7 Must Have Makeup Products For Oily Skin

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  09 Dec 22

Does your face start to feel greasy every now and then and you got to rush to the washroom with your cleanser? Yes, Oily skin is a ‘ difficult to handle’ skin type indeed!

The facial parts like the forehead , chin and nose , known as the T-zone starts to get oily due to large skin pores that generate large amount of sebum . It gets really struggling when it comes to managing a good routine for skin care , especially when the skin is highly sensitive to acne . Oily skin breaks out as the dead skin cells and bacteria get trapped in sebum and clog the skin pores. This also makes one really careful while picking makeup!

A cakey makeup can easily clog the pores , making it acne prone. Then what are the appropriate products for oily skin! ?? Sounds too chaotic?

Not at all! We bring to you the 7 must have makeup products for oily skin.

Let us begin!




1. Primer

Once you are done with a proper cleansing of your face, it is time to slather up some soothing primer specially made for oily skin. The primer for oily skin type helps to prevent the sebum production, helping the makeup last longer and stay matte!


matte foundation


2. Matte Foundation

As oily skin is already blessed with plenty of hydration so opt for a foundation that has a matte finish.


The matte finish formulation helps to neutralize the oil production with some dryness, giving a subtle dewy look!


matte finish concealer


3. Matte Finish Concealers

Concealers are creations meant to hide the tired eyes and blemishes, but they often ‘slip off’ over the oily skin! Having trouble to hold concealers calls for matte finishing concealers formulated especially for oily and sensitive skin! These tend to do their jobs and stay longer at the same time!


waterproof eyeliner


4. Waterproof Eyeliner And Mascara

If you tend to have oily eyelids, it is time to switch to makeup meant to dry these off!


Waterproof eyeliners, kajals and eyeshadows have the ability to stay on longer on oily skin!


The creamy textured eye makeup will glide off easily ! Hence, Opt for a waterproof eyeliner and mascara and a matte eyeshadow!


pressed powder


5. Pressed Powder

You know when the ladies hit the powder room!


The T-zone of the face tends to lose the freshness first!


A gentle dab with a soft and fluffy sponge over the oily area can help to soak excess grease and return back the glow again!

Also, if the face tends to get too oily, prefer to dab it first with a blotting paper to soak excess and then powder it. If not, the powder will end up getting sedimented on the face like patches!


mineral blush


6. Mineral Blush

The formulation of mineral blush is always natural and healthier for the skin!

As the oily skin is more sensitive, the mineral blush tends to give a gorgeous blush without the risk of clogging the pores! What a blessing!


makeup setting spray


7. Makeup Setting Spray

To keep the makeup stay all day long, get a makeup setting spray!


The formulation of the same helps to close the pores, making the skin to hold the makeup longer unlike the large pores and oil glands that rub off the makeup!


Spritz some 2-3 pumps of makeup setting spray on your face post-makeup and let the worries be gone!


Fill in your cart with the right makeup products for your skin type! Oily skin has its own magic of being self-hydrated and shiny ! All you need to do is neutralize the excess with a magical touch of makeup!


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