6 Waxing Tricks You Need To Know!

Akansha Jha

Updated At  13 Sep 22

Body hair. It is there, everywhere. Sorry ladies, it is not something you have a say in. But what you do have a say in is whether you want to leave it there, or get rid of it. And if you choose the latter, then you are in for a lot of efforts (and pain too mostly).

We usually have the option of going for either waxing or shaving to get rid of the hair, but Is it better to shave or Wax?

Well, we feel that waxing is great as there are varous benefits of waxing over shaving.

It leaves your skin smoother for a longer period of time in comparison to shaving but the pain is ridiculously high.

We understand the pain hence we bring to you 7 tips and tricks to ease it out.


1. Waxing Vs Shaving, Choose your side

We always face the perennial question of Waxing Vs Shaving legs.

Unfortunately we need to choose between waxing and shaving as both work differently. However, once you have decided to go ahead with waxing, you need to stay committed to it.

Switching to shaving will result in thicker and denser growth of hair, which will make waxing a lot more painful the next time you come back to it. So choose your side wisely, and stick to your decision.


2. Half an inch rule

Hair shorter than half an inch is too short to be pulled straight from the root. So getting them waxed is just next to pointless.

Anything longer than half an inch? You will be pulling out the hair without removing the root and will be only increasing your pain.

Never be hesitant to ask for a trim to the perfect length.


3. Exfoliate beforehand

Exfoliating your skin where you will be getting waxing done beforehand will get rid of the first layer of dead skin cells which are trapped within your hair.

This will allow the hair to come to the surface and they will be pulled out with the roots in the first go itself, making it a lot less painful.


4. Refrain during that time of the month

During your premenstrual phase and at the time of your monthly menstruation cycle, your skin becomes super sensitive, due to the release of different chemical hormones in your body.

Your ability to bear pain reduces to one fourth level and warm wax can harm your skin. So avoid getting waxed during these days.


5. Yoga before Brazilian

Sounds vague and unrelated? Well it is very much related. Being flexible goes a long way while getting a Brazilian wax.

You can move around as per as your comfort and the tighter your skin remains, during the strip off the less pain you will feel. So it’s a win win overall.


6. Be careful for 24 hours

24 hours post waxing, treat your body like your child. Keep away from scented lotions and direct exposure to sunrays, or tanning beds.

Freshly waxed skin is very likely to be burned by the above mentioned, so just be more careful.


You can have a sigh of relief now. Waxing no more is as dreadful as you thought it might be. Follow these simple tricks and you will always be on the better side of the coin.


Frequently Asked Questions On Waxing


Q -  Can waxing remove hair permanently?

Waxing does not remove hair permanently. It just removes hair further down the shaft so the hair take more time to grow back.

Waxing hence can last for multiple weeks.


Q - What are the key benefits of waxing instead of shaving?

Waxing has various benefits like it removes the hair from further down the shaft so it gives you a more long lasting result.

It can be done on all body parts and leaves your skin smoother.


Q - Does hair grow back thicker after shaving?

Shaving does not change the thickness of hair. It only gives the hair a blunt tip.



Q - How can I reduce the pain of waxing?

Waxing inherently is a painful process but you using the following tips will certainly be helpful to reduce the pain.

  • Drink more water before you go for waxing as it will moisturize your skin which will male it easier to take out hair.
  • You can try a numbing cream, but consult your doctor before using the same.


Q - Can waxing lighten underarms?

One of the main reasons of dark underarams is usage of different creams to get rid of hair from underarms. Waxing would be helpful here as it wont darken your underarms while removing hair.

Waxing would definitely be more painful but atleast it is more likely to give you fairer underarms.





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