which commemorate to visualize a v type of a pattern look appealing.


messy wavy lob


4. Messy Wavy Lob

The messy wavy lob is a bob haircut which is longer than the usual bobs. It is not intricately styled and has an overall messy and wavy look to it which combines to give out a truly amazing hairstyle, which does not look like you have put too much efforts into yet is absolutely stunning.

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5. Feathered Haircut For Medium Length Hair

The feathered haircut with chopped of ends and a messy overall venture to it looks really great on medium length hair.


wavy bangs


6. Bangs For Medium Hair

The medium wavy haircut with bangs is girl next door kind of a look and makes its way to look cute and adorable. Can add an edge to it with messy layers and unordered ones.


flipped ends


7. Shoulder Cut With Flipped Ends

The casual flipped ends on a haircut which ends just below your shoulders makes for a wonderful and cute hairstyle. The flipped ends give a bounce to the entire haircut and also help to create some volume.


Staright sleek lob


8. Straight Sleek Lob

Straight lob gives the entirely classic and sleek outlook. The length of the hair is a little longer to that of the usual bob. This particular hairstyle is carried by many celebrities like Alexa Damie in the picture, Kim Kardashian and more.

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voluminous lob


9. Voluminous Lob For Medium Hair

The voluminous lob is a medium length haircut were a lot of volume is added to the haircut by styling and adding layers to it.




10. Chandelier Layers On Medium Length

In this hairstyle, there is a particular bouncy effect given to the hair falling freely towards the front.


retro lob


11. Retro Lob

In the picture, Natalie Dyer carries of the retro lob with a lot of composure and sensuality. The retro lob is always a great choice of hair cut to abide by.


blunt layers


12. Medium Length Hair With Blunt Layers

Blunt layers on medium length hair are a way for one of the most casual and effortless hairstyles which will make you look absolutely stunning.


soft shag bangs


13. Minimalistic Bangs For Medium Hair

Without opting for a complete shag, go for a minimal soft shag which creates a look that kills. Add the element of bangs to it and you transition into a complete makeover hairstyle.


angled lob


14. Angled lob

A straight log which is a bit angled to give it a distinct look is a classic medium length hairstyle. It seems chic yet adorable.




15. Bedhead waves

The bed head look on medium length hair or on a lob is one the easiest look to carry and does not take much effort.


tousled lob


16. Tousled Lob For Medium Hair

The tousled lob is bob which is a long with layers and hairstyling done which has a messy and unkempt look to it.


face framing


17. Medium Length Hairstyle With Face Framing Layers

Jennifer Aniston has been showing us how to perfectly carry the face framing layers look on medium hair length since years now. This look is one of the evergreens looks and seems stunning every single time.


choppy layers curtain bangs


18. Choppy Layers With Curtain Bangs

Choppy and unruly layers with the side bags or curtain banks elements to it make up one of the most stylish yet daring looks. The hairstyle is truly gorgeous and comes together perfectly well. Curtain bangs for medium hair are extremely popular and give you the required hair makeover.


graduated lob


19. Graduated Lob For Medium Hair

The graduated lob for medium hair has shorter hair at the back which gradually get longer as you descend ahead. The hair in the front is much longer to the hair at the back and gives a distinct element yet can also make for a formal look.




20. Layered Hairstyle For Medium Hair

The dimensional layers on medium hair length basically as the layers or cuts on the hair which adds the touch of symmetry or perfection to it. These layers are perfectly clubbed in to enhance the haircut.


shaved side


21. Medium Hair Length With A Shaved Side

The bravest thing that a girl could go for is the shaved head look from one side. This has a very Goth feel to it but nevertheless needs a lot of daring to pull it off.


u cut


22. Shoulder Length U Shape Hair Cut

The shoulder length U shape hair cut for medium hair is amongst the most straight forward hairstyles. A concave curve at the bottom of the hair is not much of a change but yet looks amazing on most of the hair types.


see through bangs


23. Medium Length Hair With Bangs

Medium length hair with completely see-through bangs on the forehead make for one of the most popular looks trending in the business at the moment.


middle parting


24. Middle Parted Haircut

Medium length haircut which is straight and sleek or messy and wavy, add a middle partition to it and it changes the game of most of the hairstyles.


swoopy layers


25. Layers For Shoulder Length Hair

Swoopy and filling layers, numerous in count to beautiful free-falling hair make for one of the most beautiful medium length hairstyles.

Go ahead and get yourself a hairstyle from one of the above listed ones, make sure that you carry on your personality but indulge in making your personality show through the type of hair that you opt for.