55 Best Jesus Tattoo Designs With Meaning

Siddiqui Shumaila

Updated At  07 Dec 23

Jesus is a highly honorable and respected person in Christianity. People often show their love, respect, loyalty, and faith towards Jesus in different ways. However, getting a Jesus tattoo is one of the greatest ways in which you can show your religious significance in your life. Here we have curated the list of 55 best Jesus tattoo designs with meaning. 


55 Best Jesus Tattoo Designs


Jesus-Tattoo-On-The-Foot (1)

1. Foot Jesus Tattoo 

The meaning of wearing a Foot Jesus Tattoo is the tribute to traveling. It also gives a hint about your destinations. Also, the meaning variations of the foot Jesus tattoo are that Jesus is making sure that you are walking on the right path. One can get this unique thoughtful tattoo on their foot flat space and it looks very unique on everyone. 


Jesus-Crown-Of-Thorns-Tattoo (1)

2. Crown Of Thorns

The meaning of the thorn crown symbolizes the sacrifice and crucifixion of Jesus. Some people also wear this badge of tattoo to show the pain and authority Jesus holds and endured. The biceps are the most common place to get a crown of thorns Jesus tattoo. If you are looking for a deep meaningful tattoo, then this jesus tattoo on shoulder can be a very good option.



3. Jesus Anchor Tattoo

The meaning of Jesus' anchor tattoo shows the ray of hope, security, and stability within the soul. Jesus is the anchor here who is providing the positivity to stay firm on the right path.  


4. Cross Tattoo

The meaning of the Jesus Tattoo is to show the respect and power Christianity holds as a religion. This cross tattoo pattern depicts the true essence of pain, holy suffering, and crucifixion of Jesus.



5. Small Jesus Face Tattoo

The meaning of the Jesus face small tattoo with a cross is to signify that Jesus is on the crucified cross. People also interpret this tattoo as a mark of their faith in Christianity. It also makes you feel very responsible towards goodness and carrying yourself with overcoming difficulties. If you are looking for a cute and small tattoo design for men, then the jesus face tattoo is an excellent option.



6. Rosary Cross Tattoo

The meaning of the rosary Jesus tattoo is to depict the faith and goodness within the religion of Christians. People love to wear this tattoo when they are obsessed with roses and scriptures. The small cross is there to signify the importance of the right path in life. 


7. Floral Tattoo 

Having a floral Jesus tattoo with a cross symbolizes discarding the evil eyes, and demons and less temptation. It is like a protective tool for people who believe in their religion very much. This tattoo design is very delicate yet powerful. One can get this tattoo on their ankle to have the best outlook of a floral Jesus tattoo. 


8. Jesus Lion Tattoo

Though there are not any official meanings associated with the Jesus lion tattoo. However, the lion animal is an image of bravery and power. Plus there are several instances in Bibke where the lion is mentioned. Both these connections make people believe that the lion is a God or related to Jesus in a holy manner. Hence, people love to wear this incredibly designed unique animal tattoo on their bodies. 


9. Fish Tattoo

Jesus Fish Tattoo is a mark to depict how your thoughts and feelings are for your faith and God. Fish is mentioned in the Bible. Hence, it is directly related to Jesus and Christianity. This tattoo is simple yet classy and you can get this tattoo anywhere on your body. 


10. Jesus and Devil Tattoo

To wear a Jesus and Devil tattoo is a mark to show the battle between the good side and bad side associated with Jesus and the Devil respectively. People who are looking for a balance of good and bad in their lives love to wear this kind of tattoo. Also, Christians hold Jesus superior to the devil and this tattoo maintains the superiority with balance. 


11. Heart Tattoo

A Jesus Heart tattoo is another thing that is directly related to Jesus Christ. The heart is surrounded by love and people like to link their faith in God with it. This heart Jesus tattoo has many variations in design. It's the personal choice of people on how and where they want to wear this beautiful sacred tattoo.


12. Jesus And Mary Tattoo

The Virgin Mary in the Bible is defined with qualities such as the best mother, full of love, purity, delicate, and faithful towards God. Now a tattoo containing both Mary and Jesus is a complete package to show family love, pureness, and devotion to the Christian religion.


13. Statue Design

One of the most popular Jesus tattoo designs is Statues. These Jesus statues are not associated with devotion, faithfulness, honesty, and closeness to your religion and god. People love to wear Jesus statue tattoos to honor their God and to have a religious life.


14. Devotional Tattoo

Getting a praying Jesus tattoo is a mark of devotion and dedication towards praying in Christians. People who are religious and want to show love and trust in their God for everything are very keen to get this tattoo. One can play with the praying Jesus tattoo design by adding any other element to bring more charm to this devoted tattoo.


