Ancient Arabian Beauty Secrets And Middle East Beauty Tips

15 Ancient Arabian Beauty, Skincare And Hair Secrets

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Updated At  10 Jan 24

Are you looking for ancient Arabian beauty secrets and middle east beauty tips?

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder but Arabian women have taken up the beauty standards up a notch since ancient times. They have always been known for their mesmerizing beauty and Arab beauty tips were mainly responsible for it .

From their eyes and hair to their gorgeous skin, their beauty has always attracted attention. We will unveil some of the best kept ancient Arabian beauty secrets. The middle east beauty tips are easy and very effective. We have specifically covered ancient arabian beauty secrets alongwith arab skin care hacks. The arabian beauty tips are all very effective and it has been already proven.

We cover the following:-

  • 15 Ancient Arabian Beauty Secrets
  • FAQs On Arab Beauty Secrets



15 Best Ancient Arabian Beauty Secrets





1. Hammams For Steam Bath

Also known as Turkish baths, hammams first originated in the Arab region. They are the Middle Eastern version of sauna and steam baths. A hammam is a public bath believed to form a major part of the Islamic beauty secrets. Hammams were used by rich and poor alike with the only difference being that rich were given private spaces while the poor bathed in public.

Hammams as part of the ancient beauty secrets were important as they provided the ancient Arabians with an opportunity for reflection.



Kohl – The Crucial Element For Eyes


3. Kohl – The Crucial Element For Eyes

One of the top arabian beauty tips, Kohl formed an important part of the ancient Arabian beauty secrets. Both men and women used to wear kohl. It was used for protecting eyes from any kind of infection or ailment. It was also believed that the darkened area around the eyes would protect them from the harsh and harmful rays of the sun.

One of the best Islamic beauty secrets, Kohl was also applied on the face by women to show their marital status. Though their Egyptian counterparts used lead, but the ancient Arabian people also used resin from trees to make kohl.


4. Henna For Hair Color

Ancient Arabian beauty secrets consisted of the use of henna. Henna departs a strong color on application and also has cooling effects on the body.

Henna was used by the ancient Arabians to color their hair and finger nails in shades of red and orange.

It was also used as cooling agent on the hot summer days. Apart from this, henna was used to make beautiful designs on hands and feet as a means to decorate body. With time a special form of henna design was developed which is known today as the Arabic design.

Ancient Arabian Beauty Secrets-hair oils


4. Power Of Oils

Oils form a major part of ancient Arabian beauty secrets. In fact, many Arab skin care hacks use a variety of oils. No wonder that Arabian women are so beautiful.

Olive oil is used as a remedy for clogged pores and weak nails. It is also known for its anti-ageing properties. But most importantly, it is used for treating dull and lifeless hair. Such is its effectiveness for hair as well as skin that Arabian women, to this day, can be seen carrying spray bottles for a hydration boost on the go.

Another one of the famous oil used by Arabian women as part of the Middle East beauty tips is Argan oil. Like olive oil, this oil too can be used for the entire body. Argan oil is rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. It is an excellent moisturizer and leaves skin with a radiant glow. It can also be used not just for nourishing hair but also as a styling product.

Arabian women are also famously known to use castor oil for getting thicker eyebrows and lashes.


5. Camel Milk For Skin Tightening And Moisturization

Camel milk is a rich source of lactic acid, elastane and vitamin C. it is known for skin tightening and brightening. It also makes the skin soft and supple. No wonder it was a favorite amongst ancient Arabic women. They used it for bathing as it also acts as an exfoliator apart from being an excellent moisturizer.

Using camel milk for anti aging has been one of the popular arabian beauty tips.


Ancient Arabian Beauty Secrets-labneh


6. Labneh For Sun Burn

With harsh sun always hovering over, life in desert regions can be tough. This is why ancient Arabians had the perfect remedy for treating sun burn—labneh. It is a yogurt cheese which is quite popular in the Middle Eastern cuisine. Historically it was first used by the Bedouin tribes as part of their food.

One of the top ancient beauty secrets , labneh has been used to soothe sun burns due to its moisturizing properties.


7. Sugar To Remove Body Hair

The idea of removing hair is said to be first originated in the Arab region. Ancient Arabians used to heat sugar and lemon juice with water to get a thick wax like substance. This mixture was used to remove body hair. Though it is similar to waxing, it is less painful. One of popular Arab beauty tips, using sugar to remove body hair has been used since ancient times.

One of the popular arab beauty secrets, sugar is still used to remove body hair in the middle east.


Ancient Arabian Beauty Secrets-Seasalt


8. Sea Salt For Exfoliation

Sea salt is excellent for exfoliation. It was used by ancient Arabian women to get rid of dry and dull skin. A massage with sea salts improved circulation and gave those women a beautiful radiant glow. Sea salt is a rich source of magnesium and is also known for its anti-inflammation properties. This is one of the arab beauty tips which is used till date and forms an important part of the arab ladies beauty secrets which makes them beautiful.

