Neck Tattoos For Men

67 Most Popular Neck Tattoos For Men (2024 Updated)

Jiya Giri

Updated At  05 Feb 24


Looking for a new and exciting way to express yourself? Check out the latest trend in neck tattoos! Neck tattoos are perfect for men who want to add a little extra edge to their look, as the neck is a very versatile area to tattoo and there are many different designs that you can choose from. Whether you’re looking for a simple tattoo or something that will really stand out, the neck is a great place to go. Neck tattoos can be a really fun way to show your personality and express your individuality. If you’re looking for something simple and easy to wear or something that will stand out, we’ve got you covered.

Some of the best tattoos for men include tribal designs, dragons, minimal designs, and snakes. These are all very popular choices, and there are many different ways to get them done. You can go traditional with a tattoo needle and ink, or you can go more modern with laser tattooing. The neck is a great place to get a tattoo because it’s not as visible as other areas of the body and because it’s not as sensitive as other areas of the body. This makes it a great place to get a tattoo that is both unique and eye-catching. We’ve put together a list of the top 55 neck tattoo designs for men for 2024, based on their popularity and the design uniqueness. Lets begin!


65 Most Popular Neck Tattoos For Men




1. Native American Neck Tattoo

This tribal black neck tattoo looks incredible. It nicely extends into the face to maintain continuity. The incorporation of diverse geometric shapes and strategic use of negative space contribute to the overall stunning aesthetic of this tattoo.




2) Snake Neck Tattoo

This is hilariously popular in the world of tattoo lovers. A gigantic snake on your neck makes you look bold and confident. Snake also represents fertility and the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. You can opt for a smaller size of this side neck tattoo or go for it in a big size too. The choice is yours. 




3) Middle Neck Tattoo

A fine line thorn tattoo is a perfect inspiration for anyone looking for new neck tattoo designs. This incredible middle neck tattoo symbolizes resilience and the ability to overcome challenges. It represents strength derived from navigating through life's adversities.


mandala tattoo on neck


4) Mandala Tattoo

If you are looking for new neck tattoos for men, then this gorgeous mandala tattoo design is an amazing option. A mandala tattoo stands for unity, balance, and harmony. Its circular design often represents wholeness and spiritual growth.




5) Flying Birds 

Adorning flying birds on a man's neck symbolizes freedom and soaring high in life. This side neck tattoo represents the spirit of embracing challenges and reaching new heights with a sense of grace and independence.




6) Cross Tattoo On The Neck

A cross tattoo on a man's neck is a symbol of faith and spirituality. It represents a strong connection to one's beliefs and serves as a visible reminder of the values that guide him in life.




7) Leaf Neck Tattoo

These leafs sit on your lower neck area like a garland and represent peacefulness, love, and justice. This middle neck tattoo for men gives a pleasing and calm look to the wearer.




8) Scorpion Neck Tattoo

A scorpion tattoo resembles strength, fearlessness, and great confidence to protect yourself and your loved ones. Scorpions are powerful creatures, and if you relate to their way of life, then getting this tattoo is a great choice. Also, if your zodiac sign is a scorpion, then this should be your number one choice of tattoo. Zodiac signs are amongst the best small tattoos for men and these continue to remain popular.





9) Horse Tattoo On The Neck

A horse tattoo delicately etched on the neck symbolizes untamed spirit and freedom. It serves as a personal emblem of strength, resilience, and the pursuit of one's own path in life.




10) Triangle Neck Tattoo

Wearing interlocked triangles on the neck for men symbolizes unity and balance. The connected triangles represent harmony and the coming together of different elements in life.




11) Bird Tattoo

A bird tattoo on a man's neck symbolizes freedom and a soaring spirit. It represents the idea of breaking free from limitations and embracing a life full of possibilities.




12) Compass Tattoo

A compass tattoo on the neck for men symbolizes direction and guidance in life. It represents a man's journey, reminding him to stay true to his path and navigate through challenges with confidence.




