Ariana Grande Skincare Routine

Ariana Grande Exact Skincare Routine And Beauty Secrets

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  22 Nov 23


Arian Grande is a rare celebrity who started in the entertainment industry, as a child actor and transitioned into an influential singer with millions of fans all over the world. People not only admire her for her powerful vocals but her fashion and makeup look too! The talented pop star and actress released her own makeup and skincare brand, known as Rem Beauty. Today, we will see what Ariana Grande skincare routine consists of and go through the songstress’s beauty secrets!






4 Step Ariana Grande Morning Skincare Routine

The Ariana Grande skincare routine for the day includes using products from her own cosmetic line, Rem Beauty, as well as, other popular makeup brands like Oasis, La Mer, and more.




Step 1 - Serum 

Ariana Grande's makeup routine includes using products like starting with an oxygenating serum. The singer shows her fans the exact product that she uses and it is the Oxygen Serum by Sarah Ford Biocell.


Step 2 - Sunscreen and Moisturizer

The singer and actor after the serum gets into the skin, apply a moisturizer and SPF to protect her from the harsh rays of the sun.

She mixes the La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream Moisturizer with EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46. 

This SPF has a non-greasy texture that will not make the face feel sticky or heavy, so it feels light and dewy. This particular SPF helps with acne problems. The moisturizer helps in decreasing the pores of the skin. Many say that we should not mix SPF with moisturizer, but, as we can see from Ariana Grande makeup routine, it doesn't affect us. At least, not to Ari.


Step 3 - Under Eye Balm

This third step is about using Full Night's Sleep Cooling Blurring Under Eye Balm by Ariana’s own beauty and skincare Brand- Rem Beauty. This helps in providing a comfortable and fresh feeling to the eyes, aside from helping to decrease the dark circles and fine lines under the eyes.




Step 4 - Eye Mask

The next item in the Ariana Grande makeup routine is another under-eye product. The Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask by Shiseido. This helps with under-eye wrinkles. The under-eye mask can be used for 15 minutes, as their brand suggests. But Ariana uses them for four hours.




13 Step Ariana Grande's Makeup Routine

Now that the basic skincare is done and the base is set as a perfect canvas, Ariana is ready to start her makeup!



Step 1 - Foundation

Ariana uses some healthy pumps from Rem Beauty’s Sweetener foundation in the shade Light 8MN.


Step 2 - Concealer

She again uses her own brand's concealer, Rem Beauty’s Sweetener concealer, to cover her face and make a perfect base for colorful makeup to come afterward. The shade is Light 4G.


Step 3 - Setting Powder

After the foundation and concealer are done, she quickly adds Anastasia Vanilla Setting Powder to the face in a span of 30 seconds, as she thinks that otherwise the foundation and concealer would be set.




Step 4 - Eyebrows

When Ariana has bleached eyebrows, she would like to fill them with MAC’s Fling Eyebrow Styler.




Step 5 - Contour

Contouring is an essential part of Ariana’s makeup, including using Danessa Myrics Beauty Balm Contour to cover her cheekbones, hairline, neck, and nose.


Step 6 - Highlighter

After the contouring, she adds more depth by using Rem’s glittery highlighter in the shade Miss Mercury. 


Step 7 - Eyeshadow

Different makeup looks require different eyeshadow palettes. But, usually, we see Ari using Bobbi Brown or Rem’s eye shadow palettes.



Step 8- Eye stick 

To make a more impactful image from the eye makeup, she uses Rem’s multi-use eye stick.


Step 9 - Blush

Ari not only uses blush on the cheeks but on her full face and especially on the eyebrows! Dior Rosy Blush is among her most-used blushes.


Step 10 - Eyeliner 

Arian is known for her cat eye. When she wants to make cat eyes, she uses Bobbi Brown’s liquid eyeliner. 




Step 11- Mascara

A good mascara to enhance those eyelids is necessary! She uses Rem Beauty’s, Volumizing Mascara.




Step 12 - Lip Gloss

Ariana has a lot of options when doing her lip makeup. She uses lip stains, masks, lipsticks, and other lip products like Rem Beauty as well as other brands to create different looks. For an easy day, she just uses lip gloss!