15. Jesus and Halo Tattoo

The Halo and Jesus tattoo holds the symbol of holy and divine nature. This tattoo signifies the importance of Jesus you hold in your life. It also radiates the hope and mercy of God with the light around Jesus. To get this tattoo you need a large space like shoulder or back. One can play with the colors of their choice for the tattoo. 


16. Royal Design

Jesus is King tattoo is designed as a mark of respect for Jesus. Christian people hold Jesus Christ as the great king. They like the idea of the King being displayed as the royal one. Hence, the Jesus is King tattoo is very famous and people hold their ideology towards this tattoo. One can portray Jesus as king in their imagination designs.  


17. Jesus and Lamb Tattoo

Often people link Jesus and lamb together.  There is a vast range of variations of the Lamb and Jesus together in the tattoo. One such variation of meaning is to signify the sacrifice of lamb instead of Jesus by God. Another meaning can be the love and care Jesus holds for the lamb. Anyway, the meaning doesn't take away the beauty of this large size tattoo and one should consider getting inked with a Lamb and Jesus tattoo.


18. Jesus With Rays Tattoo

Jesus and light together as a tattoo signifies firm belief, goodness, grace, and the sunlight rays of God. It is also said that this tattoo is a mark of reminder that God is always with firm believers holding them with mercy and power. Getting Light and Jesus together is excellent to show respect and the divine power God holds. 


19. Jesus and Angel Tattoo

Angels are the messenger of God. The Jesus and angel tattoo together holds a great significance of goodness, hope, right direction, loyalty, and protection. People also get inked with this tattoo in memory of loved ones and the protection they bring into their lives.


20. Jesus And Eye Tattoo

The meaning of Jesus and Eye tattoo is the interpretation of having God's eye constantly for protection and guidance. The amalgamation of an eye and Jesus makes a great reminder to be firm on the right path as God is watching. Wear this beautiful tattoo to show respect, faith, and loyalty toward your religion.  


21. Words Tattoo

Having a word tattoo with a touch of Jesus design carved in it is one of the coolest ideas. This tattoo is not only a depiction of spirituality but also a powerful word message.


22. Realistic Jesus Face Tattoo

The face of Jesus as a Tattoo is the most celebrated tattoo by the Christian people.  The best places to get this tattoo are the thigh, arm, or back. Also, make sure you choose the right artist who is highly skillful in making portrait tattoos with finishing.


23. Quote Tattoo

One of the best motivations is the small Jesus quotes tattoos. It's more real and brings a positive side to daily motivation in life. Words are powerful tools and one can get their favorite quote on their chest, back, shoulder, etc.


24. Jesus Crucified Tattoo

Jesus' Crucified Tattoo is a symbol to show the powerful nature of Christianity and Jesus. It also depicts the sacrifice and love for the unconventional death of Jesus. Though the meaning can be varied the tattoo is stunning.


25. Forearm Tattoo

Forearm Tattoos are great for showing off the art related to Jesus. It strongly marks the respect, faith, and loyalty you hold for your religion. One can also go for a San Judas tattoo pattern as it looks stunning and has a deep meaning as well.



26. Cross Tattoo

One can get a simple cross tattoo but having an image of Jesus inside the cross design is a unique way. This looks super neat and cool on your back or shoulder.


27. Geometric Jesus Tattoo

The combination of Jesus and Geometric patterns represents the timeless artistry and spirituality together. It is like mixing the modern touch with the ancient era which turns out very symmetric and unique representation. 



28. Jesus With Glass Window Tattoo  

This Jesus tattoo with a glass window is a mesmerizing art that shows spirituality plus artistry in a beautiful manner. The Glass window is the symbol of divine light in religious arts. This tattoo is perfect for a half-sleeve area and looks stunning with its incredible design.


29. Cross Script Tattoo

Cross tattoos are common. But this script cross tattoo is different in design and has a powerful statement. One can choose the script as Bibke verse of their choice. 


30. Jesus Ring Tattoo

The ring around the Jesus image as a tattoo is the most sacred tattoo. This tattoo signifies the expression of the divine nature of lord Jesus in the Bible and Christianity. The details in the design look fabulous and it can be worn on your shoulder for the best outlook.


31. Jesus Tattoo Stencil

People who are looking for a simple design of Jesus tattoo will love this stencil Jesus tattoo. This tattoo has a minimal design but sends a powerful message. Also, it takes way less time than drawing a portrait of Jesus with hands.


32. Watercolor Effect

Spirituality and art of watercolor combination make this Jesus tattoo marvelous. The detailing inside the beauty of the watercolor effect on the Jesus tattoo is a thing to watch out for.


33. Cross Snake Tattoo

A Cross with a snake as a tattoo shows the nature of evil and spiritual balance. It says that with the holy cross and snake, you can fight off the evil in your life. This tattoo design is created artistically. 