13) Tadeo San Judas Tattoo

Getting a Tadeo San Judas neck tattoo could symbolize deep devotion to Saint Jude or a personal connection to Tadeo. It may also reflect cultural or spiritual significance. People also get this side neck tattoo to ensure that they feel Judas Tadeo is with them and it will help them sail through difficult conditions.




14) Fear Tattoo

A fear tattoo on a man's neck symbolizes courage and overcoming challenges. It serves as a reminder to face fears head-on and emerge stronger, showcasing resilience and bravery in the face of adversity.



15) Choker Leaf Foliage Neck Tattoo

It’s a beautiful front-neck tattoo for men. It is small and good-looking. It gives your neck an enhanced look and is aesthetically pleasing. These leaves look like a piece of choker jewellery and represent your calm and peaceful nature.




16) Illuminating Eye Neck Tattoo

An illuminating eye represents intelligence, infinity, and the universe. This looks amazing at the back of your neck and gives the people walking behind you a unique tattoo view. People will be so impressed when they see this illuminating eye tattoo. It is so eye-catching and attractive.




17) Small Dragon Neck Tattoo

If you’re looking for a small neck tattoo for men, then this is a great one. Dragons are known for their power, which is why a dragon tattoo shows your strong personality. Dragons are great creatures in many mythologies and hold great importance. This is a simple, small, yet powerful tattoo that will glorify your aura.

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18) Rose Neck Tattoo

Who doesn’t like roses? Roses are the most popular flower and are so beautiful. A rose neck tattoo shows loyalty, love, care, loss, and your lovable-romantic heart. This is a small, side-neck tattoo for men and looks very lovely. For more inspiration, do make sure to check out David Beckham tattoos as one of his most popular tattoos has been the rose tattoo which he has got on his fingers.




19) Angel Wings Neck Tattoo

This tattoo is positive and pure, just like angels. It has wings that show a love for freedom and freeing the soul. If you are looking for a back neck tattoo, then this is an amazing option.




20) Christian Cross Neck Tattoo

A cross is a symbol of protection, compromise, and purity. This adds positive value to your life and looks very elegant and simple. It is very easy to tattoo.




21) Bird Tattoo

A flying bird tattoo on a man's neck represents freedom and courage. It symbolizes the spirit of breaking free from limitations and embracing a journey of endless possibilities.




22) Foreign Script Neck Tattoo

Some foreign scripts, like Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, etc., look so beautiful and aesthetic that they're great to be inked as tattoos. Rather than an English quote, go a little differently and ink a meaningful quote in a foreign script and showcase that mysterious vibe.

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23) Tadeo San Judas Neck Tattoo

A San Judas tattoo also kown as Saint Judas Tattoo represents belief in faith. It gives a feeling that pain and suffering will decrease as god is always there.




24) Crown and Sword Neck Tattoo

This is for all our kings out there! Get this majestic crown and sword neck tattoo inked and flaunt your royal persona. All men are kings and deserve this great tattoo.




25) Birth Year Neck Tattoo

This tattoo is timeless and a classic one. This is suitable for the back of your neck, or even the sides and front. The purpose of this tattoo is simply to remind you how lucky you are to have been born in that particular year. Ink the year you were born and showcase your love for life. 




26) Butterfly Back Neck Tattoo

Butterflies are known for their carefree flight and free spirits. They look aesthetically pleasing and are perfect for a back-neck tattoo. The Japanese culture believes that butterflies symbolise transformation and joy as they get transformed from a caterpillar into a beautiful, flying butterfly.




27) Tribal Tiger Neck Tattoo

This tattoo has a tribal and traditional vibe. It has enchanting and bright colors. The tiger symbolises your strength and confidence. This is different from the modern tattoo arts and looks amazingly unique.




28) Mandala Neck Tattoo

Mandalas have great importance in many religions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, etc. They represent the spirituality and potential of one’s mind. Mandala is a symbol of the balance of body and mind. This mandala tattoo has a spray paint effect.