Step 13 - Setting Spray

The last thing that helps in maintaining the beautiful work that Ariana has done is spraying some setting spray. She loves Fenty’s setting spray. This was the easy and beautiful Ariana Grande routine that the pop star does to keep her skin fresh, dewy, and full of confidence.




Ariana Grande Night Skincare Routine

There are simple steps for an easy Ariana Grande skincare routine that the singer does every day before going to sleep.

Step 1 - Removing Makeup



The popular vocalist certainly does makeup throughout the day while she's out there performing, acting, promoting, or doing other pop stars.


“I try not to fall asleep with my makeup on ever… It doesn’t matter if I exfoliate or if I’m too tired—as long as my makeup is off, I’m fine.”


Step 2 - Exfoliate

After the makeup is removed, the next step is exfoliating. She does it by using wipes and coconut oil. It is used to get rid of the heavy eye makeup that is not that easy to get off with just water.

The brand she uses the most for face wipes is Neutrogena. 


"I try not to fall asleep with my makeup on ever.” But of course, once in a while, she does get tired and cannot complete the process. But that's just normal and shows that Ari is also a human like us!





6 Beauty Secrets She Swears By

There are some Ariana Grande beauty products that the singer has been honest about using in the past and present and we'll be taking you through those secrets for an inspirational guide now!




1. Strong Undereye Skincare

Ariana focuses a lot on maintaining a healthy undereye. She uses her own brand, Rem’s Full Night's Sleep Cooling Blurring Under Eye Balm, and the Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask to keep the fine wrinkles under the eyes as low as possible and get rid of any dark circles! She uses the eye mask while meditating before starting her day!


2. Usage of coconut oil

Not only expensive products, but Ari uses organic products straight out of a bottle too! 

“You know what I actually use on my face as well as my body? I feel like people would think it would make you break out, but it doesn’t make you break out: coconut oil! Like, cooking oil. I put it everywhere—in my hair, on my body. That's the answer.”




3. Eyelashes

The last thing that finishes off any look at Ariana Grande makeup routine is a must.

“I love lashes,” she declares. “I feel like I could be completely naked, but have lashes, and I’d be fine.


4. Forehead Contouring

The popstar admits to having a large forehead and she thinks it keeps on slicking and reclining backward as the years pass. For that, she heavily contours her forehead area.


5. Nose Contouring

Ari has been seen doing a nose contouring beauty trick known as the button nose. This trick helps make your nose look longer. She uses Danessa Myrics Beauty Balm Contour on the bridge of the nose to make it look cute and slender!


6. Using serum

Ariana has been using Oxygen Serum by Sarah Ford Biocell for years now before any skincare or beauty routine, as it helps and enhances the texture of the skin. Ariana uses a lot of makeup because, well, she's a major popstar, and the makeup can break off, but this serum helps to retain the work done!

“It keeps my skin as clear as possible and non-reactive as possible. So, I'm very obsessed






Q.What skincare does Ariana use?

Ariana Grande uses not only her own makeup brand products (R.E.M. Beauty) but also, other skincare brand items too. Namely, LA MER, Neutrogena, Burt's Bees, Osmosis, and more.


Q.What does Ariana Grande do for her skin?

Ariana Grande follows a timely skincare and beauty routine every day to keep her skin fresh and radiant. She has different night and daytime routines to maintain a healthy glow!


Q.What is Ariana Grande morning routine?

Ariana’s morning routine starts quite simply, like the rest of us. She brushes her teeth first and then starts with her skincare routine. She uses moisturizer and lipgloss to last the day. She also likes to meditate with her headphones on. 


Q. Does Ariana Grande have a skincare brand?

Yes, Ariana Grande indeed had a makeup and skincare-infused cosmetics brand. The beauty products under Rem Beauty were launched in 2021. Ariana Grande beauty products are not only beautiful but environmentally conscious too! 

This was Ariana Grande skincare routine for day and night along, with the singer's beauty secrets that you can also follow now to keep a natural and healthy body.