9. Camel Urine For Hair

Ancient Arabian women were no less than Cleopatra when it came to their beauty regimes. They loved sleek shiny hair. Therefore, they used camel urine for washing their hair.

Camel urine was famous amongst ancient Arabian women because of its amazing benefits for hair. It is known to add shine, boost hair growth as well as strengthen hair. It was also used along with camel milk for increasing the benefits gained. It is one of the best kept ancient Arabian beauty secrets.


Ancient Arabian Beauty Secrets-Figs


10. Figs - A Part Of All Beauty Tips

A fig is a fruit native to the Middle East and the Asian continent. It has been cultivated there since the ancient times. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals as well as dietary fiber. This sweet fruit is used in multiple Middle East beauty tips. Its benefits can be reaped by consuming it as well as by using it in the form of a face mask. Ancient Arabian women used to mash the fig fruit and mix it with honey and used it as a face pack to tighten their skin.


11. Rose Water For Anti Aging

The Arab skin care hacks also involve the use of rose water. Rose water has been a trusted beauty ingredient since the ancient times for the Arabian women. Even the beautiful queen Cleopatra used rosewater to combat signs of ageing. Rose water is an excellent toner. Many of its beauty benefits include balancing of pH, reducing inflammation and redness, controlling oil and healing scars among others. one of the popular arabic beauty secrets, this is still used by many to get beautiful wrinkle free skin.


12. Honey For Soft And Glowing Skin

Another one of the easy to follow ancient Arabian beauty secrets is the use of honey. Honey was used by ancient Arabic women for its multiple benefits for skin and hair. It has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. It is an excellent moisturizer as well cleanser. It has the quality to make the skin soft and supple. Ancient Arabic women mixed honey with cucumber to use it as a cleanser. However, the most common use of honey was with milk. A mix of honey and milk was used for bathing and also as a face mask.


13. Aloe Vera For Solving Various Skin Issues

Aloe vera is a magical herb which is believed to cure most of the skin ailments by seeping seven layers deep into the skin. It is one of the oldest Arab beauty tips to use aloe vera gel on face to moisturize, nourish, soothe and rejuvenate skin. It was used by ancient Arabian women to prevent premature ageing as this magical herb is an excellent collagen booster.

Arab women beauty secrets do involve relying on natural ingredients like aloe vera, honey, rose water to combat skin issues and aging.




14. Healthy Diet Crucial To Glowing Skin

The ancient Arabian women believed that true beauty shines from within. Therefore, they focused a lot on healthy eating habits. They consumed a balanced diet which included lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

They stayed hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Even today, the Arab women eat fresh food and avoid processed or packed food items. Hydration stays on the top of their list. The Arab skin care hacks also includes the spraying of mineral water on face in the morning to give skin its wake up call.


15. Restricting Smile To Minimize Mobility Of Facial Muscles

It is one of the most strange Arab beauty tips. The ancient Arabian women preferred not to smile in order to maintain their beauty. This is because the lack of mobility in their facial muscles would prevent fine lines and wrinkles which are the first signs of ageing.



Frequently Asked Questions On Arabian Beauty Secrets


Q- Does arabian beauty secrets also involve usage of natural ingredients?

Yes, Arab women use multiple naural ingredients like honey, rose water and aloe vera to tackle skin issues and concerns like aging. Additionally, they use camel milk and figs for skin tightening, Labneh for sun burn and rely on a healthy diet to get glowing skin.


Q- What are saudi arabian beauty secrets?

Saudi women rely a lot of natural oils and natural ingredients to counter various skin and hair issues.

  • Use Argan oil and Avocado oil is used to moiturize skin and protect it from sun rays
  • Use rose water as a toner for skin tightening
  • Honey face packs is used  as a natural conditioner to get soft and smooth skin
  • Olive oil and aloe vera are specifically used for preparing anti aging diy masks


Q- Does using sugar to remove body hair work all the times?

Yes, ancient arabic women have been using this since gerenartions.. The pack which is made using lemon juice, sugar, water is found to be very effective in removing body hair.


Q- Which oil is used by arabian women to get a glowing skin?

Ancient arabian beauty secrets reveal that arabic women used multiple oil like olive oil, argan oil, avocado oil to treat skin concerns. For a glowing skin, argan oil face packs have been found out to be very effective. Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamins A and E, argan oil is a natural moisturizer which gives a natural glow to the skin by providing it the required nutrietnts.


Q- Why is rose water suggested in ancient arabian beauty secrets?

Rose water has been used since ages for skin tightening by arabic women. It is a natural toner which works beautifully for both skin and hair. From taking care of clogged pores to taking care of dry skin, rose water has been an essential ingredients of all skin care routines of arab women.



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