29) Angel and Devil Whispering Neck Tattoo

We all know that we have two sides. The devilish and the angelic. This tattoo represents the positive and negative sides whispering in your ear and influencing your actions. An Angel whispering in your ear is a symbol of confident and wise choice-making, while devil whispering makes you choose the bad options. It is a very creative neck tattoo for those who want to try something different, meaningful, and unique.




30) Olympic Rings Neck Tattoo

This can be a great one for all the hardworking athletes out there who aspire to represent their country on a world level in the Olympics. This tattoo is popular amongst Olympic athletes, and the five rings represent the unity of the athletes from the five different continents.




31) Ship’s Anchor and Compass Neck Tattoo

This is an amazingly meaningful tattoo. The anchor is a symbol of home, the grounding spirit, and the guiding force of your life, while the compass represents the different directions of your life and your quest to find your inner self. This is for all the lost souls who are in search of themselves, because finding your home is the best feeling in the world.



32) Geometrical Triangle Neck Tattoo

Geometrical patterns look minimal and simple, so, anyone who’s looking for something of this kind can go for it. Triangles symbolise connectivity, creativity, and growth while also religiously representing the Holy Trinity of the father, the son, and, the holy spirit. Pretty similar to a Valknut tattoo this looks stunning and has a deep meaning as well.




33) Father Son Neck Tattoo

Fathers are our role models, and this tattoo symbolises the father-son relationship. How fathers help us grow and motivate us throughout our lives. This tattoo at the back of the neck can be a great tribute to your dads.




34) Live Neck Tattoo

The word ‘live’ is powerful and resonates with one’s great passion and will to live, one’s love for life, and aspiration of getting to live their life in the way one wants.




35) Patience Neck Tattoo

Patience is believed to be a great virtue in Hinduism and Buddhism. It means to calmly wait and not get irritated with downfalls. Patience drives a person to try working hard calmly without giving up. Justin Bieber fans will get crazy about this one as he has the same tattoo.




36) Demon Riding Horse Neck Tattoo

It is a modern tattoo, and modern tattoos are quite dark to infer. It is symbolising the driving devilish force and state of mind.




37) Abstract Flame Neck Tattoo

The abstract colours here make it look stylish, unique, and attractive. Fire is a symbol of passion, enthusiasm, determination, and energy. If you are looking for a back neck tattoo, then this is an amazing option.




38) Cute Family Neck Tattoo

This is a cute drawing of our family that we all used to draw in our childhood. This is very nostalgic and looks lovely. All the family men will love it.




39) Bomb Neck Tattoo

This is a small neck tattoo for men that looks cool and unique. It is a modern tattoo and, good for young guys. The explosive represents anything about you that can be considered bold and dangerous.




40) Graffiti Art Neck Tattoo

Graffiti art symbolises boldness and confidence. Tattoos in the graffiti style are very unique and catchy. It looks awesome and revolutionary.




41) Leaf Abstract Neck Tattoo

The abstract colours in this leaf neck tattoo make it very attractive. This is a great choice for a side neck tattoo.




42) Abstract Puzzle Spray Paint Neck Tattoo

The abstract spray paint effect in this tattoo looks fantastic. Puzzles are cool symbols to get inked, as they represents the different pieces of life. A puzzling life.




43) Veins Neck Tattoo

This looks aesthetically pleasing and very modern. The intricate, thin veins give a cool look to the neck and are a very unique and wholesome choice.




44) Om Mandala Sanskrit Mantra Neck Tattoo

Mandalas are famous for being an art form of focus and concentration. Spiritual personalities will love this one. The symbol Om inside this beautiful mandala is a very intricate design, and the Sanskrit holy mantra around it glorifies it even more. If you are spiritually curious, this is something you should opt for.




45) Heaven Hell Neck Tattoo

It is a stylish, cool, and modern-age tattoo that looks good and has a bright and dark value at the same time. Getting this inked in a font of your choice is a great option for a front-neck tattoo.