34. Sleek Jesus Face Tattoo

Jesus and John the Baptist are said to be relatives of each other. Getting inked with the sleek design of Jesus and Bapist's name anywhere on your body will look very good. However, the Arms will be the most perfect area to wear this tattoo. 


35. Jesus Finger Tattoo

If you are keen to have a tattoo that is more visible Finger tattoos are a great option. One can get a Jesus or Mary image on their fingers with intricate designs to look cool and classy. 


36. Band tattoos

Though band tattoos are not very fancy. But they catch all eyes with their minimal design. The cross in between the bands are well fitted and they look super sleek and cool. 


37. Jesus Compass Tattoo

The compass is the symbol of directions. Jesus is the power in Christianity. Hence, both these coming together in a tattoo holds the meaning of having the right guide or direction in your life. The guidance comes from the Lord Jesus Christ.


38. Cool Back Jesus Tattoo

However, the back area is not visible and not an ideal place to get a tattoo. But if you have to wear a meaningful tattoo for your beliefs then back Jesus tattoos are the best options. Try out some cool ideas along with religious tattoos to have the best results.


39. Wrist Jesus Tattoo 

Wrisg is a wonderful place to wear a Jesus tattoo. This area is not only more visible but also serves as a reminder of faith and devotion to Jesus in your life. One can choose the design and size as per their wish.


40. Jesus cross with barbed wire

Barbed wire signifies the sacrifice and suffering of Jesus in Christianity. Adding it to the Cross in a tattoo gives a message that you honor Jesus and his journey.


41. Jesus Shepherd Tattoo

Jesus was a shepherd as per the mentions in Bible. This Jesus Shepherd tattoo symbolizes the love, care, and affection between Jesus and the lamb. Believers wear this large tattoo as a mark of their strong faith. 


42. Jesus on the Cross with Grim Reaper

This design has faith on one side with Jesus and with Grim Reaper it has mortality. It is a true depiction of life and death, good and evil. There are also angels in the tattoo which signifies goodness.


43. Jesus Key Chain Tattoo

This Key Chain Jesus tattoo is a delicate, small, and powerful tattoo to wear on your body. It also reminisces the beauty of keychain design. Christian people inked their bodies with this tattoo as a mark of devotion and faith towards Jesus. 


44. Sad Jesus Tattoo

Nobody has forgotten the sacrifice, pain, and suffering of Jesus. This sad Jesus tattoo can be worn to honor Jesus and reminders to be faithful towards him. 


45. Jesus Blood Tattoo

Getting a Jesus tattoo along with the shade depicts the sacrificed blood of Jesus which has impacted innumerable people's lives. The blood can be demonstrated as per your choice in the Jesus tattoo design.


46. Robust Jesus Tattoo 

Fan of Robust tattoos? A firm believer in Jesus? If Yes! Get this Robust Jesus Tattoo right away. One can customize this robust tattoo in many ways. Anyway, the tattoo will look uber cool.


47. Chest Tattoo

If you love to wear a bigger-size Jesus tattoo, the chest is the best area to get inked. It allows the design and details to be precise with the large space available. 


48. Traditional Jesus Tattoo 

If you are a fan of religious vintage paintings and sculptures go for a traditional Jesus tattoo. This beautifully created tattoo depicts the true authenticity of faith and loyalty towards Jesus.


49. Hand tattoo

Nailed hand with Jesus in a tattoo depicts Jesus’s sacrifices during the crucifixion. It is a symbol of the quality of sacrifices in humans.


50. Love of Jesus tattoo

The name of the tattoo is so sacred that there is no need for more. Love of Jesus has several variations and forms but all connect to the divine love of Jesus.


51. Neo Traditional Jesus Tattoo 

This tattoo is a mix of ancient and new designs. Adding a neo-traditional style to Jesus' image with a rose frame makes this tattoo very beautiful and refreshing. 


52. Looking Up

The interpretation of Jesus looking up is that he is looking or directing toward heaven. One of the most powerful portraits of Jesus to wear as a tattoo. Also, it sends a strong message about the connection between Jesus and God. 


53. The Last Supper Tattoo

Jesus' sacrifices and the love he had in fhe the Last Supper moment are very iconic and memorable things in Christians. The believers wear the Last Supper tattoo to show their admiration and respect for this moment and Jesus. 


54. Neck Jesus Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on the neck is a bit odd decision. However, when the whole tattoo is completed you won't regret your decision. It looks stunning and very unique.


55. Sleeve Jesus Tattoo 

Sleeve Jesus Tattoo is an amazing body art and covers your whole hand. The details in the tattoo are incredible and send out a powerful statement. The theme can be according to a person's choice and it can include Bible verses, Jesus image or a cross. Lastly, make sure to choose the best artist who can do justice with stunning design.