Soft Locs Vs Faux Locs Vs Butterfly Locs

Soft Locs Vs Faux Locs Vs Butterfly Locs: Main Differences

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  12 Dec 23

Locs are diverse types of Hairstyle that are usually curled and strong. Hair can change our whole look and even personality by giving us confidence in the right direction and that's why there are a lot of things to consider before getting the type of locs for your hair. Read on below to get to know the difference between soft locs vs faux locs vs butterfly locs! When you know what type of hair will suit your face cut, hair texture, and style, then only you can make an assured decision!





What are Soft Locs?

Soft Locs are a new type of Locs hairstyle where your hair is not as tightly looped. They are a perfect combination of tight and flowy soft hair roots that give a more natural look! As their name suggests, Soft Locs are softer than other Faux Locs. There are questions on how to take out soft locs since they are a little different than other locs. as they rather lose than others. They get compared to Faux Locs a lot but they have more similarity to Beach and Mermaid Locs.

Ensure you make the right choice by exploring the current trends in soft locs hairstyles. Stay ahead of the fashion curve and embrace a look that suits your style and personality.



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What are Faux Locs?

Faux Locs are the type of locs that cover your natural whole hair. They are of different style and texture and you can wear and put them off whenever you want! If you do not feel committed to a particular hairstyle for a long time, then go with Faux Locs as they are rather temporary. You can have different styles that do not damage your hair.



What are Butterfly Locs?

Butterfly Locs are a beautiful way to do locs in your hair that has become popular in recent years. The Butterfly Locs style has lots of curly loops in the locs that other Locs don't have. They can be done either with your natural hair with lots of hair and care or you can get crochet hair inserts for an easier way as well. Butterfly Locs compared to Soft Locs a lot but the hairstyle has its distinctive features that make it a special style to go for!

Looking for more? Do check out our guide on butterfly locs hairstyles as we cover 55 most popular ones which are trending this year.



Soft Locs Vs Faux Locs

There is a very big difference between Soft Locs and Faux Locs as Soft Locs is a category that comes under Faux Locs. Faux Locs can be in many categories that can be very dramatic. Soft Locs are, in comparison to Faux Locs, quite easier and lighter to style and manage.



Soft Locs Vs Butterfly Locs

The difference between soft locs vs butterfly locs is that soft locs are rather loose and butterfly locs are tighter around the head. Soft Locs are also easier to manage because they are lighter. Butterfly Locs cannot be styled in different ways like Soft Locs. 



Soft Locs Vs Distressed Locs

Both Soft Locs and Distressed Locs look natural when done. Though, Soft Locs are light and shiny. Distressed Locs in comparison are more into texture that make them look more natural than types of Soft locs. Distressed Locs have a shorter time span though as they go around for 4 weeks and Soft Locs can go for more than 6 weeks.



Soft Locs Vs Goddess Locs

Soft Locs appear softer and lighter when applied. Goddess Locs are very curly Locs style that provide a glossy finish to the hair. The main difference between the two types of faux locs is that Goddess Locs are made up of shinier synthetic hair. Soft Locs can be of real or synthetic hair.



Soft Locs Vs Boho Locs

Soft Locs have a more softer feel and provide shine while Boho Locs have more of a distressed look. A Boho look is a mix of different textures that give a whole different aesthetic! But, Boho Locs can go on for 4 weeks while Soft Locs can go for 6+ weeks.



Soft Locs Vs Invisible Locs

Soft Locs is a softer and shinier loc style while Invisible Locs are actually not Locs at all! They only give the illusion of locs but they are a type of twist hairstyle! The similarity between Soft Locs and Invisible Locs is that they both have the same time span of going for 4 to 6 weeks!



Soft Locs Vs Box Braids

Soft Locs are pre-made loc extensions that give your hair a shiny and soft appearance when applied. Box Braids are a totally different hairstyle that requires no-space left braids. While Soft Locs are loose and shiny, Box Braids are a type of braids that provide a solid braid.



Soft Locs Vs Hard Locs

While Soft Locs are soft and smoother as their name suggests, Hard Locs are solid and rather rigid in comparison. Soft Locs give a more free appearance while Hard Locs look stiff. Shelby Swain, an expert stylist advises:-

“Keep your locs moisturized and your scalp clean and properly balanced so your locs will really shine." 



Soft Locs Vs Braids

Soft Locs are a type of faux locs style that can be with natural or synthetic hair. Braids can be made with faux or real hair and is a different hairstyle that requires three strands to make one singular parting. While Soft Locs always look soft and loose, Braids can either be textured or soft and are more healthy for your hair. Ellen Marmur, a dermatologist says:-

“Braids are protective because they shield the dry ends of the natural hair within the braid." 


Copy of Fabbon

Knotless Soft Locs Vs Soft Locs

The difference between regular Soft Locs and Knotless Soft Locs is their appearance and procedure. Knotless Soft Locs require the installation of faux loc pieces after braiding from the roots that can be done with passion twists while Soft Locs are made by wrapping your hair in crochet locs.

If you have long hair, Senegalese twist or a fulani braid is also a very good option.



Soft Locs Vs Dreadlocks

Soft Locs appear more soft and detached while dreadlocks are more rough and tighter. Soft Locs temporary hairstyle while Dreadlocks can be of original hair but that takes time so people of today can do braiding, backcombing, and twisting for instant dreadlocks.  



Soft Locs Vs Faux Locs Vs Butterfly Locs Comparison


Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs are very costly since they require regular maintenance. Faux Locs price depends upon the type of temporary locs you are going for! They can be either cheap or expensive as parameters like human hair or synthetic hair, length, company, and other features have different rates. 


Soft Locs are generally longer by about 30-36 inches while Butterfly Locs because of their tight curls are around 22-28 inches. On the contrary, the length of Faux Locs totally depends from person to person. They can start from 14 inches and go upto 36 inches or even longer as the person desires.


Time varies on how to take out soft locs but usually, they stay for 4 to 6 weeks. Faux locs, on the other hand, have a longer time range as they can go for 12 weeks! Butterfly Locs have a shorter life span than all three as generally, they go for only 4 weeks.



The lightest option from the three locs hairstyle is the Soft Locs since they are not as tightly looped. Faux Locs can also be light as to your preference but most of the sets are a little heavy. Lastly, Butterfly Locs are considered to be heavy since they add weight because of their heavy curls.



Faux Locs win in the hair care department as they are temporary and not made out of your real hair! They don't require much hair! Soft Locs are quite different and rather require a lot of hair care products to maintain their soft appearance and texture. Butterfly Locs also require a lot of care like sleeping with a headscarf, usage of hair creams and products, and more.