46) Illuminati Pyramid Neck Tattoo

If you have a mysterious persona, then this neck tattoo will suit you a lot. Everyone knows about the Illuminati theories and their secrecy.


file (1)


47) Big Mandala Neck Tattoo

Are you looking for a big tattoo design on the back of your neck? Then this big Mandala is a great choice to make.


file (2)


48) Shanti Neck Tattoo

This is a tattoo in Sanskrit (Devnagari) script, and the word "shanti" means peace and calmness. The script is beautiful to look at and very unique. If you are a calm, and spiritual person who loves peace then this one is for you.


file (3)


49) Guitar Neck Tattoo

If you, my man, love music, then what’s better than a guitar tattoo? Go and get this beautiful piece of design and meaning inked on your neck!




50) Dreamcatcher Neck Tattoo

The Dreamcatcher is known for catching nightmares and only passing on good dreams. It looks pretty and is a great choice.




51) Spider Neck Tattoo

It is a modern-age, Gen-z tattoo. Spiderman fans will love it a lot. A spider tattoo symbolises the struggle in one’s life and the never-ending cycle of trying again and again.




52) Devil Doesn’t Sleep Tattoo

It looks cool, stylish, and modern. If you connect with these words, then what’s stopping you from getting this inked? If you have a rebellious personality, then this tattoo will showcase your persona terrifically.




53) Spider Web Tattoo

A spider web looks so cool and the placement of this tattoo behind your ear is attractive and very stylish.




54) Half Mandala Tattoo

The neck area behind your ear is great for placing cool, and intricate designs of tattoos, like this half-mandala that envelopes and surrounds your ear so beautifully and enhances the overall look.




55) Ambition Neck Tattoo

Side neck tattoos are very popular, and the word "ambition" explains itself already. Choose a font of your choice and go for it without any second thoughts!



56) Eagle Neck Tattoo

The eagle symbolizes intelligence, and the balance of mind-body. This eagle is aiming to catch its prey, and this reflects focus and concentration.




57) Falling Soul Neck Tattoo

It is for all the lost souls who are in  search of themselves. This tattoo is very unique and looks nice on the back of the neck.




58) Butterfly Front Neck Tattoo

This front-neck tattoo covers your whole neck with the beautiful wings of a butterfly and makes you look like a person with free spirits and enthusiasm.




59) God is Love Neck Tattoo

Show your gratitude for God via this tattoo design. A small and simple quote about your love for God is an amazing choice for a side-neck tattoo. Get it inked in a calligraphy style. if you need more inspiration for quotes tattoo, do check out Chris Evans tattoos as he has got a quotes tattoo on his chest which looks stunning.




60) God of Justice Neck Tattoo

In today’s world, justice is a long way off for many people. If you understand the value of justice, and want something similar for your tattoo, then this one is a great choice.




61) Minimal Bold Text Crossed Out Neck Tattoo

You can choose any small word and get it inked in this style. This crossed-out tattoo means that you want to eliminate tears from your life. You can choose words like fear, pain, or any other word that you want to eliminate from your life.




62) Small Eyes Tattoo

This is a minimal one, showing three kinds of eyes. The first eye is big and opened, symbolising enthusiasm and determination for life. The second eye is faintly closing showing a tiring and painful state of mind, and the third one is a closed eye, which shows that it’s at rest now.




63) Arrows or Sword Neck Tattoo

Arrows and swords symbolise an aim and the determination to follow through and achieve your goals. This tattoo looks great on the side of the neck.




64) Bold Ship Anchor Tattoo

An Anchor is a symbol of a guiding and protective force. This bold, thick black tattoo suits the side of the neck very much.




65) Lightning Bolt Neck Tattoo

Lightning is a symbol of power and determination. If you think this matches your inner vibe, then go for it!




66) Alien Face Neck Tattoo

It is a cool and fun option for a neck tattoo. The alien face looks funky and gives sci-fi vibrations.




67) Flying Birds Neck Tattoo

Flying birds soaring high in the sky are looked at as a link between the earth and heaven. If you are a spirit who is drawn to the idea of freedom and soaring high, then this one is for you.




68) Rose Tattoo

A rose tattoo on a man's neck symbolizes love and passion. It's a way for him to express his romantic and bold personality through a beautiful and timeless design.